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9000 Spanish sentences - difficulty sorted with native audio

125.49MB. 9263 audio & 0 images. Updated 2019-10-23.

This item is large, and may take some time to download.


This is a collection of ~9000 sentences I pulled together Tatoeba.org. Cards have full English and Spanish sentences as well as cloze deletion formats, and of course genuine native audio by a speaker from central Spain. If you wish to see the sentences on Tatoeba.org, I have included the sentence IDs of both the English and Spanish. Cards are sorted by finding the rank of the least common word in the Spanish sentence from a frequency list on Wiktionary. Sentences thus start easy and get harder (in vocabulary; grammar can't be guaranteed to be "easy" at the start). Each Spanish word is introduced as a cloze once to reduce the number of sentences, much in the same way as Clozemaster's fluency fast track. Note however, that this is not a list of the 9000 most common words tested as clozes in sentences, there simply wasn't enough source material to get enough unique sentences to do that, although most common words are very well represented. This deck has an improvement over Clozemaster whereby if there are multiple instances of a cloze word in a sentence, they are all hidden. The only time when multiple words are hidden is when they are the same word. Credits: All the text for the sentences are from https://tatoeba.org released under a CC-BY 2.0 licence, see here: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/fr/deed.en All of the audio is recorded by user arh from Tatoeba who can be found here: https://tatoeba.org/eng/user/profile/arh and who releases his audio under a CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 licence see here: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0/ Enjoy! Update 2019-10-22: Further improvements and possibly an EOL update. I'm perfectly happy for anyone else to re-share this (as long as it's properly attributed to the above sources and to this deck) if they want to dedicate the time to improve iron out any flaws, although if there are any specific issues with sentences I will update as and when I see/get the chance to do so.

Sample (from 9263 notes)

Cards are customizable! When this deck is imported into the desktop program, cards will appear as the deck author has made them. If you'd like to customize what appears on the front and back of a card, you can do so by clicking the Edit button, and then clicking the Cards button.
EnglishSentenceID 703270
SpanishSentenceID 679763
EnglishSentence I love practical jokes.
SpanishSentence Me encantan las bromas.
ClozeWord bromas
Difficulty 4953
Text Me encantan las {{c1::bromas}}.
NumberOfSpanishWords 4
EnglishSentenceID 1023952
SpanishSentenceID 1279695
EnglishSentence Tom was sentenced to death.
SpanishSentence Tom fue sentenciado a muerte.
ClozeWord sentenciado
Difficulty 15094
Text Tom fue {{c1::sentenciado}} a muerte.
NumberOfSpanishWords 5
EnglishSentenceID 6141831
SpanishSentenceID 5727603
EnglishSentence There were several accidents caused by the fog.
SpanishSentence Hubo varios accidentes motivados por la niebla.
ClozeWord motivados
Difficulty 42084
Text Hubo varios accidentes {{c1::motivados}} por la niebla.
NumberOfSpanishWords 7

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on 1678312388
I've downloaded it. Imported it. And got 20 cards. 😞 Where's my 9000 sentences? Do I need to do something else in Anki? Pretty new to Anki, I think it's superb but this has happened before with some decks - is there something I'm missing? I'm sure the content s good from other ratings. The download was about 128MB is this about right? Thanks 😊
on 1674301223
amazing deck, fantastic in every way – native audio, great sentences to learn both grammar and vocabulary. I've come across many apps/decks and none of them come close to this one. since I see many reviews complaining about not being able to sort by difficulty, I'm pasting someone's older review that helped me solve this issue.
"After you download the deck and add it to the desktop client, go to Browse in the main desktop client window or press "b"
A new window will appear and in the left hand column you will see the different decks in your collection and their note types.
In the menu bar at the top of the window select "Notes" and select "Manage Note Types"
A new window will open and from the list select "Spanish sentences cloze [9263 Notes]" and then in the right hand column select "Fields"
A new window will open with the fields for the cards, select "Difficulty" and in the options in the window below make sure "Sort by this field in the browser" is selected and then press save
Close the Note Types window and go back to the Browse Window. From the column on the left, select the deck "Spanish 9000 sentences with native audio"
In the main table with the cards listed row by row, highlight one card by clicking a row, then press Ctrl-Alt-A. Every row should now by highlighted
Right click on the the selected cards to bring up a context menu and then select the "Reposition" option.
A new window will open up, set the "Start Position" option to 0 and the "Step" option to 1. Make sure the "Shift Position of Existing Cards" option is checked and that the "Randomize Order" option is not checked."
on 1673911471
There are some very weird sentences and I've detected many mistakes by just checking some cards randomly! I'm a native Spanish speaker and I downloaded this for my girlfriend to study Spanish. For example, card with EnglishSentenceID 2313720:

The Spanish sentence field is: "Exigo un reembolso de mi dinero." This should be "exijo" (it's also the cloze word).

Another example is EnglishSentenceID 2313720:

"Ella había nacido en el Toboso." I just found out that el Toboso is a tiny village in the middle of Spain. Why would that ever be the cloze?

ID 7591220 has no English on the card, as well as 7276559 and many others. 2280378 has "María es muy chula." in the Spanish field (Maria is very cool, although it's a weird sentence to say in Spanish) and the translation is "Mary is a fox"? I'm now skeptical if I should tell my girlfriend to learn from this. And what the hell is "Beba cemento líquido y quede verdaderamente petrificado."? This is the stupidest sentence I've ever heard in Spanish.

I think I'm going to make a new deck with a field that has the DeepL translation in addition to the existing English translation.
on 1673308910
This seems like a good deck, but as others have said, it is not ordered according to difficulty (although there is a difficulty ranking included).
If anyone has any solutions on how to change the ordering, I would appreciate it!
on 1672492141
Nice variety of sentences.
on 1672074233
Very good
on 1670436300
I wanted to be the 69th person to rate this. Nice
on 1668248454
Hello my friends, how can I sort by difficult? For me, as a beginner, It is very hard :(. I google to see how to do it, but I did not find anything helpful
on 1668208548
I'm at a high level in Spanish, so I set this deck to random as just a reminder of words and phrases. But if I knew of this deck when I was a beginner I would have started from the easy cards and worked my way up.
It's an absolute jewel to have a deck with native audio!
You need to listen to native audio, reading words are NOT ENOUGH to get you started!
Best free deck for Spanish by far!
on 1668201407
Very useful to learn Spanish.
on 1666220930
on 1665424575
Would love to see this deck on AnkiHub!
on 1663098045
It's really good, but the sound is no longer working for me.
Wish someone could make a tateoba cloze deck like this for German and Welsh too.
on 1662023432
Love it
on 1661474478
nice very organized
on 1661445574
Great course, lots of vocabs.
on 1661441256
I'm giving this a thumbs up because it's mostly good, but it does have some problems.

The good: for one, there's over 9000 cards. This clearly took a lot of work. It's nice that every single card has audio. I'm an intermediate speaker and there's quite a few phrases I've never heard before. Also it's free, can't complain that much.

The bad: Some of the clozes are just lazy and useless. There's cards where the word is a proper noun or the exact same word in English and Spanish. Examples: Lincoln, Harvard (as in the University, and no, universidad is not part of the cloze), vodka, etc. I ended up just editing these in my copy of the deck. I've also encountered quite a few translations that are just wrong. They translate enorme as "great", which would really only apply in very specific situations. They also translated alegre as "funny" but every dictionary I've checked puts it somewhere closer to "cheerful". I'm also not sure why all of the people's names on the cards are very English sounding. Tom, John, Mary, etc. If these items were cleaned up (minus the name one since that would require re-recording obviously), this deck would be perfect.
on 1660540538
on 1659027541
Thank you so much. This deck is extremely helpful!
on 1657035704
Excellent and huge deck. It is very useful for me as a beginner to get comfortable with the melody of the Spanish language. I mostly listened to it, trying to understand and than shadow it (speaking along with the audio). It had made me comfortable at speaking and listening much quicker than other methods I had tried. Thanks for the very good work!
on 1655823755
on 1654906839
Human audio, Castilian accent, good test (fill in the blank in front, audio on back).
on 1651801438
on 1646173657
thank you!
on 1643311793
impressive work with tatoeba and anki! please contact me on anki (markcbordelon@yahoo.com) to instruct me on how I can do this with another language!
on 1639750127
Very good
on 1638128774
on 1638032575
Exactly what I was looking for and really good quality audio!
on 1633398967
Very good translations.
on 1631731093
This is a fantastic deck!!! One of those rare gems like SpoonFed Chinese.

I'd love to know more how the "Difficulty" note field was calculated.

Huge kudos and thank you!!!
on 1631324195
Really good deck but sometimes the audio doesn't play. Idk if it's a problem with anki.
on 1628232490
So much work has been put into this deck!! Just the effort to record the native audio is tremendous (and for me, personally, I appreciate even more that the speaker is from Spain). This deck is definitely a keeper!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!!
on 1625447652
Tks, this is really great. Greetings from Brazil!
on 1622595481
Great deck! I'd love to see something like this for other languages.
on 1622451536
Highest quality native audio deck I have found. Some sentences are a bit odd and are overly figurative (so the translation requires a lot of interpretation). Rather than mapping colloquialisms across the language divide, I find it easier to just suspend the cards.

Using this deck for 30 minutes or so prior to doing immersion exercises is really good warm up
on 1621417000
This is the best deck I have seen so far! Awesome way of practicing Spanish vocabulary, grammary, listening comprehension and pronounciation.

It wasn't sorted by difficulty for me. But after exporting notes to *.txt and reimporting into a new deck with the same schema, the imported deck was sorted from easy to difficult! Note: select the import option that would not discard notes that start with the same value in first field or it will not import anything.
on 1620941412
The best deck for learning Spanish. Clear, well-made and consistent, with great audio. What else can one ask for?

The only problem is that the default note type of this deck has cloze cards only (while the best way IMHO is to have a reading comprehension card followed by listening comprehension one, followed by optional cloze cards). This is easily solvable using Cloze Anything (https://github.com/matthayes/anki_cloze_anything/), but not all users have the required technical know-how.
on 1620384204
Incredible effort, so much value in a single deck! Kudos
on 1620055876
Great deck.Many thanks for creating it
on 1618255789
Unfortunately, for some reason the deck is frozen in a way that stops me from adding new cards. Never run into this with a deck before. I generally like to have Anki quiz me on can I hear and understand it, can I read it, and can I produce it on separate cards, so only being able to produce one card from the information in the notes makes it useless for my purposes.
on 1616921038
How to sort it by difficulty level? It starts with difficult sentences at a level above 4000. How to make it start from easy sentences?
on 1616258957
The audio from native speakers is immensely helpful as my American accent is very strong!
on 1611080781
This deck has helped me quite a lot in improving my Spanish. I particularly like that the audio is a native speaker, rather than TTS.
Thank you for the great work!
on 1610804690
This is incredible. Could you provide the script used to generate the cards so I can do it for another language on tatoeba?
Comment from author
I'm afraid I lost my version, but there's a guide along a similar vein here which might be useful. I haven't tested it because it was made quite a while after I made this deck. https://en.wiki.tatoeba.org/articles/show/make-anki
on 1606841659
This deck has been one of the best things to happen to my Spanish. Not only has it expanded my vocabulary, but the inclusion of audio from a native speaker on every card has improved my listening comprehension. It's also been great to shadow the sentences, which has improved my accent. The use of Cloze forces words into my active vocabulary. Altogether, I can finally hold a real conversation.

The only downside of this deck is that some of the cards feel redundant, but that's probably because I came in with knowledge of Spanish. I've deleted a fair bit of cards or adjusted them so I'm tested on a different word.

I've been speaking with some of the people at work and they've been impressed with some of the words or phrases I'll use. The thing is, I'm impressed, too. I'm only about halfway through, so I can't wait to see where I'm at when I finish.
on 1604659510
Great work, thank you for that. I also think it is too important to study with sentences!

One question though. The standard now is that I get asked for a cloze. Don't you think it is better to get asked for the whole English or Spanish sentence and perhaps a cloze-version afterwards when you have already studied the new word? Or at least a version that I dont always see both translations. I get only asked for the cloze, but can see both translations. I can't see how this is helping me much.

But please, indulge me and tell me your thinking behind. I am very interested! :]
Comment from author
I studied this with the front like:
¿De qué quieres [...]?
What do you want to talk to me about?

And the back:
¿De qué quieres hablarme?
What do you want to talk to me about?

There are multiple other ways you could use it such as translating a full sentence, there's no 'best way' to use it which is why I put in fields for the whole sentence, the number of words, and the difficulty. Check the manual if you're unsure how to edit the card template. https://apps.ankiweb.net/docs/manual20.html
on 1604319160
Great deck - thanks for the hard work!
on 1601990171
I have created an alternative input field by adding at the end of the "front template":

and changing the whole "back template" to:
on 1601836476
on 1601092298
Muy bueno!
on 1599275569
I wish there was a neutral option for rating. I stripped this deck down and only have the English phrase on one side, and the Spanish phrase and audio on the other. Good for translation practice.
However, a warning - the translations are fully reliant on the speaker's understanding of English, which while generally good, is not always correct.
One example is "There's no accounting for taste," which in English carries the implication that the speaker does not like the other person's opinion/taste. The phrase in Spanish is "Para gustos hay colores," for which a better English translation would be "To each, their own". It's a subtle, but important difference.

There are several other phrases that I've come across so far, but overall, the deck itself is outstanding. I also love that it's Iberian Spanish, which is sorely underrepresented on Anki.

In response to author - I'll try to remember to keep a list here, although it won't be conclusive (there were a couple of others that I saw but I can't remember what they were).
Comment from author before post was edited

Thanks for leaving constructive feedback. I filtered the sentences from Tatoeba on the conditions that the user who made the Spanish sentence is a native speaker of Spanish, and the user who made the English sentence is a native speaker of English. As you'll understand translating idioms is no mean feat so I can understand that there would be the odd discrepancy here and there with exact connotations. If you're happy to add which sentences aren't translated correctly, I can look into removing them in a future release.
on 1598447552
Native Spanish speaker here. I was checking some Spanish decks on anki to make sure they were reliable for a friend and I must say this deck is outstanding. The audio is clearly native, clean and easy to hear.

ALTHOUGH, I haven't checked all the sentences, but the third sample from here sounds a little unnatural to me. "Hubo varios accidentes motivados por la niebla." Itˋs not something I would personally say. I wonder why is "caused" translated as "motivados" when you have "causados" as the perfect equivalent. I donˋt think you would say "There were several accidents MOTIVATED by the fog" in English either? It just sounds like the fog is somehow self-aware and it intentionally caused the accidents. But it´s just a minor detail.
Comment from author

This sentence was originally written in Spanish by a native speaker (the same person as the one who recorded the audio) and was then translated into English. If you like you could suggest an alternative on the source sentence https://tatoeba.org/eng/sentences/show/5727603
on 1597355771
I like the native audio over the computer generated one.

If you're still confused on how to sort by difficulty, this is what worked for me:

After you download the deck and add it to the desktop client, go to Browse in the main desktop client window or press "b"
A new window will appear and in the left hand column you will see the different decks in your collection and their note types.
In the menu bar at the top of the window select "Notes" and select "Manage Note Types"
A new window will open and from the list select "Spanish sentences cloze [9263 Notes]" and then in the right hand column select "Fields"
A new window will open with the fields for the cards, select "Difficulty" and in the options in the window below make sure "Sort by this field in the browser" is selected and then press save
Close the Note Types window and go back to the Browse Window. From the column on the left, select the deck "Spanish 9000 sentences with native audio"
In the main table with the cards listed row by row, highlight one card by clicking a row, then press Ctrl-Alt-A. Every row should now by highlighted
Right click on the the selected cards to bring up a context menu and then select the "Reposition" option.
A new window will open up, set the "Start Position" option to 0 and the "Step" option to 1. Make sure the "Shift Position of Existing Cards" option is checked and that the "Randomize Order" option is not checked.
After that you should be good!
Comment from author
Thanks for your detailed description!
on 1596136500
Very Good One. Though, I've made an adaptation for using complete sentences and audio only, just for the drill be yet more intensive. Thanks for all your work, I owe you a bier.
on 1595038901
This is the most effective deck for learning Spanish. Kudos.

To help me learn Spanish, I've evaluated several decks. I've loaded a few in my Anki. And this one is the one I'm drawn to day after day.

It's so full of features, it's amazing. To learn to speak like a human being (and not like a robot), native audio is the best. The difficulty sorting is good. The images are sometimes useful.

9000 sentences with all those features is an amazing feat. Bravo.
on 1593467312
These are good cards, very helpful for imagining vocabulary in action.
on 1592499653
Love it. It's my favorite!
on 1588192102
Great, thank you
on 1588030964
Having native audio rather than a computerized voice is great. Especially when you consider the amount of tie you plan to be listening to them.
on 1584207157
After an hour of searching, I found the way to sort the deck by difficulty. I am very new to Anki so I was not familiar. Hope this helps someone else:

Go into the browser and filter by this deck - select all the notes - right click - "reposition" and use the default setting and it will change the "due" number on each card to make them due in the sort order.

Answer found from reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Anki/comments/73pg9f/how_do_i_sort_the_order_in_which_the_cards_are/

Copied from reddit:


In the browser under Edit there is the option "Reposition".

From the manual, https://apps.ankiweb.net/docs/manual.html#other-menu-items : "Reposition allows you to change the order new cards will appear in. You can find out the existing positions by enabling the due column, as described in the card list section above. If you run the reposition command when multiple cards are selected, it will apply increasing numbers to each card in turn. By default the number increases by one for each card, but this can be adjusted by changing the "step" setting. The Shift position of existing cards option allows you to insert cards between currently existing ones, pushing the currently existing ones apart. For instance, if you have five cards and you want to move 3, 4, and 5 between 1 and 2, selecting this setting would cause the cards to end up in the order 1, 3, 4, 5, 2. By contrast, if you turn this option off, 2 and 3 will get the same position number (and it will thus be random which one comes up first)."

on 1583645459
Audio doesn't work for me but otherwise all good.
on 1581617297
Anki wasn't displaying cards sorted by difficulty, but in a random order (both on mobile and desktop). What fixed it was opening the deck in the browser. Overall nice deck.
on 1579294353
I want to learn this language
on 1579048873
Hi - thank you for the deck. Quick question, my deck is not currently being sorted by difficulty - I can see the number for difficulty at the bottom (430, 5678 etc) but the numbers are in a completely random order and therefore the deck is not starting at a beginner level. Any advice on how to fix this? Appreciate it!
on 1574262643
on 1572997026
Looking nice
on 1563293274
on 1562197825
The deck is awesome, but when I reached a certain level the audio is missing :')
on 1559166732
This deck is so helpful, thanks!
on 1556599065
This probably took lots of effort to complete. Thanks for sharing
on 1553418723
Great job, you can make this deck behave like lingvist is you want (by making the close deletions typeable).
on 1552177125
gracias por todo!
on 1549104357
I love this deck. Thank you so much!
on 1548230207
This took time, effort and patience!

Great work!
on 1548187649
Absolutely fantastic set. Thanks for sharing on Reddit!
on 1548166925
Huge effort