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→ 6000 Greek sentences sorted by difficulty [with audio]

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This deck contains 6500 greek sentences: they are sorted by difficulty, in the sense that they are sorted from the shortest to the longest. In the front of the card is the greek audio, in the back of the card is the greek sentence with the translation. -=-=-=-=-=- The following Anki add-on adds a Replay button to the Computer Version of Anki, and is recommended for this deck: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/498789867 The purpose of the audio in this deck is teaching and scholarship, and I'm not making money out of it: therefore it is considered "Fair Use". -=-=-=-=-=- If this deck is useful to you, please rate it!~ https://frequencylists.blogspot.com.br/ - Someone said in the reviews section, that some sentences are wayy too morbid. If you don't like some sentence, simply delete it (press Delete button on your keyboard). That should solve it.

Sample (from 6199 notes)

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sentence Είμαστε όλες οπλισμένες.
translation We're all armed.
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sentence Έγινε διάσημος.
translation He became famous.
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sentence Ο Τομ και η Μαίρη είναι καλά παιδιά.
translation Tom and Mary are good kids.
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This is really great. I just was wondering. Is there an xls of the document? or is there a way to put the greek and the greek audio on one side and the english on the other? Not sure how i could do that... thank for this!
Comment from author
1. Find the 'export' button
2. Select the deck
3. In "Export format" select "notes in plain text"
4. Open the ".txt" file that was created
5. Select the whole text then paste it into excel

The whole deck contents will be pasted into excel, all neatly separated into cells.

Or you can simply use this add-on:
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Good quality
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Great! Much better deck than the 100 basic words of Greek. More effort here! Thanks a bunch!
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No start
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Make sure the audio is turned on.

If you are having technical issues, you can ask the developper of Anki (he usually answers in a day):
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I've been studying it for quite some time, and love it.
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Good deck with a few small caveats

I like the variety and sheer number of sentences included. Let me note a few things, however:

1 The audio is apparently an 'auto-voice'. I don't know what the correct term for this is, but the pronunciation seems to be automatically generated for the sentences. I can see that this is necessary for such a large number of cards, but once in awhile this results in the auto-voice saying 'apostrophe' for an apostrophe. In other words, for 'μ' αφήνεις' you will hear "μ-apostrophe-αφήνεις". Funny, yes, but distracting.

2 The sentences use the name 'Tom' a lot. This is not a standard Greek name, and the auto-voice doesn't always handle it very well.

3 In general the auto-voice is good, but occasionally the sentence rhythm is a bit unnatural, and hard to understand.

(Added): I've been using this deck for about a month now, and have made some modifications. As I mentioned above, the name 'Tom' is used alot, along with 'Mary'. There are a large number of sentences like 'Tom is singing. Tom is whistling. Tom is coughing.' and so on. I have been gradually changing 'Tom' to a standard Greek proper name, or something else like 'the child', 'the king', 'the greengrocer', etc.

However, my main caveat is now this: there are many sentences like 'Tom tried to kill Mary', 'Tom killed Mary', 'Tom was detained by the police', and even (I am not making this up) 'Tom beat Mary with a baseball bat.' Tom seems to get into a lot of trouble, and I feel my time would be better spent on other kinds of sentences.

Still, lots of stuff here.
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Excellent job with one little caveat

I've been looking for a good Anki deck for learning Greek with audio. Finally I found it here. Amazing job, congratulations! The senteces are short, maybe too short (at the begining at least), which makes them a bit harder to remember than if they were in a context of a bit lenghty sentences, but overall that's ok.

I have one caveat however: the names of audio files are very long and it causes problems with downloading the audio part of deck into a mobile phone (Android) with an SD card inside, formatted in Fat, a format, which has its limitations as to the number of files to be placed in one folder. And this number is also related to the lenght of the files' names. The longer they are, the less files you can put in a Fat32 folder. So, if I have 3 or 4 other decks with audio, I cannot add this Greek deck to my phone so that audio would be working (the deck is working but audio is not). Manually transferring audio files from a computer doesn't work either. And I don't know how to solve the problem. Any suggestions?
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