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Aspekte B2 German Vocab. 1/2 (B2 Deutsch Wortschatz 1/2)

132.99MB. 1882 audio & 1277 images. Updated 2019-02-25.
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German<====>English flashcards with audio and image(mostly) Due to size limitation the whole deck of "Aspekte B2" presented into two parts: part 1 : Lektion 1 bis 5 part 2 : Lektion 6 bis 10 The extracted vocabulary from book "Aspekte B2" Lektion 1 bis 5 (including Lehrbuch2 and Arbeitsbuch2). Using color effect for optimum memorization in this deck : Makulin names in color Blue Feminin names in color Red Neutral names in color Black Dativ: D, Akkusativ: A This deck is in addition of decks "Complementary B2 Vocabs", "Aspekte B2 2/2","Optimal B1", "TANGRAM Aktuell A2/1" and "TANGRAM Aktuell A2/2" which are available in Anki Shared decks. for making better decks please Rate and Comment. Thank you all

Sample (from 1914 notes)

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Eng I agree with you
Deu ich stimme dir zu
Grammatik ich stimmte zu, haben zugestimmt
Tags AspekteB2Lektion01
Eng intellectual development
Deu intellektuelle Entwiklung
Tags AspekteB2Lektion05
Eng clumsy, awkward
Deu ungeschickt
Grammatik ungeschickter, ungeschicktesten
Syno-Antonyme # geschickt
Tags AspekteB2Lektion03

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on 1609755301
The voice notes with distinguished pictures make the remembering very easy.
Great deck!!
on 1606853948
wonderfully made, thank you !
on 1572847931
Vielen Dank für Ihr Beitrag.

As commented by another friend on 31/10/2019, this deck contains many errors which decrease the value of this deck. Nevertheless, this deck still shines because it follows tightly to Aspekte B2 book.

To imporve the value of this deck, can you kindle provide more introduction about how you generate this deck. If possible, can you publish your processing scripts?
on 1572453385
Das Audio von "widersprechen" ist inkorrekt, die Betonung sollte auf "sprechen" statt "wider" liegen.
There are many errors in this deck, the emphasis of "vorlesen" should be on "vor", the meaning of "Redemittel" is "useful phrases" instead of "speech media" according to the result of LEO (https://dict.leo.org/englisch-deutsch/Redemittel), and the word "verhalten" should be capitalized as "Verhalten" and regarded as a noun when its corresponding translation is "behavior". Moreover, some of the illustrations are weird, like those on "aufeinandertreffen" and "betrachten", it's not helping at all but produce confusion. This deck not recommended.

der Gebrauch, wrong.

"vererben" ->
X "inherit"
O "bequeath"
Comment from author
Thanks for your comment,
about Audios : you are right but the point is all audios have been downloaded from google translate add on.
about modifying of nouns and verbs: you are right, by the first chance it will be done.
about illustrations and pictures: actually its totally open and customisable.
Thanks again for your precision.
on 1571080654
Danke sehr
on 1563306777
Awesome Effort, Great Work.
on 1558871237
Wunderbar !
on 1550436831
Is it only words from the end of each chapter or is there more? Thanks, the deck looks awesome and pictures are really helpful!
Comment from author
the deck includes far more than the list end of each chapter, it contains almost every word in the chapter.
on 1537079135
OMG love yu m8 , you rocked my world.This is amazing.
on 1536989401
Vielen Dank
on 1532342374
Good work! Really thanks! But I can't see the images, it only appears a question mark (?) Do you know why?
Comment from author
The deck has been updated, I hope it works.