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All Japanese (日本語) sentences with audio from Tatoeba

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This deck contains all of the XXX sentences from Tatoeba that have an audio recording, along with translations into several languages (see below). They are arranged according to difficulty using MorphMan. If you are interested in the technical side of generating the deck or wish to obtain similar decks for other languages, read this page. If you find this deck helpful please consider leaving a positive feedback here on AnkiWeb (using the ‘Rate This’ button, which will appear if you are logged in). This will help others find the deck, as it will appear higher in the search results. Thanks! 🙂 For better Japanese support use this add-on.

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sentence_id 2385289
jpn トムってどんな人?
eng What kind of person is Tom?What's Tom like?What sort of a person is Tom?What kind of a person is Tom?What sort of person is Tom?
rus Что Том за человек?
fin Millainen henkilö Tom on?Millainen Tom on?
deu Was für ein Mensch ist Tom?Wie ist Tom so?
MorphMan_Index 40910
MorphMan_Unmatures 人, どんな, トム, って
MorphMan_UnmatureMorphCount 4
MorphMan_Unknowns 人, どんな, トム, って
MorphMan_UnknownMorphCount 4
MorphMan_UnknownFreq 89
Tags mm_notReady
sentence_id 2197785
jpn あなたは何が得意ですか?
eng What are you good at?
rus В чём Ваша сильная сторона?
fin Missä sinä olet hyvä?
MorphMan_Index 70829
MorphMan_Unmatures が, あなた, です, 得意, は, か, 何
MorphMan_UnmatureMorphCount 7
MorphMan_Unknowns が, あなた, です, 得意, は, か, 何
MorphMan_UnknownMorphCount 7
MorphMan_UnknownFreq 170
Tags mm_notReady
sentence_id 2947270
jpn 明日が待ち遠しいよ。
eng I can hardly wait until tomorrow.I'm looking forward to tomorrow.
rus С нетерпением жду завтра.
fin Odotan innolla huomista.Odotan kovasti huomista.Odotan huomista innolla.Maltan tuskin odottaa huomiseen.
deu Ich bin gespannt auf morgen.
MorphMan_Index 40935
MorphMan_Unmatures 明日, よ, が, 待ち遠しい
MorphMan_UnmatureMorphCount 4
MorphMan_Unknowns 明日, よ, が, 待ち遠しい
MorphMan_UnknownMorphCount 4
MorphMan_UnknownFreq 64
Tags mm_notReady

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