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Katakana Kore 10k - Frequency sorted

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This deck contains almost 10 000 most frequently used Japanese loanwords commonly written in katakana, ranging from percent and America to quart and krypton. The words are sorted by the frequency of their occurrence in Japanese language. The purpose of this deck is two-fold: - To practice reading and writing katakana characters. Ability to read katakana fluently usually lags behind the mastery of hiragana for most students. - To learn the proper spelling of the most common loanwords. Spelling of many words loaned from English is not as straightforward as it may seem and there are many loanwords from other languages as well that require separate study. 10 000 words is certainly excessive and no one should expect to complete this entire deck, it would be very counterproductive. I recommend that you stop using this deck as soon as you feel confident with katakana. The deck has two card types for reading and writing practice. You can use Whiteboard on Ankidroid or Scratchpad on Anki Mobile to practice writing. You can delete or suspend one of the card types if you don't need it. In rare occasions, translations can contain non-English words if the Japanese word was loaned from other language. The meaning is usually extremely easy to guess, however. Examples of such words include Italia, Moskva, ideologie, arbeit. Remember that you can edit, delete or suspend any notes you don't like. The deck includes a single media file, the M+ c2 Light font, which is very clean, beautiful, free and designed with Japanese in mind. I use this font for all my decks. You can download the whole M+ font family here: https://mplus-fonts.osdn.jp/about-en.html This deck is not in any way related to any other Core decks and does not contain any information from them or any commercial websites. Contact: /u/Alphyn on Reddit.

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Katakana ブルク
Translation Burg
Frequency 35737
Katakana ベローナ
Translation Verona
Frequency 49682
Katakana スター
Translation star
Frequency 2923

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on 1676351716
good deck
on 1642868456
Thanks for sharing this. Would love to have hiragana on the back of the card too to see the correct exact reading. I'd be happy to add it and send you the modified version if you're interested. Let me know.
on 1642690528
Thank you for making this excellent deck. I’ve been using it for just over a month and my reading and comprehension of the katakana I come across in my reading has massively increased. I plan to carry on for another couple of months or so.
on 1616147085
You can tell the word frequency data came from newspapers of the mid-2000s because "Iraq", "Islam", and "terror" come before "pen," "skirt," and "orange."
on 1597374098
This is very helpful for mastering Japanese. I wish there is a deck like this but in Hiragana.
on 1590065497
One question. One time the words appear in katakana where I have to find the English translation and in the next set of questions they appear in English and I have to find the katakana. This happens randomly. Can I choose for the first option only?
on 1584901422
Awesome, thanks! I think it will be really useful :D
on 1551650874
Great work!