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Terraform Associate Certification 2020 Study Guide

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NOTE: Most of this information comes directly from the Hashicorp website I've compiled the resources here for accessibility and easy review. 🙂 If you find this study guide useful please give it a 🌟 on GitHub and check back for updates! https://github.com/ari-hacks/terraform-study-guide

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Front Validate a Terraform configuration (terraform validate)
Back validates the configuration files in the dir, this does not apply to things like remote state or provider APIsvalidate checks for syntax, internal consistency, such as attribute names and value typessafe to run automatically or as a test step for CIrequires initialized working directory
Extra For a reference of all commands checkout out this file on Terraform CLI
Tags terraform
Front Generate and review an execution plan for Terraform (terraform plan)
Back Terraform planCreates an execution plan, automatically performs a refreshExecute changes to infrastructure with Terraform (terraform apply)Destroy Terraform managed infrastructure (terraform destroy)
Extra For a reference of all commands checkout out this file on Terraform CLI
Tags terraform
Front Given a scenario: choose when to enable verbose logging and what the outcome/value is
Back TF_LOG #LOG LEVELS TRACE DEBUG INFOWARN ERROR TF_LOG_PATH #Persist logged output Trace is the most verbose and it is the defaultIf Terraform crashes a Crash log is saved with the debug logs with panic message and backtrace
Tags terraform

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