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GENKI I Grammar Deck with native speaker audio and images

69.68MB. 217 audio & 217 images. Updated 2020-03-08.

This item is large, and may take some time to download.


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Text  学校がっこうに{{c1::行いきます::行いく}}。
Question Complete the Japanese translation
Translation I go to school.
Image Credit https://pixabay.com/en/road-sign-town-sign-welcome-school-799141/
Tags Chapter-3 Furigana Genki-I Grammar-Point-1
Text  週末しゅうまつは何なにを{{c1::するつもりですか}}?
Question Complete the Japanese translation
Translation What are your plans for the weekend?
Image Credit https://pixabay.com/en/boy-man-sitting-thinking-waiting-1149957/
Tags Chapter-10 Furigana Genki-I Grammar-Point-4
Text  毎日まいにち 学校がっこうに{{c1::行いく::行いきますか informal}}?
Question Complete the Japanese translation and answer the question.
Translation Do you go to school everyday?
Image Credit https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:%E6%97%A5%E7%AB%8B%E5%B7%A5%E6%A5%AD%E5%B0%82%E4%BF%AE%E5%AD%A6%E6%A0%A1%E6%A0%A1%E8%88%8E.jpg
Tags Chapter-8 Furigana Genki-I Grammar-Point-2

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on 1585707041
I emailed the creator and he seems to still be working on it, but just by this early version of the deck, I can already tell it is an amazing and complete deck to work through alongside the Genki I and II textbooks, and because the sentence used are original ones, it works with the just-released 3rd edition of the Genki books. Hopefully the full version of the deck will get released soon! =).
on 1585523407
its cool AF
on 1583526854
I paid $18 for the Genki I and II bundle. Don't make the same mistake. More than half of the cards that I have looked at so far have the wrong audio. I also had to go in and fix the card templates because the some of the fields were not set to render furigana. Bottom line: Do not pay money for this. From what I've seen the quality is less than what I would expect from a free deck.
Comment from author
Please email me at gabriel@koipun.com and I will refund you the full amount. I apologize for the bad experience. Will make a full revision of the deck. I think I made a mistake the last time I updated the deck. Will post once the new version is out.

on 1582219997
i liked the disposition of both sentences images and furigana
on 1580162298
Great addition to the Genki textbooks, lets you remember all the grammar. They recently updated the audio and it sounds a lot better now!

I bought the deck a few months ago and it's worth the money in my opinion.
on 1580019326
👍🏽👍🏽Great !!
on 1579639504
I love this deck so much!!!
on 1521590400
I paid for the complete deck. The audio is horrible.
After a few weeks, I have just deleted it all, as it was too annoying.
on 1487548800
Anki cards

My boyfriend bought this deck for me. My Japanese is at around the JLPT N4 level, but I have a hard time having conversations with my boyfriend's family who only understand Japanese. This deck has many sentences and phrases which are useful in conversation. Since this deck is long, I don't think I will finish it anytime soon but I am learning tons of new vocabulary already.
on 1487376000

This deck is decent enough, with images and audio, but it is chock-full of mistakes and errors. There are mistakes in the english questions, answers, and in the japanese answers and questions. This is beginner grammar aimed at beginners, so I would expect the authors to at least get such simple sentences right without spelling mistakes to not confuse students or teach them anything wrong. It is functional enough if you use it just to test yourself on the grammar points from Genki 1 and get a quick reminder, since (at least the free version) is relatively short, but you should study it with a grain of salt. It probably serves its purpose, but I'm glad I checked it out before committing to any purchase.
on 1469232000
Genki deck

I only tried the free version of it since I wasn't sure if I wanted to pay for the deck when I can just make it my own.The free version seems good so far. I like how it comes with audio and pictures. I also tried some other deck but they did't have audio, or the audio was bad quality almost better if they didn't have the audio. The deck is only 15$, same price as what I pay for a dinner when I eat out.I will download the paid version and will write the review again.
on 1468800000
Best deck for Genki!

To the author, thank you for making this. I was making my own deck for studying Genki I but it is way too much work. And I had no pictures, much less audio.

To everyone else, this is the perfect Anki deck for Genki vocabulary. All cards have a picture and audio recording in native Japanese. Some even have tips!

I'm starting Japanese one next semester and decided to start studying on the summer. This is perfect.

This is exactly the deck I was hoping to find.