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Essential Words for the TOEFL [Persian]

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Essential Words for the TOEFL - Steven J. Matthiesen همراه با ترجمه‌ی لغات @AtieOne @PorsaOne

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Wrod elaborate
V. elaborate
Adv. elaborately
n. elaboration
Adj. something with a large number of parts; full of details
Syn. complex
Examples -An elaborate headdress indicated rank within the Aztec community.-His elaboration of the issue was quite thorough.
Persian پرکار، استادانه درست شده، بزحمت درست شده، به زحمت ساختن، داراى جزئيات
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Wrod hero
Adv. heroically
n. heroine (female), heroics, a person remembered for an act of goodness or bravery
Adj. heroic
Syn. idol
Examples -He is a hero in the eyes of his admirers.-They gave a heroic effort to no avail.
Persian قهرمان، دلاور، پهلوان داستان
Tags lesson13
Wrod security
V. secure
Adv. securely
n. the feeling of freedom from danger, doubt, or worry
Adj. secure
Syn. safety
Examples -Her sense of security increased as her grades improved.-We secured all of the doors of the lab before leaving.
Persian حفاظت، ايمنى، امنيت، آسايش خاطر، اطمينان، مصونيت، تضمين، ضامن
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