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Gregmat Vocab Set

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Deck is composed of all 27 sets of vocab words by gregmat.

Sample (from 803 notes)

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Front ubiquitous
Back present, appearing, or found everywhere
Front covert
Back not openly acknowledged or displayed 
Front delusion
Back 1) an idiosyncratic belief or impression maintained despite being contradicted by reality or rational argument 2) the action of deluding or the state of being deluded/deception 

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Thank You!!
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Except for 6 missing words and 7 spelling mistakes (no additional words), contains the vocabulary in the first 27 tests of GregMAT that has 811 words. Definitions seem to be taken from the Google (i.e. Lexico by Oxford University) (not verified for every word).
Lacks part of speech in definition and example sentences.
Update: The definitions are often incompletely copied (i.e. not all meanings or senses of the words are given) and and have occasional mild spelling errors. I might upload my version of the deck or send it to Greg Mat.

Spelling Errors (showing correct spelling): assuage, perilous, skullduggery, feckless, vexation, doctrinaire, exhilarating
Missing words: abound, antipathy, chicanery, provincial, empirical, vitiate
Checked using highlight duplicates on Excel after exporting from Anki vs original.
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Thanks for the help!