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MCAT Milesdown

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MCAT deck

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Text {{c1::Tumor suppressor genes}} code for proteins that reduce cell cycling or promote DNA repair
Extra Mutated tumor suppressor genes = no brakes Khan Academy Link
Tags MileDown::Biochemistry::DNA_and_RNA::Repair
Text {{c1::Lysozyme}} is an antimicrobial enzyme that forms part of the innate immune system
Extra Found in tears and saliva YouTube Link
Tags MileDown::Biology::Immune_System::Innate
Text Give the equation for potential energy of a capacitor:{{c1:: }}
Extra Khan Academy Link
Tags MileDown::Physics::Circuits

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on 1675163511
Amazing deck
on 1674896337
it was helpful
on 1673110397
Good Soup
on 1672156470
this is amazing i love u <3
on 1667252212
Very recommended.
on 1661566783
Good mix to supplement other studying with!
on 1658709291
Great deck, but one of the Organic Chemistry cards are wrong. The one that says Hydroxyquinones are produced by the oxidation of quinones. It should be reduction, and the picture should have the arrow the other way around with an oxidizing agent.
on 1657770942
MileDown if I ever find out who you are I'm gonna give you a big fat wet sloppy kiss
on 1657249565
Love it!
on 1656919175
I learned so much more than my prep course ever taught me.
on 1656681487
on 1655761259
Good info
on 1654534149
Came up blank after i downloaded it
on 1652452975
on 1647445240
Fantastic deck for review, highly recommended
on 1646790239
Works great, the amino acids are a little wierd. But works well
on 1645390139
Works well for me
on 1643499338
I am sure its me but the deck shows up empty in my anki and i have no clue how to fix it! ayeee
on 1643042860
Wont open flashcards
on 1642781759
It's the best
on 1642604691
on 1641148623
on 1640962973
Fantastic! Thorough and provides links to explain most topics.
on 1640743882
Amazing content
on 1638751176
very good
on 1638216963
it's good
on 1635116729
I can't open it
on 1628666868
I love the links and images provided. It really helps to understand the full meaning of each flashcard and learn broad concepts. Also, the design of the cards are relaxing.
on 1624884577
Excellent for review!
on 1623170221
Informative enough and straight to the point! Thank you!
on 1623034958
very helpful!
on 1622848508
on 1620098787
Very helpful and love the links for additional lectures
on 1620056032
on 1619713127
Very well organized, great study tool
on 1618523663
great images
on 1614385256
As a future Med student, I find this very useful as it has already been organized for you. This I say is the best MCAT deck I've found so far.
on 1614286623
Very helpful!
on 1614200764
The video links are great!
on 1613608684
loved it
on 1613450630
on 1611791303
Very helpful
on 1609431817
Best MCAT flash cards out there.
on 1608961369
For Neet
on 1606754497
Extremely useful, both in the depth of each question and the breadth of the covered material.
on 1595811374
Awesome! Detailed and includes Khan Academy links for further explanation! Has made studying for the MCAT great!
on 1594005447
Love it
on 1593909388
Just started using it and love the supplemental explanations. The graphics are quite helpful, explain well, and are brief enough that I am able to retain and understand the information.

Thank you!
on 1590662512