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Edible weeds and wild herb identification

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Over 250 cards (photos paired with common names) to help urban foragers identify some common edible weeds, as well as useful herbs and fruits you might find growing wild. Based on mostly Melbourne (Australian) availability, and with several photos for most plants to help identify them in different contexts or at different stages of the year. plants covered in this deck include: alkanet almond aloe vera amaranth angled onion apple arrowroot bittercress blackberry blueberry borage brassica briar rose burdock calendula cats-ears chamomile chicory cleavers clover cobbler's pegs dandelion dead-nettle dock echinacea elderberries fat-hen fennel figs wild garlic hairy bittercress hawthorn hazelnuts hemlock (poisonous) hops juniper berry knotweed kudzu lambs' quarters lavender loquat male fern mallow milk thistle miner's lettuce morning glory (coastal) mugwort wild mustard nasturtium nettles nightshades (the edible Blackberry and poisonous Deadly) wild onion oxalis pepperweed pine plantain prickly pear purslane wild raddish wild rocket shepherd's purse sloe berry soursob sow thistle st john's wart wild strawberry tobacco valerian violets viper's bugloss wall rue walnut warrigal greens (NZ spinach) watercress wintergreen wood sorrel wormwood photo credits especially to http://eatthatweed.com/ and http://cryptoforest.blogspot.com.au/

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Don't eat the nightshade that is in this collection. Highly poisonous. Besides the potentially deadly confusion it's an awesome deck. 👍
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Amazing deck

This is such a great resource and I would recommend it to anyone living in Australia.
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A start

Thank you very much for adding this to Anki.