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Organic chemistry functional groups

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Common organic chemistry functional groups. Images obtained from chemspider and Google image search.

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Front Aldehyde
Tags Organic
Front Alkyne
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on 1651410543
very useful
on 1641259081
dry deck.
on 1621861102
please add more functional groups
on 1613942323
Has the main functional groups and puts the differences in consistent colors
on 1613823355
Works great
on 1610872235
on 1610288104
Good cards for basic functional groups
on 1606587612
very helpful!
on 1604989993
Good set of basic questions
on 1599177685
its good
on 1578496015
Great, simple review
on 1568817325
Clear, and accurate starter deck
on 1568132595
on 1566768540
Perfect little review!
on 1555261037
Images are clear and so is the text, thank you.
on 1555231723
Great flashcards
on 1546873289
very simple
on 1527552000
Well made and very simple
Helpful :)
on 1516752000
Nice run down of several introductory functional groups
on 1515024000
good study material
on 1506556800
on 1499040000
on 1498089600
on 1479168000
on 1476316800
on 1468022400