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CrowdAnki: JSON export&import. Edit history. Collaborate on deck creation.

2.36MB. Updated 2022-05-28.


CrowdAnki is a plugin for http://ankisrs.net/ that allows users to import and export decks/notes and all relevant information in a hierarchical JSON format. The main purpose is to facilitate crowd-sourcing for Anki decks and notes. Starting with version 0.6 it also features a close integration with Git. Providing you with an ability to automatically maintain history of edits for your decks. See more details below. Please note that I can't reply to your comments here (and I'm not getting notified about them). If you want to get in touch - please ping me on GitHub: https://github.com/Stvad/CrowdAnki If you would like to support the plugin - please consider becoming a Patron! Suggested collaboration workflow (a more detailed version is available on GitHub): The current workflow could be described as following: Export To perform the export go to menu File>Export Select the deck (note: export of "All decks" is not supported, you need to select a specific deck) and the export format "CrowdAnki JSON representation". After pressing the Export button - select directory where the result should be stored. Import To perform the import go to menu File>CrowdAnki: Import from disk and select the directory where the deck is stored. Import from GitHub To get the deck from GitHub go to menu File>"CrowdAnki: Import from GitHub" and enter GitHub username and repository name in suggested format. So, for example, to get my git deck (https://github.com/Stvad/Software_Engineering__git) you would need to enter Stvad/Software_Engineering__git. Things to note for the Import: To get more information or get in touch with author, please visit https://github.com/Stvad/CrowdAnki Snapshots CrowdAnki can help you preserve the history of edits for your decks. It does this by exporting them in a specified location and creating a git commit each time you do a snapshot. You can take snapshots manually via File > CrowdAnki: Snapshot menu action. Or you can enable automated snapshots in add-on configuration (see below) which will take a snapshot each time you open or close anki. Configuration Settings You can find the add-on's config page via Tools -> Add-ons, select CrowdAnki then hit Config. In here you can set a some config options, as well as a detailed explanation on what each does, with examples and default behaviour. Here is a general summary of the currently available config options: - Snapshot Path: location of the snapshot will be exported to - Snapshot Root Decks: when a snapshot is taken a git repo will be generated for each of these decks - Automated Snapshot: whether the snapshot happens automatically - Do Not Move Existing Cards on Import: whether to move already existing cards on import or not - Deck Sort Methods: how to sort cards on export - Reverse Sort Order: whether to reverse the sorting of cards on export Please note that I can't reply to your comments here (and I'm not getting notified about them). If you want to get in touch - please ping me on GitHub: https://github.com/Stvad/CrowdAnki


As add-ons are programs downloaded from the internet, they are potentially malicious. You should only download add-ons you trust.

Supported Anki versions:

To download this add-on, please copy and paste the following code into Anki 2.1:


If you were linked to this page from the internet, please open Anki on your computer, go to the Tools menu and then Add-ons>Browse & Install to paste in the code.

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on 1653345369
It does not work anymore, it's broken in 2.1.50 Qt6
on 1639610239
Crashes when I have so many cards, unfortunately.
on 1639414667
Great plugin, makes contributing to public decks way easier!
on 1639167038
Crashes, unfortunately.
on 1638141345
good stuff thanks
on 1630921504
It works
on 1625742412
Works as expected! đŸ˜‹

I installed it so I could download the Ultimate Geography deck. Didn't have any issues with it, it just did its job.
on 1624809046
Fantastic for collaboration using git.
on 1621883895
Exactement l'outil que je cherche depuis un moment pour manipuler facilement les données de mes decks, un grand merci
on 1621246118
It work for me.
on 1618352151
Works great!
on 1615410209
It works fine so far and it helped me to compare and move card template code between models. However I wish everything was not in one big file and I wish the procedures of import and export were one-click actions, without having to select many options in dialogs on every export and import.
on 1611836758
nice work for automation
on 1606841423
very good
on 1591900561
Very useful, thanks for this!
on 1591128109
This is a really useful tool for creating/managing decks outside of Anki and syncing changes into the app. I use it with anki-dm to make management of the JSON easier. Most of my decks are in Google Sheets, which I export to csv, build to JSON using anki-dm, and import into Anki using CrowdAnki. I also use CrowdAnki to export any new decks I download, so actually all of my decks go through this plugin and anki-dm. I don't really use the collaboration features at all.
on 1588415597
All learning communities will be able to achieve amazing things once we get people to use this. A great contribution
on 1587898744
Brilliant, thanks ! That addon should gain visibility
on 1584020415
highly underused for its worth

if we ever rework the deck sharing platform, it should be built upon this
on 1579699846
This is a very interesting and useful plugin. Thanks.
on 1578997810
on 1570808291
Great solution for Anki deck collaboration
on 1568749313
Invaluable addon for deck creation automation. Can't recommend enough
on 1568720647
Essential for programmatically creating and editing cards.
on 1567506776
It's an amazing add-on for me!

1. I can put my decks in Version Control System and have detailed and precise history: what and when has been changed and, when necessary, rollback hand-picked changes.

2. I can easy batch update my decks programmatically using Java: add translation, images, spellcheck, remove some parts, etc.

It must be part of Anki itself!
on 1561824065
Seems to be a fairly robust way to export and import decks in a JSON format, allowing proper collaboration on creating shared decks with JSON. Only been using it for a few hours, but have tried various experiments (changing the JSON in a text editor and reimporting it, modifying audio files, syncing things over ankiweb), and it seems to deal well with everything I've thought to throw at it.

Haven't yet used it collaboratively, but just as a way to extract anki decks in a sane format for processing it looks brilliant.
on 1557411932
This plugin makes it painless to share and collaborate on decks.
on 1555520606
wow! so exccelent. if i know it earlier, i may not wast a lot time to build my persernal "anki-sync-server".
on 1553514421
on 1552267726
on 1552160599
this is a missing feature from Anki.
on 1550653627
Anki needs more collaborative tools. It is already one of the best tools out there for digital studying, but it has a lot of room to crow as far as community-based learning. CrowdAnki is a great start. Lots of room to grow (simplification for non-techies, support for non-github git repos, being able to have an import deck name different than the official repo name, etc.), but it's the best collab-focused tool Anki has right now. Thanks Stvad. Don't stop. We need you!
on 1537238649
I like it.
on 1527897600
Great work! :)
on 1527292800
Great stuff.
on 1525305600
Nice... this is just what I needed. Also , you can export a deck, hack on the JSON with a simple python script, then re-upload.
on 1517961600
A big thumbs up!! Much more faster to update the decks in a text editor than application. Ofcourse, it is for advanced users who are familiar with the data model. However, we need a schema file to validate the resultant anki json file to validate it so that we do not upload the corrupt json file. I am not sure schema exists, hence going to ask the developer for the same at the GitHub account.
on 1508630400
on 1499558400
Awesome plugin!

Hi, Dylan. I have also put a lot of thought into creating such a workflow. I am a freelance programmer and would love to collaborate with you and Vladyslav on this. Please reach out: inbox.asanchez at gmail.com
on 1498521600
on 1497571200
This takes Anki to the next level!

Vladyslav I cannot thank you enough!

This tool takes me close to my goal that is to create a website where number of people can collaborate on creating an up-to-date resource around a large but well defined medical topic.

This tool does precisely what it is supposed to and well!

I wish to take this one step further by allowing public review of content. To do this I propose:
> Export of a deck using your tool
> Building a Wordpress based blog site where each blog entry is based on an Anki card
- The blog post content will simply list the fields within the card
> Users will be able to contribute using the discussion features easily added to Wordpress
> Those invited to collaborate can keep the deck, and hence the content of the blog site up-to-date
> A field may be added to each card where modifications may be listed.

Periodically the contributors would update deck and a program executed which updates just the content of the blog posts while leaving the public user contributions in the discussion section below the post.

Would you be willing to assist me with directing a freelance programmer to build the tool which would port the product of your Anki plugin into a Wordpress blog site? I wish to begin work in July only.

Please do feel free to message me.

on 1496707200
on 1491350400
on 1482883200
on 1474156800
on 1473638400
on 1473552000