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Cloze (Hide All)

0.50MB. Updated 2021-09-11.
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Github: https://github.com/trgkanki/cloze_hide_all This addon adds a new cloze note type. All clozes are hidden when you're answering one of them. Notes should be created on the PC/Mac version of Anki. They can be modified in mobile environments to some extent. Generated cards work on both AnkiMobile and AnkiDroid. Card type : "Cloze (Hide All)" Further changelogs are at https://github.com/trgkanki/cloze_hide_all/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md Fix 8 (2020.06.20) : - multiple cloze styles (via addon configuration) - fixed bug that some cloze were not applied on edit Fix 7 (2020.05.17) : scroll to cloze site Fix 6 (2020.05.10?) : Re-support image cloze Fix 5: - Better handling for clozes crossing DOM boundary - Compatiable with "model change w/o complete sync" addon Fix 4: - You can make some clozes visible on other cloze cards by prepending their content with '!' ex) {{c1::!Isoproterenol}}: Active agonists on β receptor, but not on ⍺. - Other clozes will have fixed width and height if hidden. This settings will automatically apply ONLY to new users Manually you can modify css of Cloze (Hide all) note template. See appendix for more info. Fix 3.1: Mainly bug fixes. Fix 3: - Now you can hide other clozes even on the back. - On Mac OS, Plugin will not delete the text written just before the plugin is applied. Fix 2: Fixed bug in clozes with hint. Fix 1: Now addon supports note type changes. Appendix) Applying fixed width and height to existing "Cloze (Hide All)" note type You should manually change the card template. Change style section of the Front to: cloze2 { display: none; } cloze2_w { display: inline-block; width: 5em; height: 1em; background-color: #ffeba2; } and style section of the Back to: cloze2 { display: none; } cloze2_w { display: inline-block; width: 5em; height: 1em; background-color: #ffeba2; } .cloze cloze2 { display: inherit; } .cloze cloze2_w { display: inherit; width: auto; height: auto; background-color: inherit; } cloze2.reveal-cloze2 { display: inherit; } cloze2_w.reveal-cloze2 { display: inline; width: inherit; height: inherit; background-color: inherit; } .cloze2-toggle { -webkit-appearance: none; display: block; font-size: 1.3em; height: 2em; background-color: #ffffff; width: 100%; margin-top: 20px; } .cloze2-toggle:active { background-color: #ffffaa; }


As add-ons are programs downloaded from the internet, they are potentially malicious. You should only download add-ons you trust.

Supported Anki versions:

To download this add-on, please copy and paste the following code into Anki 2.1:


If you were linked to this page from the internet, please open Anki on your computer, go to the Tools menu and then Add-ons>Browse & Install to paste in the code.

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on 1655871692
Love this add on and note template. It's an integral part of my study method now.
on 1651747259
Is there any way to use the "type" function?
besides that, i really love the addon
on 1647511023
Thank you :)
on 1645652207
I use it in ⁨Anki 2.1.49 (dc80804a)⁩ and all works ! I didn't need to change any styling on the cards :)
on 1644382208
Great Add-on. I use it extensively. For those who wish to use TTS or type the answers you can avoid being bothered by the ! being spoken or needing to be typed by creating a new field "ClozeCopies". Hints and extra text need not be copied. Just delete any leading ! in the copies. Then use the new field for TTS and typing.
on 1638443370
Finally can say this is very useful addon yet quite neat. I personally use it with ClozeEnhanced in collaboration - perfect cloze solution for Anki ))
on 1636708330
This is the addon I was looking for. Thank you.
on 1635699578
Thank you very much for this addon! Essential for me!

Because somebody asked how to change the toggle size. This worked for me:

- Go to the Cloze (Hide All) addon settings and make sure "noModelMigration" is set on true.
- Go to the card settings → back → scroll down to .cloze2-toggle → change values
on 1632882523
it's what i expected
on 1631761214
Anyway to make the toggle button smaller, its huuuuuuge
on 1631366793
Really nice add-on, it is a must have for me!!
on 1631019139
please please please update for latest version of Anki. It doesn't work for 2.1.47.
on 1630726893
need to update for anki 2.1.4x
on 1628603363
Extremely fundamental addons for my studies. Thank you so much for sharing this.
on 1625661765
Thank you!
on 1622818863
Thank you for providing this feature!
on 1621176166
Addon works on current version. How can we customize the button "toggle mask". I find it huge and would like to make it smaller.
on 1618719892
Previously was great. Not working on 2.1.8. Thumbs down is only because i can't use with wonderful addon now.
on 1616790650
I like this add on for what I need it to do but is there a way to center the text instead of it being left-align?
on 1615704246
Good job!!!!!!!
on 1615152565
It works! I'm very happy with it.
on 1612345045
anki 2.1.15 Can't load Cloze (Hide All)
on 1612256498
Thank you. This is great addon! I have a one question. How to set up Back Card so that by default all answers are reveled? In my study proces I prefer answers to be reveled by default.
on 1609932315
Glad to use. BTW, can you support reveal them one by one?
on 1608686024
It's fufilling it's main function, but configuring the add-on to have the "threeGrayDots" mask just doesn't work for me. And another minor issue I found is that if you cloze a MathJax line it just doesn't mask it. But like I said, it delivers on it's main function.
on 1608173070
It works really well! Just haven't figured out how to make all cards appear centered but so far it's been a minor inconvenience. Thank you so much for this!
on 1606779483
Delivers as promised.
on 1604541381
great addon
just a request: can you put a hotkey for the toggle mask buttom?
Comment from author before post was edited
Check out the latest update and check the `alwaysHideBack` options :)
on 1603117049
Very useful!Thanks!
Almost of my cards are using this addon.
on 1600467451
It's not working here. I am using Anki Version 2.1.33 (3f403040). Any solution?
Comment from author
The addon didn`t work for new users on Anki 2.1.28+. This is fixed, so update the addon :) More info on https://github.com/trgkanki/cloze_hide_all/issues/26
on 1600023184
I am new to Anki and this add-on.
I copied and pasted the code. But the add-on does not work. There is no yellow box. It just works as a regular cloze deletion. What do I do differently to make it work?
Comment from author
Fixed. Update the addon. See https://github.com/trgkanki/cloze_hide_all/issues/26 for more info
on 1596813742
Absolutely amazing addon!
on 1595388400
edit: thank you for the instruction!

i used it without any problem before the latest update. now all the cloze cards are opened, the "hide all" is not working when i want to see only one answer. i had the old code and used it to fix the problem (also bcs i want a different color) but every day (or every few hours) the codes are back to the original one. please help:( i am tired of changing the code every day. thank you
Comment from author before post was edited
Check out the latest update and check the `alwaysHideback` options :)

Instruciton: Check the addon settings (Tools → Add-ons → double click 'Cloze (Hide All)' addon. There you can set the alwaysHideback option to true.) ( "alwaysHideback": true )
on 1595346371
My go-to app in Anki.
on 1595336635
The most recent version works well for me and makes Anki more useful.

I think that sometimes toggling "alwaysHideback" doesn't work for me. But who cares? The add-on works very well without this convenience function and this add-on is under constant development so there's a good chance that I'll get a fix soon. When I have some time in a few days and if I then can still reproduce my problem I will make a proper bug report on github.
on 1592927473
Doesnt work
Error: "Cloze (Hide all) - Hidden cloze style yellowBox not exists!"

EDIT: now it works, suggestion: dark blue Cloze is almost invisible in Anki dark mode
on 1592776033
Error: "Cloze (Hide all) - Hidden cloze style yellowBox not exists!"
on 1592142829
It's exactly what I wanted. Thank you.
It would be nice to have an option to have the "Hide others on back side" filled by default (opt-out instead of opt-in).

What can I edit so that the "hide others on back" field is filled by default?
on 1591839705
Thank you for your efforts. I mainly need this code of jump to the cloze . I had been looking for a long time but did not find.Thank you again!
on 1590993579
Thank you very much!!!
on 1590438648
not work on pc
on 1589939696
EDIT: THE PROBLEM HAS BEEN SOLVED. I changed 👎 to 👍. Thanks again.

First of all, THANKS A LOT for your work. The thumbs down is only to get your attention on the problem.

For a 2-3 page note, It DOES NOT SCROLL AUTOMATICALLY to the clozed words. I have to manually scroll to that. Here is a SCREENSHOT [https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FI_RRRej4C84faT48E6LRyskL-hNWWG4/view?usp=sharing] of the issue - In that, you cannot see any clozed question. To see that, you need to scroll all the way down. This slows down the review process. One solution will be to break the question in small parts, but your kind work can save me a lot of time. Thanks again for your work and please look into the matter.
Comment from author before post was edited
f/u at https://github.com/trgkanki/cloze_hide_all/issues/4
on 1589360115
This addon is great. but in the recent weeks, it is not hiding the other cloze now. can someone tell me what might be the problem?
Comment from author
Yeah, this is a weird bug. Sometimes the bug occurs, but when I edit that card multiple times without changing anything, the bug just disappears. I'll investigate this
on 1589173035
on 1588602383
on 1587258918
Cloze Overlapper Alternative
on 1585334941
Useful addon, although I find the big yellow boxes a bit ugly. I think it would be cleaner if it was done like Cloze overlapper, where the other clozes are just three grey dots.

Another thing, if you want to keep the other clozes hidden on the back side, open the card template.
On the back template, change {{#Hide others on the back side}} to:
{{^Hide others on the back side}}.

This is different to what the author said (in a reply below), but the hashtag needs to be changed to a circumflex, *not* a forwardslash (as the author suggested)
Comment from author
I see a lot of people complaining about that yellow box. Maybe I could add an option for different cloze styles.

You can follow the example at https://github.com/phu54321/anki_plugins/issues/28
on 1584468299
Great addon! Would it be possible to set the addon to automatically maintain clozes hidden on the back of the card, rather than having to fill the "Hide others on the back" field?
Comment from author
You can edit the card template. Remove these phrases
- {{#Hide others on the back side}}
- {{/Hide others on the back side}}
on 1583253856
Great! Just what I was looking for!
on 1582640382
it blocks/hides other clozes as I answer so I can't cheat
on 1582226542
Love it!!! Is there a way to make a shortcut for the "Toggle mask"???
on 1581868869
This is a GREAT addon and it works perfectly but is it possible to hide pictures in hidden clozes, too? Whenever I have several clozes with pictures those pictures are still shown. Thanks a lot.

For example: https://i.imgur.com/Kf3KaVS.png
on 1580522695
To answer the question from 29/01/2020: You can keep the rest of the answers hidden if you type in anything in the 3rd field "Hide others on the backside". Conversely, keeping the 3rd field empty would show all answers on the backside of the card, in addition to the one you were answering.
on 1580252648
Is it possible to have the upcoming closes hidden in the answer card? Like when you click space and the answer is shown i can see all the other answers as well. Would be great if they are hidden unless i have answered them.
on 1574903640
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐highly recommended, finally find the alternative of Cloze Overlapper⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
on 1574902023
Thank you for this.
on 1574901706
Thanks for updating! This add-on made Anki miles better
on 1569382657
Please update
on 1567291889
This is not available for 2.1.x. Please update the add-on.
on 1557163481
Invaluable. Along with Overlapper, these are the last add-ons I need for 2.1 before I can delete 2.0
on 1555735086
Life-saving addon. Must-have for medical students
on 1555345952
Please make 2.1 version of this. I think this a very useful feature that the original cloze deletion add-on should have as an option by default.
on 1554637437
No issues and it's wonderfully well designed and you can set up custom hotkeys on it pretty easily. I love it.
on 1553514173
great addon. This is one of the addons why I'm still on 2.0.
on 1530031544
on 1510099200
Good job!

First I found a picture hide-all. Now I found a text hide-all! Thank you so much!
on 1503792000
Nicely done

Really love how you managed to implement this with CSS and HTML alone on the template end. Great job!