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DCC Core Latin

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A list of Latin language vocabulary compiled by a variety of researchers and hosted by the Dickinson College Commentaries (DCC) http://dcc.dickinson.edu/. Further details about the list and how it was compiled can be found at http://dcc.dickinson.edu/vocab/core-vocabulary. In short, many scholars have compiled and documented a list of the most common core vocabulary words in Latin (a separate one in Greek is also available) based on their frequency of appearance in extant works. This becomes a tremendously handy tool when attempting to learn and master a language. It is a truly impressive fact that, simply by knowing that if one can memorize and master about 250 words in Latin, it will allow them to read and understand 50% of most written Latin. Further, knowledge of 1,500 Latin words will put one at the 80% level of vocabulary mastery for most texts. Mastering even a very small list of vocabulary allows one to read a large variety of texts very comfortably. Fortunately this particular list will help in accomplishing exactly that.

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Headword dōnō -āre
Definitions present with a gift (+ acc. of person and abl. of thing)
Part of Speech Verb: 1st Conjugation
Semantic Group Social Life
Frequency Rank 606
Headword cōnor cōnārī cōnātus sum
Definitions try, attempt
Part of Speech Verb: Deponent
Semantic Group Making/Doing
Frequency Rank 905
Headword vīvō vīvere vīxī vīctum
Definitions live
Part of Speech Verb: 3rd Conjugation -ō
Semantic Group Life and Being
Frequency Rank 156

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Original review 2021/10/26

I really wanted to like this deck, but sadly the English and the Latin versions are mixed with each other. I haven't figured out how to automatically separate them to study one part first.

___ Update 2022/07/11 ____

I've been using this deck for several months and I must say I love it. I manually separated the Latin side from the English side and now it's the way I like it. I've learned about 600 words (plus some others I already knew) and reading Latin passages from the Bible or other simple sources has become easier and more enjoyable. Thanks for the deck!!!
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Excellent, just what I was looking for.
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Thank you for this fine deck.
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A great resource.
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