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Esperanto Affixes

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This is a simple esperanto affixes deck to learn the most common affixes used to manipulate words in esperanto. this is based on the wiki entry : https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Esperanto/Appendix/Table_of_affixes

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English someone who professionally, continually or preferably occupies themselves with an activity, or an adept or supporter of an idea.
Esperanto -isto
Examples instruisto (teacher) dentisto (dentist) abelisto (a beekeeper) komunisto (a communist) registaro (a government, from 'rule, govern' and -aro)
English beginning, sudden, or momentary action (often perfective)
Esperanto ek-
Examples ekbruli (to catch fire, from 'burn') ekdormi (to fall asleep) ekami (to fall in love) ekkrii (to cry out) ekvidi (to catch sight of) ekde (since) ek al la batalo! (off to war!) ek! (hop to!)
English mandatory
Esperanto -enda
Examples pagenda (payable) lavenda (must be washed) legendańĶo (required reading)

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Very well done. Good definitions and good examples. Thorough. It clarified for me the meanings of -op- and -ing-.

Thanks to author.