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auto rate typed answer

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If the typed in answer matches the saved answer this add-on rates the answer automatically as hard, good, or easy depending on how long it took you to answer. The thresholds can be configured from the add-on manager: You have "easy if shorter than", "good if shorter than", "hard if shorter than". If it takes longer than what you set under "hard if shorter than" the card will be rated as "1/Again". There also some additional options like "hard interval for cards with 2 or 3 buttons means again", "ignore case when comparing", "on mistake set focus on again", and "show tooltip for confirmation". If the typed in answer doesn't match you will see the answer and by default have to grade for yourself because I don't like automatically grading wrong answers: What if you only have a typo? What if you learn English and type "they're" whereas in the card you have "they are" etc. Should this always be graded as "fail/again"? For Anki versions 2.1.20 or newer you can change a setting in the add-on config, so that in case of a mismatch the button a user presses is ignored and instead the card is always rated as Again/1. This feature was introduced in 2021-06 and is mostly untested. If you run into problems with this feature let me know: Just click the "contact author" button in the upper right of this page. You can check if this add-on works as expected with add-ons like Extended Card Stats During Review or deck and card info sidebar during review that show you in a reviewer sidebar how you rated the last card. # multiple answer option In the add-on config you can set that the answer is compared against multiple fields, for details see the explanation in the add-on config window. This is quite complicated to setup and you must know the difference between "notes" and "cards" and know how to find out the names of note types and card templates. There's also this limitation: If what you typed in doesn't match any alternative your text will always be compared against the field that you have set in "{{type::...}}". If you can't live with these limitations don't use the option "accept_multiple_answers_for_these_notetypes". # Alternatives As far as I see for the current version 2.1 in 2019-09-03 there's only Speed Focus Mode (auto-alert, auto-reveal, auto-fail) which only rates as again if you took too long. For the old version 2.0 there are several similar add-ons that change the default ease so that depending on your answer the space bar means "again" or "good", the latest should be kelciour's _Select_Answer_Buttons_Automatically.py. This function is also included in my add-on as an option that you need to enable in the config. # bugs etc. If you find a bug or have improvements please post them in the official anki forum, on github. As always: Use this add-on at your own risk. # Versions - 2021-12-06 adjusted to 2.1.50 - 2020-06-28 fix for lower case - 2020-06-26 option to compare against multiple fields, added config.json.schema - 2019-09-04 initial release


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Supported Anki versions:

To download this add-on, please copy and paste the following code into Anki 2.1:


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on 1643520590
This is great! Could you put in an option to disable it for some decks? For decks with audio, I'd like to be able to review the back of the card even if I type it correctly. For other decks, I'd like to auto rate and move on. Thanks!
on 1637572284
Very good add-on. Thank you so much. And if you can add more time to see back side when answer's correct this add-on will be perfect one.
on 1611923761
Nice! Thanks a lot!
A suggestion, in multiple answer option the user put some related words like:
is not = isn't
what is = what's
on 1606409195
Great idea, but Please give it a function to delay the time of Auto Press Easy, good, again "button". Only Press "enter", and this app will count the time then delay option for 5 seconds or something like that.

Pressing by our hand is too low. Why not using it outside.
on 1604637023
This is so good
on 1593215990
Is there any way to add an automatic advance option if the answer is correct, without hitting enter? Like in the memrise turbo script (memrise-turbo.user.js)?
Comment from author
That sounds quite useful.

It would be much more than a minor fix for this add-on. I would have to load some custom javascript into the reviewer webview.

I added a reminder to my todo list. Very, very few people actually use this add-on. So it's very low priority for me and it probably won't happen, at least not for many months.
on 1593115514
One of the best add-ons. Great for quickly going through vocab decks without letting you slip into just grading yourself too easy.
on 1588303598
verry good!
on 1588011308
Exactly what I was looking for - I would have liked an option to automatically "again" for a mistake.
on 1579581859
Exactly what I was looking for, perfect. Thank you!