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Duolingo SPANISH for English learners

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A comprehensive set of flashcards for the vocabulary in Duolingo's Spanish for English learners course. All notes are tagged according to the Duolingo module in which they are learned. Use Anki's suspend feature to prevent seeing flashcards from modules you haven't learned yet. All variations (conjugations, masculine, feminine, singular, plural) of words are introduced simultaneously. For example, all conjugations of a verb are covered in the Anki flashcards even if Duolingo only introduces one or two conjugations in that module. Bonus notes, are a set of vocabulary, idioms, and phrases I have picked up during my learning and travels. Verb Bonus notes, are additional tenses for the corresponding Duolingo module. For example, VerbsPastBonus notes contain the present tense of all new verbs introduced in the Verbs Past module, as well as the past tense of all previously learned verbs. This deck is a work in progress. (Currently up to Haber) If you find any errors (and I'm sure there are some) contact me through my duolingo account https://www.duolingo.com/TheOtherTracy

Sample (from 2025 notes)

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Spanish Guardia
Plural Guardias
English Guard
Alternate English
Alternate Spanish
Gender Feminine
Article La
Tags Occupations
Spanish M.S. Fuerte
Spanish M.P. Fuertes
Spanish F.S.
Spanish F.P.
English Strong
Alternate English HeavyHard
Alternate Spanish
Tags Adjectives1
Spanish Nivel
English Level
Alternate English
Alternate Spanish Altura
Gender Masculine
Article El
Tags Education

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