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Japanese Core 2000 - Complete 01 - 09

240.58MB. 3989 audio & 1959 images. Updated 2016-11-15.
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All cards, vocabulary and sentences from the Smart.fm "Core 2000 Set". Cards include full text, images and audio examples. Please leave a rating if you found this deck useful.

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Expression 深い
Meaning deep, profound, intimate
Reading ふかい
iKnowID item:436427
iKnowType item
Expression 仕事の後、映画を見た。
Meaning I saw a movie after work.見る -- see, look at仕事 -- work, job後 -- after
Reading しごと の あと えいが を みた
iKnowID sentence:247095
iKnowType sentence
Expression 娘がピンクのドレスを着ている。
Meaning My daughter's wearing a pink dress.ピンク -- pink
Reading むすめ が ぴんく の どれす を きて いる
iKnowID sentence:249745
iKnowType sentence

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on 1652494150
Very good deck, it helped me a lot.
on 1644742880
It's helpful 😀
on 1632877586
Very good
on 1632796576
on 1622599936
on 1603867766
Complete Japanese Core 2000 set from 01 to 09 in one pack. If you liked those, it is the full item in one. You can find similar short/full ones, basic set translated in other languages by searching "Japanese Core". You can always edit pictures / text you find easier to remember but having it with voice and pictures and kanji makes it easier to remember. One day 20 items cover pic - voice - phrase - word (kanji) which gives you multiple variety of options to set in your mind.
on 1598358755
on 1597578182
Very good. But if you're looking for a more efficient way of learning the core 2K, do the one with 1 example only. This is slow paced but easier to remember.
on 1590902772
on 1589803357
on 1585048700
on 1573578885
Thanks for the work!
on 1568441638
Useful with audio and image and reverse mode.
on 1567520197
This document is very useful to me . Thank you so much. I promise that I will try me best.
on 1544837580
on 1542679364
Awesome collection, this allowed me to get back to my Japanese studies after a couple of years after leaving it.
on 1542256819
Really nice!!
on 1542012590
on 1540881904
very good! Thinks!
on 1537025740
The people who Completed this Japanese Core 2000 1-9 series should be given citizenship of Japan
(P.S I am on 01:p)
on 1531835395
Thank you.
on 1527206400
Great deck for studying reading, listening, and pronunciation of Japanese.
on 1523923200
It is a very useful deck with Audio and hiragana transcription and english translation. One of the best I have used so far.
on 1511827200
Very complete
on 1506988800
on 1501977600
on 1498089600
on 1494633600
on 1491696000
on 1489190400
on 1486771200
on 1483920000
on 1483660800