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Clerkship Uworld Step 2 CK decks

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Decks I made during each clerkship from UWorld, plus a a random deck of things from second pass during dedicated. This is not an exhaustive deck of UWorld info, but it addressed things I felt like reinforcing.

Sample (from 1272 notes)

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Text What is the method of removal for a basal cell carcinoma in a delicate or cosmetically sensitive area?{{c1::Mohs surgery}}
Extra e.g. perioral, nose, lips, earsNodular BCC on truck or extremities may be managed with standard surgical excision with wide margins.
Text Which lab values are elevatedĀ on a second-trimester quad screen for a fetus with trisomy 21?{{c1::bHCG and inhibin A}}
Extra AFP and estriol are low
Text What OB pathology presents with rapid onset respiratory failure, severe hypotension, and DIC during or just after labor?{{c1::Amniotic fluid embolism}}

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I checked a few internal medicine cards and it's good and informative.
I'll try to update my review as I go on.
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good info
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well written
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i think it is good
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