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Coffee Break French

8.18MB. 296 audio & 0 images. Updated 2013-01-13.
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Audio samples from the excellent podcast "Coffee Break French"

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Front Can I get a receipt?
Back Est-ce que je peux avoir le reçu?
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Front I would like to change these travellers checks
Back Je voudrais changer ces chèques de voyage Ces means "these"
Front It's snowing
Back Il neige

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on 1635044149
Great to here where to accent the word
on 1632111755
Haven't been on Coffee Break broadcasts for some months now. Good to see this deck from them exists !
on 1604349541
Great audio samples and common phrases but unfortunately contains too many transcription errors. For every 10 cards, I find at least 2 errors. It's easy to fix if you have a working knowledge of French, but I wouldn't recommend this deck to beginners. You will be confused by all the errors and might learn the wrong vocabulary.
on 1592928344
interesting desk
on 1586808410
Great cards, love the audio. Thanks for your time and effort, the cards will be a great help in my learning French.
on 1581390014
on 1559627936
on 1529195887
This is a really good deck, the audio is great, but there are a few problems. Sometimes the audio isn't exactly the same as the sentence in French (from what I've seen, it's nothing more than one word that's missing, but it can be confusing for beginners), and some questions are missing a question mark.
on 1519171200
thank you for sharing your work.
on 1510963200
on 1510704000
Amazing deck
on 1500681600
on 1499817600
on 1499212800
on 1491264000
Good audio

The pronunciation is quite well paced, he doesn't speak to fast or too slow
on 1474243200
on 1472428800
on 1461024000
on 1456704000
on 1411862400
on 1375833600
on 1361145600