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Vietnamese Pronunciation Deck

5.37MB. 248 audio & 218 images. Updated 2017-11-28.


This is a flashcard deck made in the model of http://FluentForever.com's pronunciation decks. It focuses on the vowels, consonants, diphthongs, vowel combinations, word endings and minimal pairs that one encounters in Vietnamese, specifically the Northern accent. The vast majority of these are sourced from the pronunciation videos made by Austen Mersereau that can be found on his youtube channel https://m.youtube.com/user/austenmersereau, or through his website http://happyhanoi.com. I also sourced a couple of the sounds from the LearnVietnameseWithAnnie youtube channel that is another good resource for learning Vietnamese, although mainly focusing on the southern accent. As is the case with the fluent forever pronunciation decks, one should firstly use the videos to learn how the sounds are made and then use the decks to practice and memorise the sounds.

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Sort Field 14.08
Word 1 kiền
Recording 1
Word 1 IPA
Word 1 English
Word 2 quền
Recording 2
Word 2 IPA
Word 2 English
Actual Sort Order 4.06
Spelling (a letter or combination of letters) ng
Notes on Usage at the end of the word like sing, long, songat the start of the word like hang on, dropping the ha - ngon
Example word for that spelling/sound combination ngoan
Example word with highlights ngoan
English Translation well behaved
Picture of the example word
Recording of the Sound
Recording of the Word
IPA for Sound ŋ
IPA for Word ŋwaːn˧˧
Actual Sort Order 3.04
Spelling (a letter or combination of letters) ê
Notes on Usage relaxed e, like saying 'A' without moving your mouth
Example word for that spelling/sound combination
Example word with highlights
English Translation
Picture of the example word
Recording of the Sound
Recording of the Word
IPA for Sound e
IPA for Word ze˧˧

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on 1589727157
This is excellent. Thank you so much for sharing!
on 1579986007
Excellent especially now that the website link is dead. As I don't like too much videos (too much on my broadband credit!), I appreciate the effort it took you to make this deck.
on 1554307402
Very good!
on 1549792152
Some really good explanations of pronounciations on the cards, and good images. The minimal pairs exercises seem to be biased towards left hand choices though. Also, some of the recordings have low quality/varying volume.
on 1544405248
This is great work, thank you! One minor note for anyone downloading them - you'll have to edit them since the answer is always the first one.
on 1543905727
Thank you!
on 1528070400
This deck is essential if you are learning Vietnamese. Vietnamese is a such a tonal language and some of the vowel sounds and combo vowel sounds are indistinguishable from one another. This set has audio files, words and pictures that show you to practice hearing these subtle differences in pronunciation.
on 1521936000
Very useful in learning the distinctions between Vietnamese phonemes
on 1515369600
Best deck for practicing both pronunciation and listening, especially for the small differences in some very similar sounds. Helped clear up some major confusions that I should have sorted out years ago.