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Phrases from Bradley's Arnold (Latin-English/English-Latin)

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This deck contains nearly every example sentence from Bradley's Arnold Latin Prose Composition, ed. Sir James Mountford (1938), ideal for intermediate and advanced students who wish to improve their command of Latin grammar, idiom and prose composition. Notes also contain the Excerise (chapter) and Rule number, so you can compare the sentence to the grammar lesson. Read Bradley's Arnold on the Internet Archive here.

Sample (from 1598 notes)

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Lat Aedēs flammantēs vīdit.
Eng He saw the house blaze.
Rule 410
Exercise 52
Lat Venit mihi in mentem eius diēī.
Eng I have a recollection of that day.
Rule 308
Exercise 40
Lat Octuplī condemnātus est.
Eng He was condemned to pay eightfold.
Rule 307
Exercise 40

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Great deck, well composed.