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Anno's Hebrew Tatoeba Sentence Deck (with audio)

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This deck is at the moment a work in progress. I have recorded a lot of the audio. Now I am segmenting the audio and inputting it into the deck. I'll continue to record the rest of the audio as well. If you would like to help in the segmenting or recording work, shoot me an email. I've taken the original collection of Hebrew sentences with the English translations from Many Things Anki page . My blog is Acquiring Hebrew Questions/Comments: hanguageohakseng AT gmail DOT com

Sample (from 32479 notes)

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Front לו הייתי עשיר, הייתי קונה חווילה על החוף.
Meaning If only I were rich, I would buy a villa on the seashore.
Front היו לנו אורחים אתמול.
Meaning We had some visitors yesterday.
Front אני מסכים לתוכנית הזאת.
Meaning I agree to this plan.

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on 1445990400
Good idea, poor execution.

It is a good idea to take sentences from the Tatoeba corpus. Unfortunately, this deck appears to only teach the masculine forms of sentences, and in fact, when I look the sentences up, there is often not even a feminine version of the sentence in the corpus, despite it needing them in many cases. Since gendered forms can be highly irregular or at least complicated for a novice speaker, this ultimately is not useful for women at all... and, in fact, if a woman is brand-new to Hebrew, might end up teaching them to speak in a way that will raise some eyebrows unintentionally!
on 1434844800
The last commenter is wrong

The word חווילה does exists in Hebrew, although it's not very common.
It's a word you would likely come across in newspapers or books rather than a conversation.
on 1427846400
Hebrew Speaker.

As a Hebrew Native, I see a problem with one of you sentence examples:
A villa in Hebrew, is written ווילה, and not חווילה. If you know the language you can understand it refers to Villa and not a new word (There's no such a word either). But people who learn the language might be confused.