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Game - Final Fantasy VII

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The deck is based on Final Fantasy VII on Playsation 1. This is from the original game on Playsation 1, not the remake on PS4. The screenshots are taken from the switch version. Here's how the card style works with cards from different decks: CONTENT - Japanese dialogue - Screenshot of japanese dialogue - Official english translation - Definition for each word - The deck was made in preparation for the upcoming remake on PS4 and only covers Midgar for now. - The Front card will display the sentence, and a screenshot of the dialogue under it. Putting your mouse over the sencence will display the furigana. You can also display the tags on the bottom that way. If it's a manga deck you can click on the the full pages button to display both japanese and english pages, giving more context. - The Back card will display the translation. Keep in mind it's not always a direct translation of the japanese sentence. The website ichi.moe is directly embedded in the card style, and will decompose the sentence, giving the definition for each word. - The cards are ordered chronologically in the default field "ID". - Dont forget the necessary Japanese Support add-on. - Deck works on phone and anki-web too. HOW TO USE - I use this card template with the Morphman add-on. You can use the deck without it. Fields will only appear on the card if they are filled out. - Set up Morphman Preferences Use the "Expression" field for your set-up. The field for focus morph is named "Morph" and is already in the card template. Just make sure your Morphman preferences match you the name of your card style and the exact names of the fields. Check the boxes for omitting words between brackets for more accurate results. Morphman will sort your cards based on your knowledge. You will see first cards containing only one word that you don't know. That word is automatically written in the "Morph" Field. To add definitions you can use another add-on, or just copy paste from the embedded website. You can edit that field during reviews with this edit add-on. - The deck includes a Kanji dictionary pop-up. Click on any kanji in the card to display the informations. You can edit which info you'd like or not in the card style, as seen on the gif from this page. You need to download my kanji deck, to have the stroke order animated gifs. If you want to display / hide the sound button on the card, follow the same method. If you want to change the size of the pictures, just change the zoom % in the template. I've written instructions in the card template so you can know which part changes what and simply modify lot of things even if you don't know any css or html. HOW TO UPDATE If there is one, any update regarding the deck, probably the card style, will be posted in this Folder. HISTORY V3 - 21/12/2020 - Card Template updated V2 - 18/06/2020 Screenshots - Card template updated. - Typos corrected. - ID of each card corrected (It was FF01 instead of FF07). V1 - 05/04/20 Screenshots - Release. OTHER DECKS - Study : Kanji, Grammar, Vocabulary - Reading: Manga (Yotsuba), Games (Pokemon, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest) - Listening : Anime, Pimsleur I've compiled all my resources in a SPREADHSEET. You can find hundreds of anime, manga, games, files to find one that match your knowledge, direct links to their anki decks; links to video-game japanese scripts and various link to ressources for studying. If you have any issues with deck, use the contact button, or you can reach me on reddit (Jo-Mako) or Discord (Jo-Mako#7531). Buy me a coffee

Sample (from 2148 notes)

Cards are customizable! When this deck is imported into the desktop program, cards will appear as the deck author has made them. If you'd like to customize what appears on the front and back of a card, you can do so by clicking the Edit button, and then clicking the Cards button.
ID G_FF07_01662
Expression 「おう! オレは戦うぜ!」
English “So I'm gonna keep fightin'!”
Reading 「おう! オレは 戦[たたか]うぜ!」
Audio_Sentence 「おう! オレは戦うぜ!」
ID G_FF07_02032
Expression 「ティファ……起きろ!」
English “{Tifa}… Wake up!”
Reading 「ティファ…… 起[お]きろ!」
Audio_Sentence 「ティファ……起きろ!」
ID G_FF07_00260
Expression 「スラムじゃ、めったにさかないのよ」
English “You almost never see them here in the slums.”
Reading 「スラムじゃ、めったにさかないのよ」
Audio_Sentence 「スラムじゃ、めったにさかないのよ」

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on 1658685370
My favorite game from childhood - and now, i can play it in all its original linguistic glory! Thank you!!
on 1653900590
Thank you so much. Would be awesome if someone did the same for FF7R; this deck is gold

Edit: you are the best. Many thanks!
Comment from author before post was edited
You're in luck: https://www.mediafire.com/file/nak96lq2kqyeqvl/Final_Fantasy_7_Remake.apkg/file

Check my spreadsheet for more decks: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ukDIWSkh_xvpppPbgs1nUR2kaEwFaWlsJgZUlb9LuTs/edit#gid=822742203
on 1641051132
This is so awesome thanks :)!
on 1637766224
Awesome work. Thank you!
on 1601223853
Thanks !
Just one small issue: card G-FF07-01313 has no image and it is positioned at the end of the new cards.
Comment from author
Thank you! I'll fix it with the next update when I add the rest of the game.
You can use the browser and order card by their ID. Then just use reposition, you won't loose the progress of your cards.
You can also use Morphan to reorder cards based on your knowledge instead of chronology.
on 1586256179
So much work. Great job!
on 1586253574