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Zoom 2.1

<10kB. Updated 2020-01-13.
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It allows you to: - zoom in or out with Ctrl + +/Ctrl + - - or with Ctrl + mouse wheel - or with the View >> Zoom menu. Please report all issues & feature requests at this page: krassowski/Anki-Zoom Changelog: === 1.2.0 - 12 Jan 2020 - fixed the zoom persistence issue (thanks to Sasstraliss) If you want to contribute feel free to fork the repository and send a PR. This add-on is based on Zoom for Anki 2.0 created within ospalh addon's collection.


As add-ons are programs downloaded from the internet, they are potentially malicious. You should only download add-ons you trust.

Supported Anki versions:

To download this add-on, please copy and paste the following code into Anki 2.1:


If you were linked to this page from the internet, please open Anki on your computer, go to the Tools menu and then Add-ons>Browse & Install to paste in the code.

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on 1672789714
working with 2.1.54
on 1669163354
Works with 2.1.54. Awesome!
on 1668549068
on 1665954957
It IS working, but I wanted it to work in the Preview mode (the one inside the "Browse" option), and it doesn't. Could you consider adding this functionality, please?
on 1665562178
works in 2.1.55 beta 2
on 1664915695
on 1660970809
Excelente aplicativo!
on 1658757508
Muito bom!!!
on 1658028276
on 1656266040
Used the other zoom addon, but that stopped working on the latest Anki.
Tried this on Version ⁨2.1.53 (96bacf79)⁩ Python 3.9.7 Qt 6.3.0 PyQt 6.3.0 for M1 Mac and it works.
Cmd shift + to zoom in.
on 1653056493
Although I thought this add-on was buggy--it appears that the author either MIS-CODED the hotkeys OR mis-typed the instructions lol. Try this:

Zooming in: = Ctrl + Shift + (+)
Zooming out: = Ctrl + (-)

Regarding the mouse wheel function: I've either a) not figured it out or b) is broken.

Overall, great add-on, thank you!!!!!
on 1651009409
on 1650388677
it's not working
on 1648880414
it does not work. Package does not show up in anki.
But it is listed under extensions.
on 1648354009
Super buggy. Any time I bury a card (which is frequently) it messes up the size. Very inconvenient
on 1642432951
work well in ubuntu 20.04 LTS
on 1642273812
on 1640306334
Thank you so much, it's very useful, and solve my problem.
on 1638767755
So far so good. Just FYI to whomever is reading this. For windows, zooming in is CTRL-SHIFT-PLUS and zooming out is CTRL-TAB-MINUS. The ones listed above are incorrect.
on 1631715861
Works for me on Windows version.
on 1628179310
its not working on my mac !
on 1626615826
This app is amazing!!!
on 1626579506
Hasta el momento todo bien
on 1624483185
Muito fácil de acessar
on 1622506463
on 1618093245
Keeps locking in very zoomed in or zoomed out settings if I click on a deck or sync. Very inconvenient and strange. The other guy was right about this addon working better: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/538879081
on 1613741985
Tive muitos problemas com esta extensão. Primeiro que assim que instalei ele não pegava o atalho para aumentar no teclado (Ctrl ++), só quando eu fazia manualmente no menu.
E segundo que, depois de dois dias de ter instalado a extensão, o Anki não queria abrir e recebi uma mensagem que poderia ser a extensão, ignorei e consegui abrir o zoom depois disso. Dias depois o áudio começou a dar erro, e eu parei de ouvir os áudios dos cartões.
Desinstalei a extensão do zoom 2.1 e tudo voltou ao normal.
on 1613422695
Really great, have never had issues though the zoom does randomly flip flop between two set levels, though I believe thhat may come from Anki itself as a base program. Either way this is one of my "must-haves."
on 1611406814
on 1610687598
muito bom
on 1609999970
on 1609975778
Very good, did what the description offered.
on 1605506194
It works fine.
on 1603887440
Not working properly after last update. Zoom in and out for other windows, not only the actual.
on 1600364537
When I return to decks after being zoomed in on a card, the homescreen is very zoomed in.
Also zoom level isn't maintained and get set back to default every time.

Try this one instead https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/538879081 -> this works
on 1599404503
on 1598116321
I'm on Windows. You need to restart the program for Zoom add-ons to work.
on 1596988441
Don't function
on 1596738390
Has bugs on newer versions of Anki - this fixes it: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/538879081
on 1595443346
its does the job well, its just that u have to manually do it through the View<Zoom menu. The key binds don't work
on 1595211040
Colei o código mas, não finalizou, deu erro. Vou tentar novamente amanhã.
on 1595205269
on 1595173153
on 1594942006
When I increase the ZOOM and go to the deck and exit options, the ZOOM remakes and increases again.
on 1594735273
Perfect...Thank u!
on 1594316210
Very helpful. A million thanks!!
on 1591509436
It works...but strange
on 1590240918
It works
on 1589812622
BE CAREFUL, the 2 comments below this are shady, and the add-on that they are marketing is very suspicious as well

this add-on works thank you
on 1589012561
you had a good time buddy
on 1587893219
Works great!
on 1587585549
It's works perfectly fine but it doesn't zoom on images would you please fix that!
on 1587562170
very good
on 1587416073
on 1587359902
on 1586531596
on 1586290602
Amazing Add-on, a little buggy tho.
The zoom is not staying the same when entering the "Edit card" screen and after going back to the cards themselves.
the zoom is not staying the same after closing anki and entering again.

after installing anki on Linux, zoom in/out via control + mouse wheel didn't work. installing "Anki zoom" solved it.
on 1585756545
Currently (2.1.22) the scrollwheel and control hotkeys aren't working and you have to zoom in using the menu bar manually.
on 1585325704
Extremely useful, right now it is pretty buggy though
on 1585257186
on 1584936767
The most important add-on for anki
on 1584816568
on 1584610850
Zoom resets to either very large or small after renaming a particular deck.
on 1583635501
Does exactly what it says, great
on 1582375388
Used to work perfectly, but a lot of bugs since the last anki update (2.1.19). If someone finds a solution, I'll buy him a good coffee!
on 1582026283
Shortcuts and mouse wheel functionality doesn't work in Anki 2.1.20.

They do work in Anki 2.1.15, though
on 1581998822
In the new Anki release ctrl+0 wont reset zoom
on 1581887722
So many bugs!! Please!! dear coder debug it please!! I need this add-on!!!
can't work with mouse, with ctrl+-, can only enlarge everything but when not minimize it.
AND when I double click the 'desk' everything goes back to default... ...

Please!! someone save this Zoom addon!!
on 1581880667
It works, but the ctrl + mouse wheel feature does not. It would be a lot more natural if that were fixed. I don't think it deserves a thumbs down though, because the basic feature is there.
on 1581112837
on 1580969875
some problems....
on 1580959356
on 1580832195
Works, allows me to read properly the small kana/kanji in the explanations.
on 1580297208
It does not work, only works the function ctrl + -
(Não funciona, somente a função do crtl + - funciona)
on 1580134182
The cards, deck, main pages cannot be zoomed separately. Terrible experience that I need to zoom all the time.
on 1579955205
Very useful for when I want to step back from the screen and do my reviews from a bit of a distance when my eyes tire.
One suggestion tho::: it would be great to have the current zoom percentage displayed in some corner or something
on 1579651638
New version cannot use Ctrl+mouse.
on 1579630343
Its works great!!.
on 1579546435
It's not working right now.
on 1579533804
Ctrl + mouse wheel has stopped working.
Will give thumbs up when fixed.
on 1579263699
It's great
on 1579223526
With the most version(anki 2.1.18), the scroll wheel shortcut no longer seems to work
on 1579211806
Great feature.
on 1579120831
Scroll not working on most recent update, its been fantastic until this!
on 1578939461
With the most recent update, the scroll wheel shortcut no longer seems to work. I would love to see this fixed soon.
on 1578825516
Does not work out of the box. I am a beginner using Anki on a Linux machine and troubleshooting is difficult. Its a great idea but needs more work. It would be great to see it done! :)
on 1578629136
This version would never save my zoom settings between sessions. Instead, download the version from GitHub (https://github.com/krassowski/Anki-Zoom), and copy only the "zoom" folder to the add-ons folder of your local machine. In Windows, that folder is probably here: C:\Users\[your username]\AppData\Roaming\Anki2\addons21
on 1578613759
on 1578504985
Funcionou perfeito pra mim..
on 1578443226
Not working for me
on 1577071175
Great , as the previous version
on 1576623546
Work just fine , you may have to zoom again in some situation yet its still extremity useful
on 1576359634
on 1575370954
on 1575176524
The zoom function works great; however, editing stuff (like dragging and dropping folders) is extremely fidgety when you zoom in. A quick fix is to just zoom back out and only zoom in when you are studying as clicking buttons works fine.
on 1575141711
on 1575108700
The zoom keeps changing as I move between the overview and deck screens.
on 1574959610
Zoom doesn't stay long, changes all the time. Annoying!
on 1574650293
2.1 does not work
on 1574427039
Zoom doesn't stay, changes randomly
on 1574272844
on 1573919879
only zooms images on the front of the card not the back.
on 1573903349
No zoom persistence, keyboard shortcuts not working and lack of a minimum support. Irritating...
on 1573062238
It should be in the basic setting!
on 1572618079
It doesn't work very well
on 1572545397
This should be a default add-on for anki, exactly what I needed and wanted after squinting for so long
on 1572439443
good !
on 1569349554
on 1567179928
on 1566407993
Fantastic tool
on 1566251786
Very good!
on 1564205098
Thanks a lot, exactly what i needed. Base anki should have come with this... Hard to read kanji/traditional hanzi without zoom.
on 1563168468
There is a new version of this add-on in the Github page(krassowski/Anki-Zoom), so I recommend you to get them. Newer version is better as it can save zoom factor of deck state and review state.
on 1562970140
Thank you!
on 1562955403
works like a charm on Anki 2.1 thanks !
on 1562193076
When I return to decks after being zoomed in on a card, the homescreen is very zoomed in. If I return it to normal size and then select a deck, the deck screen is very zoomed out. Apart from that it works how it should, although it would be nice to be able to zoom into images that maximise the vertical screen distance when still very small in relative terms.
on 1560546084
on 1560166029
Must have. The basic version should include this.
on 1560103804
It works fine
on 1559316449
nice job, dude !
on 1558543724
Hi krassowski, splendid work !! Should be a standard feature in Anki.. Come on Anki-Team, for someone with lots of decks is this add-on indispensible.
on 1558204650
Excellent. This should be a default feature for Mac. Thank you.
on 1558003855
very good
on 1554915743
on 1554045430
One of the dozen or so "why isn't this in 2.1 by default" addons.
on 1552282763
on 1552220109
Does what it says. Couldn't live without it!
on 1552129551
Works as advertised. Zooms text + images at the same time. Even has a shortcut for jumping back to original size ("Ctrl + 0", not in the add-on description)
on 1547837749
Ctrl + + does not work!
on 1547608131
Good! Thank you
on 1546863957
Can mess up canvas coordinates, see this issue Damien responded to: https://anki.tenderapp.com/discussions/ankidesktop/31858-anki-21-html-5-canvas-element-coordinates-are-read-differently-on-the-editor-than-when-reviewing
on 1546690552
It´s very nice
on 1546671068
Works well with 2.1 Nice one!
on 1546272403
Exactly what I needed. Thanksalot!!
on 1545777728
Ah! A huge help. Thank you! I would love if there were a few more size intervals! As "just right" seems to be between intervals. But soooo much better.
on 1545184077
Good for high resolution screen.
on 1544435100
on 1543765352
eu gostei
on 1540666162
Great, but would appreciate the feature of the zoom level being maintained instead of set back to default every time.
on 1540267068
on 1537970666
on 1536397820
zoom doesnt remain fix
on 1532978235
Thank you, this is very helpful.
on 1530980853
Muito bom
on 1525046400
Great add-on.

Might I suggest an option to have the zoom level be either persistent (from card to card) or to reset with each new card?
on 1512864000
Easy to use!
on 1510358400
nice app but there is a little problem

Zoob level does not remain fixed to the level i last time as i leave, each time i open anki i must adjust it again
on 1506988800