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This is the mother load! These are my personal flashcards for the ACEM fellowship examination. The content has been made from combinations of Dunn, Tintinalli and various LITFL resources. I have attempted to reference figures where possible. Please also note that the decks are best studied individually and that they can be uncoupled to allow study in isolation. - to see how to uncouple the decks, please read: https://anki.tenderapp.com/kb/collection-management/making-subdecks-top-level-decks-again I hope they help with your exam prep! James jldent10@gmail.com

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Front how to rx a pt presenting with OD at 8-24hrs
Back start NAC at presentationcheck a level - if above the line --> NAC for 20hrs - if below the line, check ALT    - if ALT normal --> DC    - if ALT high --> NAC for 20hrs then recheck
Front what are the 3 principal changes to physiology which can reduce secondary brain injury?
Back 1. maintain CPP2. reduce cerebral metabolic demand3. maintain normal physiology
Front what does CK correlate to?
Back the amount of muscle injury - does not correlate to development of renal failure

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Comprehensive resouce for ACEM fellowship