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(Legacy) Push Paradox™ (Sibling Cardistry)

<10kB. Updated 2020-04-04.
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Based on recent events, I have strong belief this addon will be sherlocked in future versions of Anki and my own inability to move beyond 2.0 made it difficult to continue maintaining this. Feel free to make a PR, but test and ensure backwards compatibility with older versions of Anki. BTW, some of my stuff were recently auto removed due to lack of downloads. I didn't catch the feedbacks. I hope it wasn't anything important. About: Q: When you have twins, how long does the second one wait before coming out? A-Anki: Anki Defaults to 1 day. A-Addon: Each sibling will have its own pushing stage. But the majority of the time, the second one is much easier than the first. This is because the first one has paved the way for the second one. This is a new take on pushing, Anki is encouraged to wait until it feels the maternal urge to push. The second one will wait until the first one is well nursed before coming out. Algorithmically, this contraption ensures the discrete distribution of siblings. It checks the interval of the other active siblings (not suspended) and withhold the new sibling until all review/lapsed siblings have exceeded the predefined maturity level. Config: Sibling intervals must be set in deck options. License: This addon is a labor of love and licensed under the GPL. If you find it useful, consider paying something forward by supporting some charitable endeavors. Suggestions: https://iccf-holland.org/ https://www.vim.org/sponsor/index.php Derivative works or forks published with no added values should also include the above statement.


As add-ons are programs downloaded from the internet, they are potentially malicious. You should only download add-ons you trust.

Supported Anki versions:

To download this add-on, please copy and paste the following code into Anki 2.1:


If you were linked to this page from the internet, please open Anki on your computer, go to the Tools menu and then Add-ons>Browse & Install to paste in the code.

This add-on previously supported Anki 2.0. You can download the last version supporting 2.0 here. As Anki 2.0 has been discontinued, no support is available for this version.

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on 1615953687
Thanks for the addon!
Can the option be set only at the parent deck? Or should I configure the options for each subdeck as well?
Comment from author
It will not work on the parent level across versions. There are too many variables to consider. So it's one setting per option group.
on 1611135652
Excellent. Particularly useful when you create multiple related cards from a single note, as I do.
on 1610535964
Your addons are awesome. This one is easy to understand and easy to adjust. Thank you so much
on 1609142493
Great Add-on idea
Unfortunately, it doesn't work for me, my siblings keep showing after one day instead of 5 days as i set in the options
any suggestions?
Comment from author
I honestly don't know if it works with the latest versions.
It's not like I sit on my ass and test this with every patch release.
It should work with .23.
on 1607766662
Very good idea, I find I waste less time on overlearning certain cards with this.
on 1600990349
After reading the description, I don't understand what this add-on does.

Could you explain what this addon does, what is it about, and give example of how this addon is used?
on 1595846230
I have a few questions if you don't mind.

1- Does this work with cards in learning and review as well? Anki does bury related cards in review.

2- How does this work with AnkiDroid? Should I make sure to only do new cards on PC for the rescheduling to work?
Comment from author
It accounts for all young/learning cards in the calculation but only acts on new cards. The bury status can be sync to mobile, but addons do not work on mobile.
on 1588923339
What a cool description :D
on 1585864201
Was looking for something like this. Really helpful
on 1585767441
This addon is so perfect!!

I would be so glad if this addon can get the following extensions:

1. Fallback:
For example card a -> b -> c
If card c is wrong several times or is below a certain level, the card is reset and suspended. B is repeated again.

2. Binding to Note-Type
I would like to have the option for certain note types. Not decks.
That way, I can use the sibling system side by side with cards where I not like to use it.

3. Suspend "Old" cards
For learning languages. The first card may only ask for a translation. The second one after an input.
Once I get to card two, the first one can actually be suspended. A small checkbox that makes this possible would be great.

Oh and pleas change the "IVL". Abbreviations are confusing =D
Comment from author
I need more control over anki to do that, making this addon too complex will result in similar situations as morphman, yomichan, and awesometts. Breaking down every other version with no long term maintainer.
on 1584547638
on 1583482359
Full of use.
on 1572341526
very helpful
on 1563381024
on 1562454300
on 1559538488
Is there a way to select the order in which the siblings show up? If not, how is the default order determined?
Comment from author
It's just a bouncer. The lineup is determined by Anki's natural order of reviews. Which is sort by due.
on 1559468222
Does it work for notes with more than 2 siblings?
Comment from author
on 1548538567
on 1548505954
I was looking for something like this for awhile!!
on 1548441745
The concept is very interesting.