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Retro's Beginner Korean Grammar Sentences (333)

19.86MB. 333 audio & 333 images. Updated 2020-09-06.
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Hi guys, I recently did a switch around, so to access the higher level decks and the beginner vocabulary deck, please follow the link. All the decks and explanations: https://retrolearnskorean.blogspot.com/2020/08/anki-decks-for-korean-learners.html I will leave some basic decks up so that people can find them on anki web. I highly recommend downloading the decks from the google drive folder as they will be the most up to date versions.

Sample (from 333 notes)

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Korean 한국 친구가 많은가요? 
Sort 22-1-203-1
Tags Beginner
Korean 공항에 한 시쯤 도착했어요. 
Sort 3-17-63-2
Tags Beginner
Korean 저는 아침 8시에 일어나요. 
Sort 3-7-43-1
Tags Beginner

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on 1674248747
Very helpful.
on 1656079609
Thank you!
on 1633016370
Thank you so much for making an effort to do this.
on 1632854477
Loved this deck!
on 1625582377
Thank you!
on 1622559046
Such a great
on 1615206118
it seems simple to understand thank you
on 1614309810
Good work Retro.
on 1607086890
Love this deck! Really helpful + super clear audio. Thank you :)
on 1606704493
Great deck. Thanks for sharing.
on 1599661534
sentences are nice and simple
on 1597608009
Great deck; well organized!
on 1595609714
I like that there aren't any translations. That makes me start to understand the target language without linking it to English characteristics.
Comment from author
Thank you for the review, good luck with your studies
on 1593460467
New version, very nice