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Psychology AQA A level [psychopathology and biopsych atm]

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Front The Department of Health provides a guide to assess symptoms associated with mental illness. List two conditions listed.
Back Impairment of intellectual functions, such as memory and comprehensionDelusions, such as of persecution of jealousy Disordered thinking+ | There must be one or more of these, and they must not be temporary so these symptoms must be prolonged.
Front Define and describe the function of the Hypothalamus.
Back The Hypothalamus is a part of the brain that produces hormones, and controls the pituitary gland.
Front Describe the process and interventions involved in CBT. 
Back CBT is a form of psychological treatment and a type of talking therapy, which helps people to manage their problems primary by restructuring their existing beliefs which link to their behavioral consequences; it was derived from Ellis’ (1962) model. The process of CBT is described by the ABCDE model; The psychologists identify the activating event (A) and attempts to identify the derived faulty belief system as a result of it (B) and then tries to see if there are consequences as a result of these beliefs (C). The psychologist then attempts to challenge the irrational belief (D) to restructure – change – the belief (E). The therapist during this therapy will set goals for the patient to think in more positive or adaptive ways, and will mainly focus on their present situation. Therapists often encourage their clients to keep a diary to record thought patterns, feelings and actions, and after a therapy session is over, they may give the client homework, where they continue to work on the behavior outside the therapy sessions. 

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