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Japanese Core 2000 Step 03 Listening Sentence Vocab + Images

22.99MB. 406 audio & 235 images. Updated 2015-12-02.
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This is the 3rd step of Japanese Core 2000 This deck is not mine and I do not take any credit for this in any shape or form. Because someone removed the deck I'm reuploading the one I have. Lower level

Sample (from 400 notes)

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Expression 今日の予定を教えてください。
Meaning Please tell me what your schedule is for today.予定 -- schedule, plan
Reading きょう の よてい を おしえて ください
iKnowID sentence:247945
iKnowType sentence
Expression その会社は女性を多く採用している。
Meaning This company employs many women.女性 -- woman, female採用 -- employment
Reading その かいしゃ は じょせい を おおく さいよう して いる
iKnowID sentence:248139
iKnowType sentence
Expression 学生たちはインターネットでいろいろな情報を集めた。
Meaning The students gathered all kinds of information on the Internet.情報 -- information
Reading がくせいたち は いんたーねっと で いろいろな じょうほう を あつめた
iKnowID sentence:247789
iKnowType sentence

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on 1660788400
Perfect as the previous
on 1643478462
on 1638184702
A very helpful Japanese Deck - Thank you very much!
on 1626227693
The smaller writing might be difficult for beginners but that is so they get you used to the common font size in Japan. If it's too small to read, copy and paste it into google translate and the characters will be bigger. This is my 3rd deck I have studied and I'm very impressed with their work. I can actually understand a good chunk of Japanese now.
on 1618669653
thank you
on 1601223278
very useful!!!!!
on 1601146448
Other than that, Great deck. Just finished it
on 1601138767
Too formal. Even more disappointing because i did step one and two and can't proceed further. They could've easily moved these words to last step. I have taken a look at 6th step. It includes kanjis like akachan, omoshiroi, etc. which i guess could've been put in this step.
on 1598289996
Good, you can tell a clear difficulty curve from step 4, learning N3 kanjis at the same time you study this deck should make it easier overall.
on 1598223029
Better than my paid decks!
on 1596963265
Very good
on 1596354067
on 1592230262
This deck is hard; however, if you do 40 cards a day you get through it in 25 days. It's tough, but you must persist. Imagine the dopamine release you will feel upon completing this deck. I recommend upon completion you reward yourself with a treat, for extra dopamine, as it seem a lot of people agree this is the hardest deck in the series.
on 1591577272
Good deck, hard as hell compared to the first 2. Also am I crazy or is that lady's tit out on the 目立つ card? Certainly fits the description
on 1585394677
This deck is great if you are working in Japan or with Japanese people, but for my needs, it is way too business orientated. I recommend either skipping this one and coming back to it later or learning two decks at the same time so that you don't get too demotivated.
on 1583927263
Deck is well put together with good audio.

However, I would thoroughly recommend skipping this deck and coming back to it later. Working through this deck demoralised me to the point of almost quitting countless times and frequently brought my progress to a grinding halt. Business/political terminology you won't use in everyday conversation combined with difficult compound kanji, combined with words that appear to be synonyms, combined with a whole slew of words that sound almost identical but with very different meanings (eg: 交渉, 強調, 競争, 工場, etc).

In short, this deck is HARD. Skip it an come back to it later.
on 1582167994
on 1574586897
Well made cards
on 1565692758
Good standard: challenging and helpful
on 1545773413
This deck was harder than Step 01 and Step 02. It would help if you have some familiarity with kanji. But as with the other decks, very useful!
on 1536704651
I wouldn't recommend skipping this, it's difficult and quite a lot of the vocab is quite out of what you'll use day to day (politics and business speak), but there's enough important words and phrases interspersed through the deck to make it extremely important not to be tempted to skip.

On top of that, the difficulty makes you reconsider how you've been learning and refine the way in which you study. It helps prime you to learn faster and more efficiently.

There are a few problems though: the text is a different size from previous decks, some words are badly defined and could cause confusion, sometimes you get a sentence but the word you're supposed to learn doesn't show up by itself until much later, and some of the sentences written in English incorrectly translate words (for instance おもいで doesn't mean souvenir and あお doesn't mean green).
on 1533353087
Love the sentences and audio, thank you for uploading!
on 1522627200
It’s not as difficult as some have said, however it does get into a lot of “uncommon “ vocabulary. It’s a good deck if you want to expand your vocabulary outside of the “normal” range that most Japanese learners used to. You might impress your Japanese friends/coworkers with young range of knowledge!
on 1516492800
3rd deck is indeed harder than the previous 2. But still a good deck.
on 1514505600
This is great but the vocabulary is too specialized ("Consider this problem by the end of the day", "My parents were born during the Showa era", "The athletic meet begins at 9"... ). I would recommend to skip this deck and practice Japanese Core 2000 Step 04 first, as it features more practical vocabulary.
on 1506988800
Step 3 is a BEAST

Do NOT panic if you find this step to be much harder than 1 and 2 were. It is really tough. The ten "steps" aren't presented in any particular order, they don't build on each other, and step 3 is kind of infamous for being much harder than anything else in the Core 2K. 4's a bit on the difficult side, too. Go do Step 10 and see if you don't agree with me--then work your way backwards through 9, 8, 7, and *finish* with 3.
on 1501545600
Best Japanese!!!

Thanks for uploading this! Im learning a lot with these!!
on 1497571200
It's a great deck

The step from 2 to 3, however is very big.
There should be a "Japanese core 2k 2.5"
on 1495584000
on 1494201600
on 1492819200
on 1492819200
on 1491350400
on 1491177600
on 1490659200
on 1488067200
on 1486684800
on 1484611200
on 1484006400
on 1479513600
very good!

thanks for uploading thi deck. i am following this deck to learn Japanese. really good!
on 1459123200
on 1450396800