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Large and Colorful Buttons

<10kB. Updated 2018-10-03. Only supports Anki 2.1.x.


This add-on will enlarge and color the buttons at the bottom of the review screen. The concept of this add-on was inspired by the following add-ons: * Bigger Show Answer Button * Bigger Show All Answer Buttons * Anki 2.0.x coloured ease buttons Screenshot Changing Size, Color, etc. By default, the colors of the buttons is set to be similar to those of Ankidroid. You can change the size, color, etc. of the buttons by editing user_bottom_buttons.css. To edit: Tools > Add-ons > Select "Large and Colorful Buttons" > Click "View Files" > Open the user_files folder > Edit the user_bottom_buttons.css with a text editor > Restart Anki When updating this add-on, the user_bottom_buttons.css will be preserved as it is. See also Writing Anki 2.1.x Add-ons #User Files Reverting to default If you want to revert the user_bottom_buttons.css you have edited to default, please delete or rename it and restart Anki. A new user_bottom_buttons.css will be automatically created in the user_files folder. Removing tooltips (optional feature) This add-on offers an option to remove tooltips for buttons like "Shortcut key: ...". This option is disabled by default. To enable this option: Tools > Add-ons > Select "Large and Colorful Buttons" > Click "Config" > Set the variable REMOVE_TOOLTIP to true > Restart Anki Note: true or false must be all lower case characters. Changelog 2018-10-03: NOTE: Due to changes in Anki version 2.1.5, the buttons are not properly aligned when using the default user_bottom_buttons.css bundled with this add-on. So, the default user_bottom_buttons.css has modified in order to align buttons properly. But, this modifications to user_bottom_buttons.css will NOT automatically apply to existing users, only to new users. To update user_bottom_buttons.css, please delete or rename it and restart Anki. An updated user_bottom_buttons.css will be created in the user_files folder. Sorry for the inconvenience. * Modified default user_bottom_buttons.css - Tweaked margin to avoid conflict with the margin setting in Anki version 2.1.5 or higher - Added cursor: pointer; to selector for button element - Added some CSS selectors * Added an option to remove tooltips for buttons 2018-09-23: * Fixed a bug that would cause FileNotFoundError when user_files folder is not present * Fixed a bug that would cause a Javascript error when using single quotes in user_bottom_buttons.css 2018-08-18: * Initial release


As add-ons are programs downloaded from the internet, they are potentially malicious. You should only download add-ons you trust.

To download this add-on, please copy and paste the following code into the desktop program:


If you were linked to this page from the internet, please open Anki on your computer, go to the Tools menu and then Add-ons>Browse & Install to paste in the code.

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on 1566645167
Works great!
on 1566640305
clean and neat!
on 1565467164
If you liked the More Answer Buttons add-on, check this out:
on 1564242548
on 1563395739
on 1562905598

Thank you for the add on.
I wonder how can I edit the CSS to achieve something like I have on Anki 2.0
on 1562827180
Sometimes trivial-seeming changes can make you happy in your soul.
on 1560562908
Amazing really helped with creating ITTOS study cards for PMP exam
on 1559929956
on 1559702990
Love these, thank you.
on 1559028372
on 1556283336
Good for tablet mode.
on 1554377587
on 1554310961
I have a windows tablet and the default UI shows up very small... This is awesome, thank you
on 1553096558
on 1552795612
Amazing this addon!
on 1552112847
Easier to click now
on 1549531599
Very nice
on 1548536794
Big and beautiful buttons
on 1545931010
The addon works for me, but the colors of the buttons are swapped: Not the good, but the easy button is always coloured green.
I don't know why this is.
I use the newest Anki version 2.1.7beta for windows
Comment from author
The default css for this add-on is written assuming that Anki's default answer is always "Good". So, when used in conjunction with an add-on that changes the Anki's default answer, such as "Default Answer Modified", the css may not work as intended. In that case, you may need to modify css accordingly. Sorry if I am not clear enough, English is not my native language.
on 1544654481
Must have
on 1543637449
Great! its more similar to the android version and its better than another addon which only changes the color of text.
on 1542969274
on 1540548623
on 1540339504
on 1539920941
I really enjoy it
on 1539634840
Pretty and very practical on touch screens
on 1539250976
I've been waiting for an add-on like this for years. I even tweaked other add-ons in version 2.0 to do a similar job. This add-on finally convinced me to migrate to version 2.1.
on 1538222937
Makes reviewing colourful and customisation is awesome...! Thank you!
on 1537722797
This is amazing! Makes it much easier to use Anki on touchscreen computers, and is extremely customizable.
on 1537537124
on 1536720479
Best of all. beautiful
on 1536521610
Really, really awesome addon. Thank you very much.
I think the author forgot to add focus borders (to see which button is currently selected) but you can use add these lines to your css file to bring it back easily.

button:focus {
border-size: 4px !important;
border-color: #fdfdfd !important;
on 1534597185
Love the customizability of this. Stellar work!