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Mandarin Chinese HSK1 - 5 Vocabulary with Audio

148.97MB. 2592 audio & 1 images. Updated 2017-03-31.
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This is a collection of Mandarin HSK vocabulary up to level five. I recommend first manually "suspending" all cards, and then unsuspending them as you decide what you wish to study. A good way to start is a list of the most frequent words and select from there (you can try http://data.hskhsk.com/lists/ ). Also, reading real examples will serve to help the most, and the included links on each card will provide you with good examples of each word. Good luck!

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English S.V. ashamed
Hanzi 惭愧
Pinyin cánkuì
Audio [non-mp3 audio]
English V. debate, discuss N. discussion (not 讨论)
Hanzi 议论
Pinyin yìlùn
Audio [non-mp3 audio]
English S.V. wide, broad; generous, lenient; comfortably off, well off N. width, breadth V. relax, relieve; extend
Pinyin kuān
Add Reverse y
Audio [non-mp3 audio]

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on 1602964968
It's a good start, but I think it should be edited to move the parts of speech and alternate meanings to their own fields.

I sometimes use "auto rate typed answer" to type in responses.

So when I see fields like:
"V. love; like, be fond of, be keen on; cherish; be apt to N. love CONS."

I split them into a main English answer field, just "love" say,

Then move the rest to other fields.
on 1601539254
I love the audio and the simplified characters. I like how it can link to several websites.

The English description absolutely overwhelms me. You got too many synonyms and weird unrelated extra words.
on 1578535952