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日本漢字能力検定(10~1級)[Kanji Kentei (level 10-1)]

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This deck contains all kanji of the 日本漢字能力検定 [Kanji Kentei] (as of 2020). "The 日本漢字能力検定 evaluates one's knowledge of kanji. There are 12 levels (levels 10 through 3, pre-2, 2, pre-1 and 1) with level 10 being the easiest and level 1 the most difficult. The test examines not only one's ability to read and write kanji, but also one's ability to understand their meanings, to use them correctly in sentences, and to identify their correct stroke order." Wikipedia The cards are entirely in Japanese. Card info: - Index (just there for sorting purposes) - 漢字 [Kanji] - 異体字 [Kanji Variant] - 音読み [On-Reading] - 訓読み [Kun-Reading] - 画数 [Number Of Strokes] - 部首 [Radical] - 意味 [Meaning] (including example words) - 級 [Level] - 筆順 [Stroke Order] The kanji for level 10-2 were taken from kanken.or.jp. The kanji for level pre-1 and 1 were taken from Wikipedia JIS X 0208. According to Wikipedia, pre-1 adds the rest of the kanji of JIS第1水準 and 1 adds all of those of JIS第2水準. I've found contradictory information on the websites I checked. So some of the kanji in pre-1 and 1 might have the wrong level. All information on the cards (except stroke order) was taken from dictionary.goo.ne.jp. Except for 366 Kanji which were taken from kanji.jitenon.jp because they were missing on the former site. The colored stroke order diagrams were generated with Kanji Colorizer using the kanji files from KanjiVG. I cannot guarantee that the information in this deck is complete or correct. I have never taken the kanken test nor is my Japanese on a level to pass the higher levels of the test. I just took the information from aforementioned websites and checked it a bit. With so many cards there are bound to be some typos or other mistakes. Feel free to comment to let me know if you find some. 10級 80漢字 (80 total) 9級 160漢字 (240 total) 8級 200漢字 (440 total) 7級 202漢字 (642 total) 6級 193漢字 (835 total) 5級 191漢字 (1026 total) 4級 313漢字 (1339 total) 3級 284漢字 (1623 total) 準2級 328漢字 (1951 total) 2級 185漢字 (2136 total) 準1級 860漢字 (2996 total) 1級 3359漢字 (6355 total) Updates 12.05.2020: Added missing "」" at the end of the meaning field of about 200 cards. 14.05.2020: Fixed mistakes in meaning field when there are multiple enumerations. 27.05.2020: Added missing ")" at the end of the meaning field of 23 cards. Added variant to 箋 and 喩. 25.11.2020: Replaced marker and code for line breaks with html. 16.08.2021: Swapped kanji and variant fields of 剥/剝, 填/塡 and 頬/頰, replaced 麇 with the correct kanji 麁, changed naming scheme of stroke order diagrams and added some tags. 29.08.2021: Improved reading fields, edited meaning field of 芸 and fixed order of cards.

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index 1597
onyomi [外]ユウ
kunyomi また、[外]ふたた(び)
strokes 2
meaning また。そのうえ。ふたたび。さらに。
level 3
stroke order
Tags 2_strokes radical_又 level_3
index 301
onyomi ヨウ
kunyomi [外]うみ、なだ、ひろ(い)
strokes 9
meaning 1. うみ。大きなうみ。「遠洋」「海洋」 2. 世界を二つに分けたそれぞれの部分。「東洋」「西洋」 3. 「西洋」の略。「洋食」「洋風」 4. ひろい。みちみちたさま。「洋洋」「芒洋(ボウヨウ)」
level 8
stroke order
Tags 9_strokes radical_氵 level_8
index 5063
onyomi テイ
kunyomi おひつじ
strokes 11
meaning おひつじ。雄のヒツジ。「羝羊」
level 1
stroke order
Tags 11_strokes radical_羊 level_1

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on 1647023869
on 1636468453
on 1632843138
This deck is fantastic at what it does.
on 1631540246
Fab deck, perfect for intermediate/advanced JP learners. Thank you very much for your hard work on this.
on 1629400921
incredible deck
on 1629194278
on 1629036968
A nice deck with tons of well formatted cards. A good deck to touch up to be whatever you want.
My only complaints so far are all minor:
- The following cards seem to have the Kanji and Variant fields reversed: 剥/剝 填/塡 頬/頰 麁/麇. Either that or the 'variant' version is used much more often than the 'official' version.
- the SVGs are named by their unicode points (u####.svg). I think it would be better to do something like "kanji_[KANJI HERE].svg". The SVG files contain what Kanji they are supposed to be (as well as its codepoint) so it isn't hard to rename them all yourself using grep. You need an add-on to copy from Kanji to Stroke Order and then use a find and replace to make it back into an SVG though, so doing so is not beginner friendly.
- No tags by default, but these are easily added via searching by field.
Comment from author
Thanks for your feedback.
I wasn't sure what to do with 剥/剝,填/塡 and 頬/頰 when I made this deck. But you're right it should probably be the other way around especially since the stroke order diagrams use 剥,填 and 頬. I don't know where I got 麇 from, it's not even in JIS X 208 level 1 or 2.
I never thought about the naming scheme of the svg files. But your suggestion does make more sense than how it is now.
I changed does things now and also added some tags. I personally don't use tags much so I'm not sure how helpful the ones I made are though.
on 1628413136
As expected from quizmaster, an excellent deck.
on 1620173616
on 1617990028
on 1615075882
thank you for great deck!
on 1613822505
Finally. The Holy Grail.
on 1608751770
crazy deck
on 1601424802
on 1601333964
I'm flabbergasted
on 1595533998
This deck is going to save me a tremendous amount of data entry! I'm so thankful for this.
on 1594703729
Tank you!