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Ophthalmology Medical Student Guide

9.71MB. 0 audio & 95 images. Updated 2019-03-26.


This Anki deck was made in an effort to help medical students perform well on their home and away ophthalmology rotations. Good luck!

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Text {{c2::Anterior}} blepharitis presents with {{c1::crusting, redness, and ulcerative lesions around the lashes }}
Text {{c1::LASIK}} is a type of refractive surgery in which {{c2::a flap is made in the epithelium before applying a laser ot the stromal bed}}
Text The oily layer of the tear film is produced by {{c1::meibomian glands}}
Extra Meibum

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Do you have any comprehensive ophtho residency deck? Or would you like to contribute building one?
please visit https://www.reddit.com/r/OphthalmologyAnki/