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Assimil New French with Ease + Using French

203.21MB. 1618 audio & 568 images. Updated 2020-04-03.

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Assimil New French with Ease - For beginners to intermediates. 113 lessons. Assimil Using French - for intermediates to advanced. 70 lessons. - audio quality is not as good as 'NFwE' For improving listening comprehension. You can also shadow(repeat after audio) to work on speaking/pronunciation. Lessons are split into chunks to preserve context and story, and range from single sentences to full conversations. Footnotes are included. Not every sentence is included but it is mostly complete. Every 7th lesson is a grammar lesson. They are tagged as "notes". €1 = 6.55957 F 1 F = €0.152449 18-11-2019 - NFwE L087+L095 split sentences into new cards 24-11-2019 - UF L01 added new sentences. fixed typos - NFwE097/033/103/106 + UF02/06/23 split sentences 06-12-2019 - NFwE003 added missing notes 6,7. misc typos 04-01-2020 - UF34 added missing notes 8,9. 14-01-2020 - · moved footnotes to its own field · changed 'Add Reverse?' to 'Add Active Phase?' - any input in this field will create a duplicate card but with the English on the front and French on the back · new field: 'Add Transcribe?' - any input in this field will create a duplicate card where you have to type in the French audio. There will be errors if there are footnote numbers · *IMPORTANT - because I changed the note type you will not be able to update the deck with the new optional fields if you have previously imported the deck. Please follow these instructions: here. The easier way would be to delete the existing deck (but lose all progress) then import. I'm sorry everyone I just wanted to make the deck customizable cause everyone have their own methods. With this update you can make new note types and rearrange the fields however you want. If you want to keep using the previous deck then that is ok too 👍 · added leading zeros to UF sentences. If you want to go through a lesson individually, go Browse > select the corresponding tag for the lesson > click Sort Field so it starts from S01 > Preview To do lessons in order (note: This is a workaround. Anki is not the best app to learn things in sequence): Bon voyage!

Sample (from 1682 notes)

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fr_Audio S05 - S06 -
fr_text Le prix de votre ticket ne dépend4 pas de la longueur du trajet : il coûte le même prix pour deux stations5 que pour dix.
en_text The price of your ticket does not depend on (of) the length of the journey: It costs the same price for two stations as for ten.
notes 4dépendre: to depend, behaves like vendre - to sell. Je dépends, il/elle dépend, nous dépendons, vous dépendez, ils/elles dépendent [dehpond]. Notice the postposition: de. Il dépend de ses parents - He depends on his parents.5une station de métro - a metro station but une gare - a train station, la Gare du Nord: Paris North Railway Station. When asking for a metro station, we usually ask for just the name (see Lesson 1 ). The metro and buses are run by the RATP (Régie autonome des transports parisiens).
Lesson Assimil New French with Ease 32 - Le métro
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Tags french::assimil::ease::L032
fr_Audio S11 -
fr_text Pardon ? Voulez-vous répéter3, s'il vous plaît ? Je n'ai pas entendu.
en_text Pardon? Would you repeat please? I didn't hear. 
notes 3Remember that using such a sentence will probably cause the person to whom you are speaking to do just that: repeat without making any effort to slow down or use different words. A phrase like: - Dites-le autrement - Say it in another way, is rather unconventional, but very useful. Other "survival expressions" are: Parlez plus lentement - Speak more slowly; Parlez plus fort - Speak louder. Also, when you lack confidence in a foreign language, your voice tends to become a hoarse whisper! Say what you want to say out loud (as you have been practising with this method). At least that way, if you make mistakes, people can hear you and correct you.
Lesson Assimil New French with Ease 95 - Joindre l'utile à l'agréable
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Tags french::assimil::ease::L095
fr_Audio T2 - 
fr_text Je ne l'ai jamais vue dans un pareil état.
en_text I have never seen her in such a state.
Lesson Assimil Using French 26 - Un cadeau d'anniversaire 1
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Tags french::assimil::usingfrench::L26

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on 1633475517

To me, seeing new cards in order is relevant, because I grasp better the meaning. To put the cards in order:

-In the browser, sort by Tag.This will put the cards in order by lessons.
-Select all the cards and use Cards>Reposition
-Make sure that your deck settings are set to show new cards in order added.

on 1632234896
oh my god this deck is so good! it is saving my french learning skill!
on 1623166667
C'est si bon - thanks for all your work
on 1621010465
on 1618938065
Esplèndid! Great job! Thank you very much! Merci beacoup! Moltes gràcies!!!!
on 1613753581
This is amazing, thank you so much.
on 1610206090
This deck is currently the backbone of my French studies on Anki, I'm absolutely loving it -- thanks a lot!
A question though, I want to check out that active phase option but I didn't want to mess anything up by mistake before learning its functions completely. If I type something in that field on one card, then would it create new active phase cards for the whole decks or only for that one single card? Sorry if this is a silly question, I'm not that advanced with Anki stuff. De toute façon, merci beaucoup pour ce deck!
Comment from author
Hi there,
Typing something in the active phase field will only create an active phase card for that specific card. So you can choose which cards to add.

If later you decide you no longer want the active phase card, just delete any characters in the active phase field and leave it blank. When you do your reviews, the duplicate active phase card will come up as "the front of this card is blank" (meaning the empty active phase card is still in the deck). In the Home screen, go to Tools > Empty Cards. There you can remove the empty cards and your deck is good again. More info here https://forums.ankiweb.net/t/the-front-of-this-card-is-blank-whether-i-used-an-conditional-field-fo-my-cards/4331

Not a silly question, I'm here to answer all questions the best I can 🙂
on 1609942977
There's quite a lot of errors in this - in th first line of the first lesson is a glaring typo. and I think the whole execution of the deck is just wrong. It doesn't work. It has obviously been scanned from the textbook but not checked for accuracy
Comment from author
Hello and thank you for your feedback,
All cards were typed by hand to correct any existing mistakes in the original text and have been repeatedly checked for accuracy. Could you please show where the glaring typo is and clarify?
on 1607046385
What an amazing deck...thank you for putting this together.
on 1596639931
Been using for a couple of months already, it's pretty solid. I've edited it for my needs.
on 1596385833
Wow, you've done a great job with this. I wonder if you could do it for other languages? That'd be quite nice. Thanks.
Comment from author
My other deck is the FSI Spanish basic course deck (different course and card style, and much longer)
At the moment I'm not looking to start a new language, though I might dip my toes into another romance language in the future. If I find a really good course you may see another Anki deck. I can't promise anything however with the limited time I have.
Also, don't hesitate to make your own! Making cards helps with the learning process.
Thank you for your comment and to all the comments below!
on 1595712031
Very nice. Thank you!
on 1594814345
Fabulous work!! You have made my life ten times easier as now I don't need to refer to the book and can learn on the go in a much more fun way.
on 1594714314
Good work!
on 1592181682
Very helpful
on 1590684385
a superb effort! amazing!!!
on 1588467668
The entire book!
on 1588452186
on 1586263743
Great job! Thank you very much!
on 1585788623
Thank you for this deck!!
Question: How to study this in the way Assimil proposes without messing up the sequence?
Comment from author
Hello, my reply to the previous comment below may be what you're looking for.
I also posted a visual aid up top.
The tag add-on is Hierarchical Tags 2 https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/594329229.
There is an add-on called Advanced Previewer that will allow you to review cards from the preview window (only works for Anki 2.0.x) https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/544521385
on 1581704568
This looks really good, footnotes and everything. But how do I start from the beginning? The cards show up in random order.
Comment from author
Hi there, the cards start in order if you haven't done any of the cards yet and don't have any other new cards from other decks. You can import the deck in a new profile to see. I will update the cards with a higher due number so there won't be any conflicts.

If you've already studied the cards (answered hard/good/easy), the cards will go through anki's spaced repetition schedule/algorithm and won't be in order anymore. To start from the beginning without going through anki's schedule (but not saving your progress), go to Browse > select the tag for the lesson you want to study on the left sidebar > click on Sort Field so it sorts in ascending order from S01, S02... > click Preview. Press right arrow or Enter to go the the next card in sequence.

Another way is to import the deck in a new profile and sort by Due > then click Preview from lesson 1.

Both methods will show the cards in order and you can study at your own pace this way. This will also mimic how Assimil is originally presented.
on 1581293726
Elaborate work and providing sentence context and explanations
on 1579359460
on 1574799633
Superb !
My sincere thanks for this amazing effort !!

I particularly appreciate the fact that you have used complete sentences, instead of isolated words.

The notes and pictures you have included are a great bonus.

I wish that I could give you ten thumbs up! 😊
Comment from author
thank you 😊😊😊
on 1574073049
Excellent, thank you very much. I look forward to the Business French version : -)
Comment from author
Currently on the fence about ankifying Business French. The dialogues and sentences are much longer but I will sacrifice too much of the flow/context if I start slicing things up. Also, the course has many reading and writing assignments. I think that if one is advanced enough to tackle BF then splitting the lessons into chunks might give diminishing returns. At that point, I think self-made cards is a better idea