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NAWL - New Academic Word List (Eng-Eng-Jpn)

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This deck of flashcards is of the most common academic vocabulary in English. It is a great way to rapidly increase your vocabulary for reading academic textbooks, articles, related news, and listening to academic lectures, talks, videos etc. I made this deck for my students, but uploaded it here in case anyone else might like to use it. This is a deck of the New Academic Word List (NAWL) of the most common ~960 academic words in English in order of frequency. The NAWL in combination with the core 2800 vocabulary words in the NGSL (which I also made a deck for here on Anki) provides about 92% coverage of all vocabulary encountered in in academic journals, non-fiction, student essays, academic discourse, lectures, and course textbooks.

Sample (from 963 notes)

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Front unify
Rank 477
# of Occurrances in the Database 31
Part of Speech verb
English Definition to join or bring together
Japanese Definition 統一する
Front statistical
Rank 51
# of Occurrances in the Database 100
Part of Speech adj
English Definition about statistics
Japanese Definition 統計的
Front unstable
Rank 367
# of Occurrances in the Database 42
Part of Speech adj
English Definition likely to move from its position or fall
Japanese Definition 不安定な

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