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Some key numbers that every effective altruist should know

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A deck collecting many of the "key numbers" suggested in this thread. For more details—including details on how to upgrade to the latest deck without losing your scheduling information—see the deck's GitHub repository.

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Front How many bacteria are there?
Back Around \(5 \times 10^{30}\).
Source "There are approximately \(5 \times 10^{30}\) bacteria on Earth, forming a biomass which is only exceeded by plants." (Wikipedia)
Tags ea_numbers
Front What is the population of India?
Back 1.39 billion (2021).
Source Our World in Data.
Tags ea_numbers
Front What is the world's life expectancy at birth?
Back 73.3 years (2020).
Source Wikipedia (70.8 years for males and 75.9 years for females).
Tags ea_numbers

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on 1658349371
Nice collection. It is worth to learn them slowly and look into the sources and think about the context a bit.
on 1656336397
Interesting info! Thanks!
on 1650794697
Great collection of important information for us interested in Effective Altruism (EA) and anyone who wants to be well informed!
on 1628170660
I liked it a lot
on 1627791396
Useful numbers to know, well cited
on 1627069541
Thank you!
on 1626706132
Thanks for putting this together!