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0.07MB. Updated 2018-02-14. Only supports Anki 2.0.x.
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This add on adds a heatmap of your card intervals in the statistics window. This is the first add on I have written, so please report any bugs on GitHub: https://github.com/ChrisK91/CardHeatmap/issues Source code is available over there as well. Configuration You can change the size of the heat map squares by editing /cardheatmap/cardheatmap.py, and adjusting maxCountX to your liking. Changelog 2018-02-10: Initial release 2018-02-13: Fixed issue on new profiles, thanks to Glutanimate License and third party notices This add on is licensed under the AGPLv3 license, and redistributes d3.js in version 4.13.0 by Mike Bostock, licensed under the BSD license This add on is very similar (although not as complex as) Review Heatmap by Glutanimate. I took his code as a starting point. About me: I'm a medical student from germany, with a bit of knowledge about programming and computers. You can visit my website to read all my five blog posts from the past two years at http://chrisk91.me You can also find me on twitter at @ChrisK91


As add-ons are programs downloaded from the internet, they are potentially malicious. You should only download add-ons you trust.

This add-on previously supported Anki 2.0. You can download the last version supporting 2.0 here. As Anki 2.0 has been discontinued, no support is available for this version.

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on 1518566400
Thanks a lot ! It's perfect !
on 1518566400
Glutamine, as always, excellent!
on 1518307200
Very cool addition to Anki's stats work-up!