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Japanese Katakana

0.76MB. 104 audio & 0 images. Updated 2014-09-23.
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This deck is for learning the 104 Katakana characters, as well as practicing your Hiragana. You will see the character and the stroke order. Type in the matching Hiragana. You will then see if you are correct and hear the matching Audio. Note: If you cannot see the characters, go to http://www.nihilist.org.uk/ Download and install the KanjiStrokeOrders font. I made this with the help of the KanjiStrokeOrders font from http://www.nihilist.org.uk/ and the audio files from Textfugu. If you have any questions or comments, email me. Good luck! -Al

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Tags Kana Katakana KatakanaTenTen
Tags Kana Katakana KatakanaBasic
Katakana ミャ
Hiragana みゃ
Tags Kana Katakana KatakanaYōon

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on 1627646891
I like that you can also type out the answer. Good kana practice overall
on 1626507096
Thank you
on 1620763618
ta wena usenlo
on 1620665906
on point
on 1618134015
on 1617999934
Ajuda mt
on 1617876325
on 1615846622
Muito bom
on 1614761704
Very good. Needs a few changes, but customisable.
on 1613054848
on 1604972659
Wow, you can even type-and-check with this deck! Amazing job!
on 1599057207
on 1596663739
ish good
on 1589185995
Completely skipped over katakana and skipped directly to kanji
i know very little katakana and i think now is a good time to start learning it
on 1587906238
Is good
on 1584802882
on 1568492482
Muito bom
on 1555904216
This deck and your Japanese Hiragana deck are my two favorite Kana decks on Anki. Great work! ありがとうこざいます 😊
on 1555789098
Simples e eficaz. Perfeito.
on 1544529988
on 1527638400
It might me that the "tu" and "du" cards are wrong, both say "to" and "do" instead. The sounds seems to suggest the same. It was fixed with a quick edit though.
on 1433808000

Thank you. Great for high school students to review basic, You-on, tenten and maru. Good to practise recognition, (keyboard) writing skills, and have listening along with it. Do you think the ヒュ sounds more like キュ though? But easily corrected.