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A list Multidisciplinary Mental Models

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"He has the best 30-sec mind," says Warren Buffett about his business partner Charlie Munger. Munger has the ability see through most problems at a far deeper level and take a quick decision about how to address it. He's been able to develop this level of thinking by learning ideas from different disciplines and making connections between them. He calls this framework of diverse ideas — Latticework of Mental Models. Mental models are tools for the mind. The more models you have from outside your discipline and the more you iterate through them when faced with a challenge in a checklist sort of fashion, the better you’ll be able to solve problems. This desk is a list of 100+ mental models across multiple disciplines — Business , Psychology, Decision Making, Productivity, Metalearning, Physics, Systems Thinking, Statistics, Sociology, and Physics. The purpose of this deck is to help you memorize these models so that the right model(s) pop into your thoughtscreen as you're trying to think about your problem.

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Front Gresham’s Law
Back Bad money drives out the good money.Ethical behaviour in an organization is driven out by unethical behavoiour. Good people are driven out from the system by bad people. 
Tags Sociology
Front Tragedy of Commons
Back The phenomenon that results from actions that benefit the individual (meaning single persons, households, villages, companies or nations) in the short term but often end up hurting the collective.
Tags Sociology
Front Second Order Thinking
Back First-level thinking is simplistic and superficial…Second-level thinking is deep, complex and convoluted. The second-level thinker takes a great many things into account.First-level thinking says, “I think the company’s earnings will fall; sell.” Second-level thinking says, “I think the company’s earnings will fall less than people expect, and the pleasant surprise will lift the stock; buy.”
Tags Thinking

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I read about mental models recently and found it to be very interesting.
Thank you for comping this list!
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Great job , thank you very much