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Searching, PDF Reading & Note-Taking in Add Dialog

7.74MB. Updated 2022-08-15.
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  Please note: Requires Anki 2.1.22 or higher. This add-on adds a second pane to the Add dialog, which provides a lot of handy functionality. My main uses for it are: • Having a managed priority queue for stuff I want to read/watch and which supports me in adding notes from this material. • Searching through my collection while adding notes to find related information Some of the following information might be out-dated. At some point, there will be a documentation page hosted on Github or something similar, but as the add-on features and UI are subject to frequent changes at the moment, I prefer to postpone the documentation part until the feature-set/UI is "stable". My advice to learn how stuff works would be to just slowly try things out, you don't have to use all the features, just pick what is useful to you. Features atm include: - Selecting text inside a field or inside a displayed note allows to search for it - Automated searching if you type, or if you input tags - Edit another note (e.g. from the search results) in the add window - Timeline to see how productive you have been in the current year (CTRL + hovering will show you the cards added on that day) - Predefined searches (e.g. last added, lowest pass rate, ...) - Info dialog for displayed notes (Note properties + stats) - Browser search mask that works exactly like the search you know from the browser window - Defining synonyms/related terms to include when searching - Defining stopwords to ignore when searching - Defining fields to ignore when searching or to hide in the results - Unsuspending found cards/notes - Browsing/searching for tags - Browsing related tags and their notes by hovering over a tag - Toggling between normal add dialog view and the add-on (by default CTRL-F) - Notetaking with taggable and searchable notes - Watching Youtube videos - Reading PDFs inside the add window, with - progress tracking, i.e. marking pages as read - extracting images - finding related notes on select - scheduling notes to read in a priority queue - defining special scheduling dates for notes in the priority queue - highlighting text and adding comments - creating extracts (e.g. chapters) from pdf notes, to have them as independent items in the queue - Importing PDF notes from Zotero CSV exports or directly from folders What the search part of the add-on does is to build a search index out of your decks, which can then be queried. When you type, it tries to find the note whose text is the most similar to what you have typed or selected. Because naturally, many common words are present in a lot of notes, there is a list of words that should be ignored (so called stop words). Examples in english would be "the", "a", "I", "for", etc. I cannot know what languages you write your notes in, so you have to build it by yourself. The default configuration contains an english stop word list for starters. The stop word list is defined in the config file, and you should fit it to your language(s) before using this add-on. Your searching will take longer and be less precise if you don't use stop words. All UI concerning the search is displayed on the right side of the dialog (it is only displayed above a certain window width and height, so don't be confused if it may not be there when you start). The index is built everytime you start Anki, and by default uses your whole collection. At the moment, notes you delete are not deleted from the search index until you restart. Same goes for notes you edit during review or in the browser. Notes you edit through the edit button in the Add Card dialog are updated immediately. Please note that some of the following screenshots might be outdated (UI often changes) Switching (when the Add window is small, shortcut is CTRL-F): Editing: "Timeline" (CTRL + hover to see the info): Tag info (a little wonky atm): Night mode styling: Reader in night mode styling: Making Clozes: Tomato Timer: "Full Screen" "Pages Read" "Stats" "Review before continuing to read" The search results are updated when a field on the left is changed, if a query is entered through the bottom search mask, or if text is selected on the left. Results are notes, not cards, where fields are separated by a | character. Clicking on a note will show some (very basic) evaluation on how you performed on card(s) of the note. Clicking on a tag of the note will add the tag to the currently edited note. Results can be pinned / removed (this will only remove the displayed result, NOT delete anything!). Support for synonyms / query expansion (24-03-19) If you enter "What is Anki?" on the left side of the dialog, your search results will only contain notes with "anki" in them. But you might want to retrieve related notes too, that do not contain the term "anki", but maybe something like "spaced repetition". Another use case would be word inflection, because currently, stemming is not activated in the index (that would be language dependent), which means searching for "space" and "spacing" will get different results. If you click on Settings & Info -> Synonyms, you will see a dialog that allows for the input of synonym sets. These are used when searching, but only for the searches done through the add-on, not for the browser search (when the bottom search bar is in Mode: Browser). Old image, but you get the idea: Terms are separated by ",". If you click inside a set, you can edit it and confirm by pressing enter. If you use synonyms, searching works like follows: - Suppose you typed "What is Anki?" - Your stopword list contains "what" and "is", so these are removed - One of your synonym sets contains "anki", so the query gets expanded by all the terms in the set - End query: "anki srs spaced repetition" You should maybe use this conservatively, since you might see too many results for simple queries otherwise. IR / Notetaking / PDF reading The idea is that you can create notes that are independent of Anki's notes, which are saved in a sqlite database in a folder you can specify. You can create/edit/delete these notes in the add note dialog. If you type or select text, these notes are included in the search results. They can be tagged, and that way, one can access them over the tag dropdown. The dialog for creating these notes allows them to be put in a "queue", the idea behind that is to have something like a reading list, so you can simply take the first (or a random) item from the queue, read a part, and create (regular Anki) notes while reading. When you are done, you can move the item to the end of the queue (or somewhere else). I currently use the feature for reading my uni textbooks and slides, pasting articles from the web to read later, to quickly create notes containing links or questions, e.g. for anything that could be converted to Anki notes later. Update (09-03-20): The queue system now works by assigning priorities to items (1-100, where 100 is the highest). I am testing around with scheduling the notes according to their priority in a smart way. A note is placed higher in the queue the higher its priority is and the longer it has been since it was last done. That means items with a high priority will land at the end of the queue initially just like low prio items, but climb the queue faster in the following hours/days. Because the prio is capped at 100, but the time difference grows infinitely, it is guaranteed to see low priority items eventually. I am quite sure there are smarter ways to schedule and maybe testing will prove the current system to be flawed, so I am totally open to improvement suggestions. There is also the possiblity to schedule notes to be shown at certain times. At the moment, this happens mainly in the Create/Update note dialog. When a note is scheduled for a given day, it will be placed in front of the queue on that day. If multiple notes are scheduled on that day, they are all placed in front, and internally sorted by their priority and time last seen just like normal. My current workflow goes like this: 1. Add my textbooks, lecture slides etc. as PDF notes 2. At the start of a session, I open the queue with the book icon, or by clicking Notes > Read Next, read the first item in the queue for some time (I use 30 min pomodoro slices or or if I feel my workload is high, 15 mins to see more different items), make notes, mark difficult pages or pages I need to revisit again 3. Click Done or if I feel I want to see the item more/less often, adjust the priority. 4. 5/15 min break, then read the next item which has now been moved at the top of the queue. If you just want to open pdfs without the queue, you could use the sidebar and organize your PDFs by tags, or simply use the "In Progress" search. This is not very practicable if you are the pdf viewer (e.g. would require closing the current pdf first), so from there, you currently have three options to quickly open another PDF: 1. Ctrl+O hotkey. 2. Queue Manager (from the icon on the pdf viewer bottom bar) 3. Click 'Browse' or 'PDFs' on the bottom of the fields area Highlighting and Comments Just a short explanation how they currently work: You can select one of the buttons on the pdf's left side, either a color or the Text ("A") symbol. If you then select text while holding down CTRL, it will be highlighted in the currently selected color. The comment ("A") button works a bit differently, here you click somewhere, with CTRL pressed. A comment text area should appear at the given location. Highlights can be deleted by simply clicking on them, comments by clicking on them with CTRL pressed. Some notes: 1. Cards edited through the browser or deleted in the current session are not in the index/removed from the index until you restart the program. 2. The background color in the pdf viewer is the same as the background color from the built-in nightmode (requires Anki >= 2.1.20), so in my opinion, it looks best with night mode enabled 3. No warranties about compatibility with other add-ons. I personally don't use that many, and it would be exhausting to test all possible combinations, so you have to find out by yourself. BUGS: I can't respond to bug reports here, so either post an issue here: https://github.com/fonol/anki-search-inside-add-card or, in case you have a reddit account, please send me a message (or comment in this thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/Anki/comments/axpvjf/search_collection_inside_add_cards_dialog/). Username is Brunzus. I will try to look after all bugs as soon as I have time. FAQ Does the add-on need an internet connection? -> It works completely offline, with the small exception that Youtube videos can be opened only with a working internet connection. My screen is too small for the add-on -> There are some settings you could try out: First, you could increase the right column's size by modifying Left Side Width, if that's not enough, you could modify the Zoom setting to some value < 1.0, which will simply scale everything on the right side down a bit. When I open the add dialog for the first time, index creation takes too long. -> There is not much I can do about that, performance depends on your machine and the size of your collection. You can always exclude decks in the config file to reduce the index size. My searches take too long -> As stated elsewhere, search time depends on lots of factors, but the most determining one's are: Collection size, type of index used. I always get the fastest results with SQLite FTS version 5. You can check your version in the Info dialog. If you are using FTS 3, queries are much slower. I suggest trying to update your system's SQLite installation with one that comes compiled with FTS 5 support if possible. As for collection size, you can choose to limit the decks that go into the index, see the decks config option. And make sure you use a stopwords list for your language, as explained in the second paragraph. A note in the results seems to be displayed incorrectly (text flows out of the card). -> Some notes might contain html that breaks the container into which they are rendered. I try to catch these cases, but if you stumble upon such a note, please open an issue in the github repo with the note text. Sometimes a search is not triggered when selecting -> The search is triggered when the mouse up happens inside (!) the note (or field input). So if you mark some text, and leave the note area before releasing the mouse, nothing happens. Some part of the add-on layout is cut-off -> The layout tries to make everything visible on every screen size, but if you have problems (typical ex. would be that the add-on UI covers some part of the editor buttons), it could be that its another add-on modifying the editor UI, e.g. an add-on adding an additional row below the editor buttons or stuff like that. I have a note with lots of text, and typing seems to lag at some point -> Typing typically lags when the results are rendered. My advice would be to either increase the delayWhileTyping config value, which determines how long to wait after the user has stopped typing (I am a slow typer and have mine set to 1500ms atm), so searches aren't triggered too soon while typing, or to uncheck search while typing and use only the FIELDS button to search for your current input. What is this Performance stat? -> I wanted to have a stat that includes not only the pass rate of a note's cards, but also how long I took on average to answer these cards. So I simply came up with a crude formula that calculates a score (1-100) out of the pass rate and avg. time taken. I am open to suggestions about better stats to display there instead, so if you have any ideas, let me know. How are the keywords determined? -> The keywords are not really determined in a sophisticated way, it's just the words that appear most often in the top n results (n = 20 atm) , minus any stopwords. How do I add a PDF? -> Click on Notes -> Create -> PDF. Or use Ctrl+Shift+N. In general, all notes are treated as PDF if their Source is a path to a file ending with .pdf. How do I add a Youtube video? Open the Create Note dialog and paste the URL of the video into the source field. It will be opened as an embedded video then. Please note that not all Youtube uploaders allow embedding their videos on other sites, so in some cases, it might not work. What if I move a PDF file while a note is linked to it? -> If you moved the file, nothing really should happen except you cannot open the PDF anymore (because the path in source is now incorrect). Reading progress and marks are linked with the ID of the note, so if you change the source of the note to again contain the correct path, everything should be fine. What is the "Queue"? -> The queue can be used to kind of schedule your reading, by taking the first item out of it (typically a pdf note or a note containing some pasted article from the web), reading some part, creating notes while doing so, then moving it somewhere back in the queue. This might not be fitting for everyone's workflow, but I am quite happy with it. Pasted Text from a PDF looks weird -> Since some of the latest versions, Anki keeps formatting in pasted text. So your pasted text might contain the dark background of the PDF viewer and similar stuff. I don't exactly know about Mac/Linux, but on Windows, you can paste with Ctrl+Shift+V, which pastes the plain text. Can I port the add-on data to another PC? -> The relevant data is in the file siac-notes.db, whose location you can find under Info & Settings -> Info > Path to Notes DB. My advice would be to copy the add-on's folder (1781298089) to your new Anki installation's add-on folder, copy siac-notes.db to some safe location and set Path to Note DB to that location. Please don't use the reviews for bug reports, instead open an issue on Github: https://github.com/fonol/anki-search-inside-add-card


As add-ons are programs downloaded from the internet, they are potentially malicious. You should only download add-ons you trust.

Supported Anki versions:

To download this add-on, please copy and paste the following code into Anki 2.1:


If you were linked to this page from the internet, please open Anki on your computer, go to the Tools->Add-ons menu item, then click on Get Add-ons and paste in the code.

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on 1681906036
great tool. Please update it. It's not compatible with Anki newest version.
on 1677140452
Really great add on!
Thank you for create it.

No works after update Anki to 2.1.60-1 version
on 1674565130
very powerful, works in 2.1.54, qt6, windows.

but learning curve is VERY steep.

anking's intro at utube is a good go.
on 1673520289
on 1671571152
Pomodoro timer is nice
on 1670450273
Awesome! This searching changed the way I create cards. Thanks!
on 1668288573
i'd like to use khan academy in the "search" option.
on 1666943607
hi, hope you are doing well.
is the feature that you can take a snapshot and instantly create image occlusion card from it has bee deleted?because I can't see it in the new version.
i believe the shortcut was ctrl+shift+q
Comment from author before post was edited
Can you message me either on Github or reddit, I can't really help you here, as to find out what is going wrong for you, we'd have to exchange some information, which isn't really convenient here.
on 1664597405
make card from pdf quick, can highlight text, capture image....
on 1664133439
Such a great add-on works very well and makes adding and searching cards very easy. Thank you so much! I have a question though, is there a way to un-suspend a card that the add-on finds without having to go to browser to search the card? When search results come in in the card creator screen if i can figure out how to unsuspend cards that i suspended before on the same screen this would help me so much!
on 1660083925
Hi, I'm trying to use Searching, PDF Reading & Note-Taking in Add Dialog, but I can not. It's an error.
The PDF just disappears.
I'm using the new version 2.1.54 (b6a7760c)
and the extensions:
Graph View
Random Sprites
Review Lookup
Tag Statistics
See the error recording:
Comment from author
Hi, thanks for the report. Could you maybe run Anki from the command line, and see if there is any errors appearing if you do what you did in the video?
Edit: Might also be fixed by the newest update.
on 1656249843
Thanks for the update! Works great on 2.1.54
on 1656155032
great tool. Please update it. It's not compatible with Anki newest version.
on 1655932733
It's a masterpiece
on 1655838866
That's it what I was looking for.
on 1655779350
amazing, just please update for 2.1.53, i am holding back updating just bc of this addon and 2 others bc they are that integral to my anki experience.
on 1655129401
Nice implementation of Incremental Reading idea that was realized in SuperMemo.
on 1652582736
It is hoped that adaptation 2.1.52 can be updated.

发生了一个错误。请在启动Anki时按住「Shift」键临时禁用插件加载。 如仅在插件启用时出错,请使用「工具」>「插件」功能禁用部分插件后重启Anki, 请重复上述步骤直至找到引起错误的插件。 找到引起错误的插件后,请反馈给插件作者。 调试信息:
Anki 2.1.52 (ab1c2395) Python 3.9.7 Qt 5.15.2 PyQt 5.15.5
Platform: Windows 10
Flags: frz=True ao=True sv=2
Add-ons, last update check: 2022-05-15 10:39:25

Caught exception:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "aqt.progress", line 118, in handler
File "aqt.main", line 196, in on_window_init
File "aqt.main", line 242, in setupProfileAfterWebviewsLoaded
File "aqt.main", line 289, in setupProfile
File "aqt.main", line 469, in loadProfile
File "aqt.hooks_gen", line 3176, in __call__
File "C:\Users\珊迪\AppData\Roaming\Anki2\addons21\1781298089\src\__init__.py", line 383, in insert_scripts
aqt.editor._html += js_css
AttributeError: module 'aqt.editor' has no attribute '_html'
on 1650572968
God bless you for the amazing work
on 1650094251
This is an essential addon that I use everyday. All my texts/books are loaded in & I can conveniently make my cards as I progress through the material. The app keeps track of how far I've progressed & handily make a note on which page I've made cards from. Overtime I intend to explore the full breadth of what's on offer here but even for my current work flow this addon has become indispensable.

Thank you very much for creating & sharing this wonderful addon!
on 1649904522
Great application, just not yet functional with current updates!
on 1649710994
Good plugin. Can you add the option of keyboard shortcuts to scroll up and down?
on 1649326640
very useful tool for who learning and working with pdf ebooks. but still not a perfect and can be better than this
on 1647796483
This is an incredible add-on. I have started using it a few days ago and it's incredible how much effort you're putting into updating it for people without pay.

I want to support you but patreon only does recurring payments. Can you put up a link to some other method of supporting your work with a onetime payment?
on 1647625337
powerful addon with steep learning curve. Anking made a quick start video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ymI_o_zxxZw
on 1646940423
GOAT add-on.

Quick question to the developer. Is there a way to export an entire pdf/"note" (with all of its associated cards) to another computer?

I would like to work on a crowd-sourced deck with friends, but would like all the cards we make to be tied to the same pdf file.
on 1645885866
very good
on 1645815502
Amazing. Great work.
on 1643815499
Excellent pdf support!
on 1641673394
Very creative and useful addon. Looking forward to how this evolves in the future
on 1641345344
Really great tool! This will make anki your one stop shop for all of your notes, pdfs, documents, you name it. As other's have stated, it would be nice to have epub and mp4 support. There's one more bit of functionality I'd like to see added though. I noticed that content within linked pdf documents are not indexed - I can't search for keywords in the text, only in the title and tags. Is there any way to make this possible?
on 1640122252
Excelente complemento
on 1639302397
very nice addon,
my entire worflow is based on it

thank you very much for the efforts you have put in it!
on 1638815022
Single solution to multiple need. Thnks
Edit1: with update, issue of small edit field font size has been solved. Thanks
on 1636148875
Amazing add-on!

I have on problem though.

I accidentally deleted some PDFs with notes linked to their pages. When I put the PDFs back, the links were gone. Is there a way to restore those links? (e.g. I had 10 cards made on page 20 and I saw them on the sidebar, now I see nothing but the cards remained, they were not deleted and I need to reconnect them back to those pages. Is there a way to do this?)

Many thanks to whoever helps me with this.
on 1635984595
Too overbloated, simple settings take way too long to find, invasive popups make the PDFs themselves hard to read, I like the functionality of writing comments inside the PDFs and tracking the where/when of notes but the interface is too overcomplicated to figure it out. Something as simple as copying text into a card requires you to click through a bunch of messy menus whereas the annotating part also doesn't work well.

But I haven't been using it for very long, it does seem like a very promising extension, perhaps if I learn how to use it correctly then I'll change this review.
on 1635688499
I was going to write my own IR implementation but this is far better than what I had in mind, amazing work!
on 1634375049
on 1634092709
Such an amazing add-on! Next to learning Anki itself, learning how to use this add-on was probably the best thing I could've done for my studying, as this single-handedly solved so many inefficiencies with my workflow as it serves as a Pomodoro timer, a PDF viewer, a PDF ANNOTATOR (using text & highlights to write down questions and bookmarks to remember where the questions are), and a streamlined window for card creation all at once!
on 1633926503
Anki answering interface Open in Add dialog's reminder, where can the settings be hidden?The particularly small window I use will block the content.
Comment from author before post was edited
Hi, what Anki version are you on? And what does it say about your Qt version when you open the 'Info' dialog?
Edit: I published a possible fix.
on 1633902323
Very useful add on! Especially for incremental reading. I really wish there was an option to read epub files, but that's not a big deal.
on 1632942812
An incredible tool that makes making cards from pdf files, but not only, extremely easy. Totally recommended.
on 1632229684
great stuff
on 1631799565
凄すぎて脱帽。Thank you.
on 1630063964
Wow amazing for the author. Saved my education. Thank you so much!
on 1629123911
This looks great already. I'd recommend adding tips for each button soon. I was kind of confused about what some of them would do, thankfully nothing too strange happened while testing them.
on 1628681248
I like the idea of this add-on after seeing the examples, but I could not get it to work. I keep getting this message "Window too small to show both panes" after I click the add button. I disabled other add-ons to test it. I am using my laptop with 1366x768 resolution. I am not sure what the problem is.
on 1628489798
An extremely powerful and complete addon. I haven't thought something like this would be ever possible in Anki, but here it is, impressive.
Bug found: if I added notes while watching a video, after I open the note, it just opens a black screen with the note on the bottom right corner (the middle of the screen is the placeholder container for PDFs/videos, but blank).
Also when I add notes to PDFs and videos, when I re-open the PDF, the sidebar ALWAYS says: "No notes added while on this page."
on 1628087000
Excellent addon, however its basic features are not happening in the new version of Anki (2.1.45), such as the possibility to underline a text and send it to some specific field in the add dialog
on 1628007048
The most impressive anki add-on yet, I want to ask a question: I usually read multiple books at the same time by splitting them into chunks and putting the daily parts in folders (day one folder contains 5 pdfs from 5 different books) Is there a way to do the reading and the scheduling inside of anki and this add on like having a deck that shows 5 files every day... or how to do it because I'm blown -and sadly confused- by the amount of features this add on has, truly a masterpiece
on 1627257818
A very good upgrade from the original Incremental Reading addon by luoliyan
on 1627052992
This add-on really revolutionize everything. Not gonna lie, i've kinda lazy with anki previously because the process of adding cards while simultaneously have to hassling with pdfs, videos, etc. Now with this add-on everything just become more efficient. No longer i have to overthink about what pdf should i review this day.
on 1626973719
The first thing I get a job and money is to buy this author a coffee. superb job. It is overwhelming at first need some time to understand the super complex but totally worth it. Its the worth Investing time :)))))
on 1626180301
very good
on 1625454845
Thank you very much.It has helped me immensely. I have a request. Please add an option to change the background color of the pdf itself. It is bright even when i use it with the lowest brightness possible. If i am able to change the background color to gray instead of pure white it will help the eyes. Thanks again for the effort you put in.
on 1624547466
Great for reading
on 1624533554
on 1624318683
Best add on for Anki
on 1624221884
I´m looking forward to using this add-on, please update!
on 1624195892
please update for version 2.1.44
on 1624019613
invalid code
on 1619948093
Amazing work! Thanks aloooooooooooot!
on 1618794364
A must have app! Everything is well-polished. I'm super grateful that this app is free to use. Thank you!!!
on 1618066587
Complemento complejo, importante en la optimización de trabajo.
on 1617895862
on 1617725856
on 1616698400
Awesome plugin. Complex and amazing! Huge congratulations to the developers!
on 1616580470
Awesome addon :) Thanks to all the developers who made this addon :)
on 1616503061

I love your work, it's realy wonderfull. It's so rare to see a project that combines aesthetics, completeness and ease of use. Thanks !

I just have one question. is it possible for you to add a shortcut whith a key to scroll down and up the page when we read a pdf ?

And now that I'm here, I allow myself to dream, is it possible for you, to add the Vim shortcut in your add-on ? Like Vimium for Chrome or FF browsers ? I think, it will definitely increase the efficience of your add-on and it's going to make me diffinitely addicted to it <3
on 1616494349
This add-on is so complex I don't have time to fully ocmprehend what I'm able to do, but still is a game changer for my note taking system, linking my cards to the pdfs where they come from feels like science fiction, thanks a lot!!!
on 1616374908
on 1616011817
Amazing ! Thank you for this awesome add-on!
and I would love it if the add-on can work with MP4 files as it works with the Youtube videos, If you could enable this feature it would be much appreciated. Keep the good work up !
on 1615701694
Great tool. It moves anki close to supermemo incremental reading approach
on 1615007124
This app is a game-changer for med students
on 1614946927
This a huge job, thank you.
on 1614765357
Excellent work!
on 1614355871
excellent add-on! merci beaucoup!
on 1614303840
the best thing I have ever seen in this year
on 1614243197
There has been an update, and East Asian languages ​​such as Korean, Chinese, and Japanese are also displayed correctly. Thank you.
on 1614186055
Awesome addon!

Have question. I am using Anki on two PCs (Windows and Mac). Is there any way to sync the content across devices?

Thank you!
Comment from author
Hi, sorry, that is currently out of the scope for the project.
on 1614121621
Is it possible to add DjView format?
Comment from author
Hi, you mean .djvu? Sorry, you'd have to convert to PDF.
on 1614010268
Could not display Asian character in a PDF? Does this add on support East Asian characters?
Comment from author before post was edited
Hi, unfortunately there is no finished documentation at the moment, there probably will be in the future though.
My advice would be to slowly try things out, pick out the features that are useful to you. There is not really a "correct" workflow.
on 1613952756
Loving the integration. Could there be an option to add videos via an MP4 file? I've had pre-recorded lectures that are given as MP4 files (fully given, not embedded anywhere) that I would like to notate in the same way as your youtube video integration.
on 1613894457
I'm not even exaggerating when I say this is probably the best add-on in the whole of the anki world. It has so much utility

Edit: is it possible to view videos outside of YouTube. If not, could it be in your feature request queue
on 1613885786
great addon
on 1613384565
Love love this plugin!

The only thing I'd really love to see is a modification to the scroller perhaps? Being able to view the whole pdf as one continuum of scrollable pages as well as the click for next page view would be awesome!
Comment from author
Hi, that feature has been requested sometimes already, but is not really doable for me at the moment, because so much of the current functionality is based on the concept of having exactly one page visible with clearly defined boundaries. It would probably take weeks to implement and make everything work again, given that and the fact that I don't really need it, the feature won't probably be there too soon, sorry.
on 1613318584
on 1612795625
Extremely helpful add-on ! Thank you
on 1612444945
A lot of thought and care has gone into this project--extends the idea of incremental reading to help me leverage MOOCs and other quality online content into my workflow to process learning material into review-able flash cards. This is not a small app, but it can't be, because of what it achieves and integrates into Anki. There's still a lot of room for this app to grow, and this is quickly becoming an essential part of how I learn.
on 1612081340
It quickly developed into one of the most extensive add-ons of all. Proper documentation.

I was seriously contemplating buying a 2nd screen. 5/5

edit: Now we have text scaling for small screens! 5.5/5

edit 2: as of 09 April 2020, Anki freezes while starting

edit 3, 2020-04-10: I'm sorry for bothering you. The freezing was indeed NOT caused by this add-on.

edit 4, 2021-01-27: I have recently added a lot to the Extra field in many notes. This made the notes long in SIAC, and I needed to scroll more. I then tried to hide the Extra field from the results in SIAC. This is tricky because it was not explained: To do it, I went to the addons screen, selected SIAC, then clicked the "Config" button, and added the following behind "fieldsToHideInResults": {
"Extra": true

I tried it again with a value of false, but neither time did it work.

edit 5, 2021-01-31: Thank you very much! It is easier than I thought
Comment from author before post was edited
Hi, the fieldToHideInResults config field is not meant for direct modification. It is filled when you use Settings & Info > Settings > Set Fields. Have you tried hiding your "Extra" field there?
on 1612059971
one of the best! keep improving!
on 1611951008
One of the best add-ons you could have! The value you get from it is boundless, and the interface gets better with every update.
on 1611122595
Beautiful work! Thank you for taking the time building such an amazing add-on. I really believe this is by far one of the best add-ons you can install on Anki!
on 1610769688
This is the IR plugin I've been looking for. But desperately needs a documentation rewrite.
on 1610056707
on 1609907089
This add-on is life saving. Thank you so much.
on 1609859818
on 1609791363
This is the answer for anyone who says it takes too long to go through lectures and make Anki cards. I am amazed at what all this addon can do. I'd love to see a tutorial video somewhere explaining everything because I feel like I've only scratched the surface.
on 1609579796
on 1609345914
Thank you, this add on has saved me.
I liked the screenshot feature a lot which is very helpful with scanned pdfs and made flashcards a lot easier to make and less time-consuming. I was searching for this for a while and I was disappointed with other apps.
I really appreciate your work.
on 1609220309
this is honestly amazing -- I've been taking notes with anki cards and that means I have wayyy too many cards that aren't actually helping me remember :)
on 1609136991
This add on is excellant , my issue solved and once again thanks for developing such an add on

Thanks buddy:)
Comment from author
Edit: Glad it's solved.
on 1609021030
This is amazing!! Could you please add the ability to print? I.e basically just the ability to print the cards in the search results. That would be perfect! Thank you so much for developing this addon!
on 1608745103
Great Add-On! Amazing work and you can see that you have put a lot of work in it. Thank you very much <3.
The Add-On is really intuitive with your explanation.
on 1608390014
on 1608147560
Very great add-on! Thank you for making this add-on. It has a great advanced search function that allows you to search very specifically in some places including subdecks with keywords and advanced statistics. Besides that, it also has a wonderful cloze generator which you can use for example with your own PDFs. Just select and generate!
on 1607934632
I love this add on, to be honest, it saved my time big time! i would recommend it to everyone who like to make their cards and read documents in one sitting. The addon may seem complicated at first, but its so easy to use and convenient. Thank you so much for your contribution and hard work. I would suggest adding a button to unsuspend the cards in the search feature, since I find relevant cards to the topic better than I find it in browser but I can't unsuspend them I can only edit them or check the stats.
Comment from author
Hi, you should already be able to do that. You can click on the "Suspended" label in the search results.
on 1607819389
I love it!
on 1607786308
Phenomenal addon, phenomenal developer.

The addon: Searching component is nifty and might be great for some people, but the PDF reading is something SPECIAL. It genuinely supercharges your learning. A lot of people may be put off by the seeming complexity, but everything so far has been intuitive to the point I got it almost fully working within 10 minutes or so.

The interface: Does the job. Many buttons on the reader don't warn you what they do till you click them, but it takes only a few minutes to find the things you wanna do thanks to good icon use. I love the themes you can apply to PDFs and the various colors available for annotating.

The developer: Response times on Github is fantastic, enough said. People who have downvoted the addon here would have benefited much more from bringing up their issues. This is free software and needs community-debugging. Thanks a lot to the dev for the work you put in.

To sum it up, if this were a rating scale and not just a thumbs up system, I'd be putting in a 10/10 for this one.
on 1607079386
Great program. With a recent update CTRL-F has stopped working? Any ideas?
on 1606998896
Would you please support Thai?
Comment from author
Hi, I can put it on my list, but no promises when I'll actually come around to do that.
on 1606924300
Incredible program! You must've put a lot of work into this =)
on 1606588626
on 1605466067
WIrklich beeindruckende Arbeit. Gibt es dazu zufällig ein Tutorial? Bin der englischen Sprache jetzt nicht ausreichend mächtig genug um einige wichtige Features zu verstehen ^^
Comment from author
Leider nicht, das würde beim derzeitigen Stand einiges an Zeit kosten, die ich dann immer lieber ins Entwickeln stecke. In Zukunft kommt aber vllt. mal ein kleines Wiki auf Github pages (das wäre dann aber wohl auch auf Englisch :p). Bis dahin empfehle ich einfach ausprobieren.
on 1605370622
Helps with creating cards from PDFs. My favorite add-on by far. A suggestion would be to add a sync feature, for people that use anki on multiple PCs.
on 1605294344
This is a great add-on.
My only criticism is that it has way too many of (unrelated) features. I personally only use the search feature. I think it would be better to split this add-on into two or even three different add-ons.
That said, congratulations on your work!
Comment from author
Yea, this add-on was basically just the searching aspect at first, and the current development is like 90% focused on the IR workflow functionality. But splitting it up would be a ton of work at this point, as the searching functionality overlaps with the PDF reading and other stuff in parts.
on 1605076559
Has a high skill curve but very rewarding once mastered. Also receives frequent updates.
on 1604913542
This is what was so desperately needed to complete Anki!

But, each time I try to select text, I get the following error message -

"Sorry, could not extract any sentences."

Any solutions for this?
on 1604230402
a game changer
on 1603792337
👍 🔥
on 1603127343
on 1603016838
I have to say that this is the most useful add-on I have ever seen. Thank you very much. BTW, hope to add a function that can search and add unknown words cards with a button, like this: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/online-dictionary-helper/lppjdajkacanlmpbbcdkccjkdbpllajb
on 1602533131
This is the best add-on I have tried for incremental reading. Thank you very much for creating this!
on 1602333717
Perfect workflow for learning lecture slides & papers.
on 1600984683
This is incredible! Bravo!
on 1600858256
Hello. Pretty good addon. I'm exploring its video-watching feature. It has an option to "Save Position." Could you tell me where do I access those saved positions from? Thank you.

P.S. - Many here have already requested this, but I'll repeat: Please make a detailed tutorial for this. A lot more people will use it that way and more feedback for you to make changes to the program!
on 1600651254
You are amazing, I wish I had this when I had a difficult exam. I will diffidently recommend it.
on 1600536089
Amazing add-on!!! It makes working with PDFs a lot easier (creating clozes, adding images, etc). And the added matching " finding related notes " while adding notes is extremely helpful.
on 1600518351
One of my favorites add-ons! When I'm adding cards and the add-on show up those cards related the card I'm add it few like this is "HUMAN TRANSCENDENCE" =))
on 1600289249
Great Addon! Can you make a youtube video about how to use it? I'm tired of explaining it to people lol
on 1599903630
Wonderfully useful add-ons, especially for making cards from short documents.
But I am wondering if there is a feature to view table of content for longer pdf implemented in the add-on.
on 1599272025
on 1599250666
Hi, I put together a small tutorial in Spanish to help spread the word about this wonderful tool. Thank you very much for all the information you share. It's a great help
on 1598439997
That "pages read" per day feature seems really nice. But I can't really seem to find where I can access it.

Edit: Thanks. I found it after playing around with the UI even more. The stats do not display properly sometimes tho. I only see tiny dotted lines on top of a thin solid base most of the time. But this has so much potential. It could easily become the most popular add-on soon; once most people get a hang of it. Few others have made me this excited!
Comment from author
Hi, it is in the sidebar that can be toggled by clicking on "NOTES", under "Read Stats". Edit: If something is not displaying properly, please make a screenshot and report to https://github.com/fonol/anki-search-inside-add-card. Would be cool, because I don't know about any display bugs with the stats, so if you don't make me notice, I can't fix it :)
on 1598365207
Beautiful, just what I was looking for.
on 1598289340
You've changed my workflow for the better, thank you. You should create a video explaining how to use each feature, it would be really helpful. Salutations!
on 1598258298
There is one problem.When i try to select a part of text bellow picture in textbook other text is selected.The add on could be a game changer.It would be of great help if the author solve the issue.Thanks
Comment from author
Hi, text rendering (i.e. text selection) is not really accurate in some cases / for some PDFs, but I cannot really do anything about that. It is the pdf.js library which this add-on uses and that does this kind of processing.
on 1597795612
Very useful and efficient way to create cloze cards from PDFs.
on 1597590213
Awesome addon. Took a few minutes to understand everything, but the features are really helpful.
on 1596425826
Really interesting and promising. I'm more of a minimalist, using Sumatra and Mupdf and some Autohotkey scripts to make new cards.

I'll certainly consider this (1) if it's a better card making process for me, and (2) if this gets a "invert colors" feature and more customization.

Thank you for your work.
Comment from author
Hi, the pdf viewer does have some color modes, but no inverted one at the moment, I had that one, but found it not readable enough if I simply invert every pixel. If you have concrete suggestions for "more customization", please do post it on the github repo :)
on 1595616493
Brilliant Addon. thank you
on 1595497378
Thank you so much! You're a god-send, OP!
on 1593377227
Awesome add-on! Could someone do a tutorial-video explaining how to use it better please (especially the priority scheduler)? It would help me a lot!
on 1593295853
A must-have addon! The amount of work the author puts into this is really increadible. This addon has become essential to my workflow, thanks a lot for constantly developing this further. :-)
on 1593266780
mind blowing!!!!!!!!
you did the god's work for every single student who might be fortunate enough to come across this.
thank you, thank you, thank you
on 1592602365
on 1592566958
Amazing. I came to this addon several months ago when it was just starting but it came a long way. Now that Polar Bookshelf is taking the wrong way this is the perfect solution. Keep it up you are doing a wonderful work!!
on 1592287372
Its great, thank you!
on 1591972556
I downloaded it then disabled it because of confusion. It is hard to deal with and understand what it do. It will still be disabled until the author do a clear instructional video on how to use it.
on 1591810524
Great addon. I was thinking of switching to SuperMemo to implement incremental reading, until I found this.

Edit: In the pdf viewer, I can not scroll down with space bar without clicking on the pdf with the mouse. It would be great if we could add cards and scroll pdf without leaving the keyboard. Thanks.
on 1591197866
A nice implementation of various complimentary but distinct features to overall improve your workflow while adding cards. I had a very interesting first experience with IR thanks to this add-on, and it only continues to get better from consistent updates. The ability to track metrics and visualize related cards straight from the add dialogue can be a huge help when managing a big anki library - and reading PDFs straight from the add window is brilliant for efficiency. I do not personally use the Pomodoro timer but it is a nice touch.

I find myself dropping more and more stuff on my IR notes, even just things as list of ideas of things I'd like to do but don't want to interrupt my current workflow to tackle it at the moment. I spend a lot of time inside of Anki, so it actually works pretty well to just have a repository that I can jump into when I have some extra time or immediately after reviewing cards for the day. There is also functionality now to schedule notes that compliments this sort of 'planner' aspect to it.

The main one thing in my wishlist for future updates is better support for taking snapshots of websites. Importing text or PDF from URL options work fine but can be a bit clunky in a way that would not be an issue if you could just fetch the HTML instead.
on 1590941244
Looks great, fantastic potential! I want to echo previous comments about needing a very simple video tutorial.

I really want to work with this more but it's not super intuitive for me. If someone (anyone!) could make a basic walkthrough of how they use this addon that would be fantastic!

note: If you think I am being lazy and just want someone to just explain to me how this works, you'd be absolutely correct :) I think part of the challenge is that this add-on is trying to do so many things at once (pdf reader, web browser, card marker, pomodoro scheduling thingy, etc.). I see the huge potential but I think a lot of users are getting stuck on just figuring out the basics.

Either way, thanks for your hard work!
on 1590849148
on 1589886044

Thank you very much . This really game changer. Best and really functional addon ever.
on 1588502071
当你已经发现是因为插件引起的问题,请在我们的支持网站上 add-ons section 上报告问题。
Anki 2.1.22 (0ecc189a) Python 3.8.0 Qt 5.14.1 PyQt 5.14.1
Platform: Windows 10
Flags: frz=True ao=True sv=1
Add-ons, last update check: 2020-05-03 15:14:33

Caught exception:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "C:\Users\孙晋响\AppData\Roaming\Anki2\addons21\1781298089\src\index\indexing.py", line 238, in run
File "C:\Users\XXX\AppData\Roaming\Anki2\addons21\1781298089\src\index\indexing.py", line 100, in _build_index
index = FTSIndex(corpus, index_up_to_date)
File "C:\Users\XXX\AppData\Roaming\Anki2\addons21\1781298089\src\index\fts_index.py", line 79, in __init__
conn.execute("drop table if exists notes")
sqlite3.OperationalError: database is locked
Comment from author
Hi, not really sure where that is coming from. Seems like some process holds on your index db file. You could delete your search-data.db file (by default in the user_files folder) and try again.
on 1588323586
Everyone who is pursuing an academic career and uses Anki should seriously use this add-on. It's a game changer. It literally changes creating cards into a game. While there are a lot of ideas which could still be implemented, it's perfectly usable at the moment. Never get bored by a paper/book anymore, just read the next.
And I love how open-minded the author is if it comes to new features. Yay, Zotero import :)
on 1587838903
Works really well and is exactly what I was looking for. Will you add support for Korean, too?
Comment from author
You can try out the latest version, it should work now for Korean signs too.
on 1587224189
作为一个中国的用户,研究全英文的插件真的是非常有难度,现在是2020年4月18日11:40时,我终于研究明白了这个插件的用法,真的是非常好用的插件,这个插件正是我需要的!这个插件非常有用!真的非常感谢这个插件的作者您的辛勤付出,非常感谢!对您非常钦佩!(づ ̄3 ̄)づ╭❤~
on 1586348537
Outstanding addon! I'll have to take some time to adjust to the new workflow, but it seems like the perfect way to go (especially when on the road without a second monitor). Thanks for sharing it with us!
on 1585768345
I need your help.
I can not creat pdf.
my computer is MacBook Pro.Thank you very much.

Anki 2.1.23 (de9543ff) Python 3.8.1 Qt 5.9.7 PyQt 5.13.2
Platform: Mac 10.15
Flags: frz=True ao=True sv=1
Add-ons, last update check: 2020-04-02 02:15:54
相关扩展:⁨Searching PDF Reading Note-Taking in Add Dialog⁩

Caught exception:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "aqt/webview.py", line 31, in cmd
File "aqt/webview.py", line 97, in _onCmd
File "aqt/webview.py", line 500, in _onBridgeCmd
File "</Applications/Anki.app/Contents/MacOS/decorator.pyc:decorator-gen-6>", line 2, in onBridgeCmd
File "anki/hooks.py", line 666, in decorator_wrapper
File "anki/hooks.py", line 663, in repl
File "/Users/pro/Library/Application Support/Anki2/addons21/1781298089/src/command_parsing.py", line 336, in expanded_on_bridge_cmd
File "/Users/pro/Library/Application Support/Anki2/addons21/1781298089/src/dialogs/editor.py", line 127, in __init__
File "/Users/pro/Library/Application Support/Anki2/addons21/1781298089/src/dialogs/editor.py", line 150, in setup_ui
self.create_tab = CreateTab(self)
File "/Users/pro/Library/Application Support/Anki2/addons21/1781298089/src/dialogs/editor.py", line 495, in __init__
self.text.setTabStopDistance(QFontMetricsF(f).horizontalAdvance(' ') * 4)
AttributeError: 'QTextEdit' object has no attribute 'setTabStopDistance'
Comment from author
Please update and check if the problem persists.
on 1585630322
Excellent add-on. Thank you for your selfless contributions
on 1585448713
This add on is fantastic for running through notes and quickly making cards from them. Awesome, Awesome, Awesome work.
on 1585104757
Love this app AnkiKing. Thank you so much!!!
on 1584714524
great Add on.

but it don't work simultaneously with https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/2064123047
on 1584547949
Awesome Add-on! Takes a while to get used to, but afterwards it's a great addition.
on 1584325348
please make a video explaining all the features as it is little difficult to understand easily via documents
Comment from author
Hi, my spoken english is poor and I don't really have experience in doing videos, but I might add some short gifs/videos for common actions in the future. You have to be patient though, as this stuff takes time, which right now I'd rather spend on developing.
on 1584199821
Would you please consider making a demonstrational video of how to use this very powerful add-on?
Comment from author
See answer above :)
on 1584141012
Legitimately this add-on's insane
on 1584003627
Thank you, this is one of the absolute game changing addons for me. It improves my daily anki workflow a lot.

Yes, please add a button for faster left-right partition changing (without going to a pdf) with the possibility to complete hide the addons functionality (~50% I just want to add a note without the usage of this addon). This would be perfect and solve the problem with my 14 inch display.
Comment from author
Hi, I don't know exactly in what direction you want to improve the small screen usability (just faster switching of the left - right partition?), because for things like interface size, you can already use Zoom + Note Scale to have it as you like. I agree though the search pane could use a button like the pdf modal to quickly switch partition ratios. As for moving the whole thing to a new window, that would be too much work, sorry.
If you got anymore concrete suggestions, feel free to post them on the github repo or send me a message on reddit :)

Edit: I have included a slider in the next update, about the toggling, you can already do that: Ctrl+F hides the add-on, which should also be remembered on closing and reopening the Add dialog.
on 1583982475
Changed my workflow. It's so helpful to be able to see the card you've just created as you make more. Really appreciate this addon.
on 1583937279
Very solid & nicely done add on dude, congrats ! .
You are the best man !!!!!!!!
Comment from author before post was edited
Hi, if you mean the pdf tooltip, the results are capped at 50 for sakes of performance. About the selected decks, you are right, that selection does not filter the pdf tooltip search, I thought it could be confusing for the user elsewise. Maybe there will be some separate deck select in the pdf tooltip at some point. But first I want to rework the normal deck select, as it is terrible to use right now IMO.
Edit: I will add a config option with the next update :)
on 1583692722
on 1583358551
Super responsive support. Good add-on, highly recommended even if the add-on is throwing shade at you
on 1583329603
Thanks, it's amazing
on 1582676087
Game changer to my workflow. Thank you so much for your work.
on 1582365756
Very helful, beautiful UI design. Elaborate instructions, though it takes quite some time to understand all the buttons.
on 1582165182
Great functionality and continued development.

When this searches I would like to:
(1) Filter for only suspended
(2) Be able to select some or all and then toggle suspend for them
(3) Be able to select some or all and then add/remove tag(s)

This would be extremely helpful for premade decks or for decks where you regulate which cards you are studying via suspend.
on 1582109713
on 1581948396
This add-on is a game changer, especially after the last few updates !!
It would had been perfect if the "search on select" box was a little bit bigger, or if it had a similar functionality as the Pop-up dictionary add-on & if the Pomodoro timer remained on fullscreen mode< but overall it is a VERY NICE add-on, Thanx man !!
Comment from author
You can change the tooltip's max height and width in the config: pdfTooltipMaxHeight/Width. For the timer: I actually find it more immersive if I don't see it while reading, so I will keep it that way for now, maybe at some later point as a config option.
on 1581901285
on 1581878579
This add on completely changed my workflow, I can no longer study/make cards without it, thanks!
on 1581867637
Hey, relax buddy! I really didn’t think that my stupid opinion (well, you know, about *THOSE* avocados) would make you worry so much that you immediately ran to Reddit to complain about hardships in the life of an open source developer. Here’s your precious like, Your Tenderness! Live long and prosper in your perfect little world of pink ponies and rainbow kittens ^___-
on 1581759975
One of the best Add-ons that I've ever used !! My only wish is to see a full stand-alone PDF reader version of this add-on (with the anki integration of course !!) , or at least be able to use in a full screen view, because the maximum ratio of 25:75 is not "immersive" enough for me

Edit : The last couple updates prove the level of commitment this guy has for his project !! you have my respect for your commitment for users demands and I really congratulate you and I wish you the best of luck .
I couldn't ask for more really but there is one minor flaw that I want you to know about and it's that now the web search result window is not full-size anymore , it's half screen now.
Btw, I didn't manage to add sites or search engines to the web search options beside Wikipedia (I know google doesn't work , but I think Bing is a good alternative) I would really appreciate it if you can help me with that.
Comment from author
What I could imagine is the toggle shortcut (default CTRL-F) to completely hide the field inputs when in the PDF reader, instead of hiding the right side.
Anyway, the newest update should use the height in the pdf reader a bit better (you might have to adjust AddToResultAreaHeight), and I added 10-90 and 15-85 ratios.

Edit: That issue might be fixed with the latest update, and for bing, I don't think any of the big search engines will allow for embedding unfortunately, in general, most sites seem to disallow it. I basically use it only for Wikipedia and an english/german translation site.
on 1581464448
Getting a strange error:

An error occurred. Please start Anki while holding down the shift key, which will temporarily disable the add-ons you have installed.
If the issue only occurs when add-ons are enabled, please use the Tools>Add-ons menu item to disable some add-ons and restart Anki, repeating until you discover the add-on that is causing the problem.
When you've discovered the add-on that is causing the problem, please report the issue on the add-ons section of our support site.
Debug info:
Anki 2.1.19 (3c8690ae) Python 3.8.0 Qt 5.14.0 PyQt 5.13.2
Platform: Windows 10
Flags: frz=True ao=True sv=1

Caught exception:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\Anki2\addons21\1781298089\src\index\fts_index.py", line 267, in printOutput
self.output.print_search_results(result["results"], stamp, logging = self.logging, printTimingInfo = True, query_set=query_set)
File "C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\Anki2\addons21\1781298089\src\output.py", line 312, in print_search_results
cmd = "setSearchResults(`%s`, ``, null, page=%s , pageMax=%s, total=%s, cacheSize=%s, stamp=%s, printTiming=%s);" % (html, page, pageMax, len(notes), len(self.previous_calls), stamp, timing)
UnboundLocalError: local variable 'timing' referenced before assignment
Comment from author
Fix is up for download.
on 1580762103
A must have
on 1580531085
Great job with this! My issue right now is that I had to uninstall and re-install and now I'm not able to access my notes through the add-on even though I have the 2020siac file. Does anyone know what I can do to get them back on the add-on?
Comment from author
I don't know what exactly you mean with re-install (just the add-on or Anki?), but as long as you still have the siac-notes.db file of your old installation, you can place it somewhere safe and set the path to that place in the settings (called "Add-on DB folder path" or something similar).
on 1580324465
Fantastic. Game changer
on 1579689442
Absolutely fantastic addon. The two current solutions for incremental reading without using bloatware supermemo are the IR addon and polar bookshelf. The IR addon is nice but doesn't handle pdfs. Polar handles pdfs but isn't actually incremental reading - just annotation and an anki sync that absolutely destroys your tags and doesn't really handle modification of cards very well.
This addon is the best solution there currently is that comes closest to implementing an IR solution. The pdf reader is excellent to use and creating cards while reading is smooth as butter. The reading queue system in the addon is what brings us very close to a true IR solution. A dynamic queue priority system added to this new note queue would be a really nice final touch.
Interface has some room for improvement but once you get used to it it begins to make a lot of sense. Pomodoro timer added in is a really nice touch.

A++ work huge thanks to the developer.
Comment from author
Thanks, if you got some concrete suggestions about how that dynamic queue system should work, please post them on the github repo (or message me on reddit). I am also not completely satisfied yet with the way the static queue works at the moment, but I'm unsure in what direction I want to go exactly.
on 1578929747
when i saw i can work with my pdfs i was shocked!!!!
how did you manage that! Thank you so much!!!
Though it is tough i like to request you a good improvement in the pdf reading
By the way how much time you have spent to develop this addon?
Comment from author
If you got any concrete suggestions, feel free to post them on the github repo.
on 1578578432
For some reason when I append an image to a field using the dialog, the image will not show up during reviews
Comment from author
And this was reason enough for you to rate this whole add-on as bad?
I cannot help you without more information, it works for me. You could message me on reddit or write an issue in the github repo.
on 1578475255
This is the best and useful addon that I've seen. Thank you so much for your efforts and sharing. Just love it so much!
on 1578217781
Three Thumbs Up
on 1575696195
Amazing addon! I already benefit from the searching functionality, and play with the note-taking in PDF. Thank you for creating and sharing!
on 1575425089
This is by far my most favorite, most useful, most interesting Anki addon I've encountered. So, thank you so much for not only developing it but also sharing it.
Is there any way I can use it in the browser while editing cards and not only while adding 'em ?
Again, Thanks a lot
Comment from author
Sorry, at the moment, you can use it only in the Add window and in the Edit window of the reviewer (if 'useInEdit' is set to true). Making it work in the browser would require some major refactoring plus there could be issues with the more limited display space.
on 1575040329
This has been a total game changer thank you for such an awesome add on. My favorite part is the PDF reading by far. It makes getting the notes from a textbook so much easier. Thank you!
on 1574628444
It's really great and fleshed out and easy to use.
on 1573952360
when it was just for searching it was already amazing. the note taking and pdf support makes it even better.
on 1573950305
Greatly underappreciated add-on.
Thank you!
on 1572762606
Brilliant !!!!
on 1570587506
This add-on is amazing for med students if you have downloaded multiple shared decks (zanki, bros, etc)
on 1568798864
The default browser search sucks, this one is awesome!
on 1567055171
Thank so much!!!

Can you help me?
How do I limit search fields to just question fields?

Oh thx i just downloaded update and it works
Comment from author before post was edited
Settings -> Set Fields should do exactly that
on 1563977397
This is probably the single most powerful addon for anki in terms of card production and efficiency. Excellent work!

If I may make a suggestion: the ability to natively suspend and unsuspend cards would be amazing. This way, the user can see when the time has come to unsuspend the relevant cards from the giant shared medschool decks when making the cards for that class/lecture.
Comment from author
Hey, thanks for the feedback. About suspending/unsuspending, that would be nice, I'll have a look at how difficult that would be to add.
on 1562011844
In my Mac system, enable this plugin, the right mouse button is disabled
I disabled it and hope to fix this bug earlier.
Comment from author
Can you do either a bug report on Github or send me a message on reddit? From your text I have no idea what's going wrong. Thanks :)
on 1558337797
Very useful add-on!
on 1557998044
Thank u
on 1555577212
Fantastic. Terrific. Excellent. Brilliant. Pure gold.
on 1555275627
Awesome, keep going!
on 1555242612
Thank u
on 1554997567
thank you!
on 1553662028
Great addon doesn't work with nightmode. Similar to tags being invisible.
Comment from author
Yea, no nightmode support yet. If the problem with the display of tags is independent of the night mode, please open a github issue or send me a direct message on reddit, I won't be able to help otherwise.
Update (13-04): You can adjust the colors in the config now, images and note text are not inverted, but it is better than nothing :)
on 1552651416
I loved this addon
on 1552522529
Nice, friends!
on 1552522004
Great. I loved the idea. What is missing so as not to be BETA?
Comment from author
Index should rebuild if you add/delete cards during a session, fts3/4 should rank the results correctly, UI doesn't resize right for some people,... lots to do :)
on 1552516430
one of the best add-ons
on 1552301847
Congratulations on your addon. He will be very helpful.