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Migaku Anki Add-on

55.86MB. Updated 2023-01-30.
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THE MIGAKU ANKI ADD-ON IS INTENDED FOR USERS OF MIGAKU, WHO USE ANKI AS THEIR SRS. IT IS NOT INTENDED FOR ANKI USERS WHO ARE NOT SUBSCRIBERS TO MIGAKU. The Migaku Anki Add-on is a combination of all our previous addons and their features. But it is not only a combination, we also simplified the set up and usage of the add-on to make it more accessible. In order to simplify the add-ons usage and setup, some functions were moved to the Migaku Browser Extension and are now handled from there. If you don't have the Migaku Browser Extension installed, they will not work. Below, those features are marked as such. If you want to know more about the Migaku Browser Extension you can watch a summary of its most important features here. General Features Editor Features Retirement Features Vacation Features (will be implemented soon) Flexible Grading Features Dictionary Features (Migaku Browser Extension required) Language Specific Features (Migaku Browser Extension required) General Features Japanese Chinese German French Spanish Portuguese How to install the Addon If you haven't installed Anki yet, you can download it here. After you are done installing Anki, open it. Next, navigate to |Tools|>|Add-ons|. In the window that opens, press |Get Add-ons…|. In the window that opens, enter the code at the end of this page and press |OK|. After the installation is finished, restart Anki and you are done! About Migaku: Our Website Migaku Youtube Channel Migaku Twitter Support What We Do: Please consider giving a thumbs up!


As add-ons are programs downloaded from the internet, they are potentially malicious. You should only download add-ons you trust.

Supported Anki versions:

To download this add-on, please copy and paste the following code into Anki 2.1:


If you were linked to this page from the internet, please open Anki on your computer, go to the Tools menu and then Add-ons>Browse & Install to paste in the code.

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on 1675062424
While there are still many small bugs to iron out, Migaku has greatly improved my learning process.
on 1673377442
I installed this addon to add Anki cards from YouTube/Netflix subs. This is a great feature.

However after I installed it, I spent some time wondering why the number of buttons displayed on all my Anki decks, including those that have nothing with Migaku, was reduced to two. It really was waste of time. That should be separated from Netflix/YouTube functionality or proposed to the Anki developers community as an option.
There are many other features that I don't know are really necessary in both Migaku and this Add-on. So the UI of Migaku is really complicated. It shouldn't be written here though.
Maybe the author should know the word "kiss principle".
on 1672790002
As of Anki v2.1.55 there is a bug with this extension that causes Anki to freeze when you open/close deck options. Please update.
on 1661202092
Love the tool. Only frustrating part is how slow the updates/bug fixes are whenever a new version of Anki comes out.
on 1661053710
I both agree and disagree with others on this. It is definitely something that would be better utilized and MUCH more well-known if it didn't have a price on it, but there are so many unique and functional features in Migaku as a whole, it makes sense for it to come with a price. In my opinion, I think you could easily get the best of both worlds if you allowed Migaku to be on a donation basis. Those with money can contribute as much or as little as they'd like per month, while others can use its features free of charge. This would give Migaku an insane amount of praise and publicity, while still earning it a considerable amount of money.

All in all, whether you have the money to use this at the moment or not, there's no denying it's the extension we all dreamed of. Anki integration - Viki and Netflix compatibility - color-based interfaces - even pictures and screenshots for Anki cards! This is all you ask Reddit for an MORE.

Don't say it sucks because it isn't free. Just realize that the developers might be asking for more than this type of community is willing to pay.
on 1660490358
Price for value is great, stop whining
on 1659974020
make it free
on 1659799862
Seems like in the great Matt vs Yoga fight, there were no good guys after all...
Taking an open-source addon, turning it into a subscription, and still continuing to use the open-source nature of Anki might be legal but not a good look at all morally
on 1659305427
I'm not going to downvote it because all of the Migaku's addons have helped me a lot with my studying of Japanese, but what a disappointing turn of events...
Unfortunately, most people on earth don't make dollars, much less receive an allowance from their parents, so the fact that basically anything useful is now paid-to-use is quite depressing. I remember reading on Reddit something around the lines of: "everything we've created so far is going to continue to be free", which was a lie, apparently.
I'm unfortunately gonna have to continue with my Anki extremely outdated in order to use the addons (specially the pitch accent and the dictionary ones).
Well, good luck in the future. Again, it's very depressing, but everyone needs to make a living, I guess.
on 1659108009
It's a good add-on. The pitch accent colouring and anki dictionary look ups are things I find particularly helpful. A lot of the other functions it has can be had in other addons, but it's nice to have an all-in-one addon where you know everything works together.

Most of the bad reviews are people upset the add-on is part of a subscription service because they wanted it for free. They're about as helpful at describing the product as the reviews on Amazon saying "mY pAcKaGe WaS lAtE!" Ignore them for determining if the addons is actually good or not. They haven't actually used it.
on 1658966973
If you have paid for the migaku browser extension then don't be dissuaded by the bad reviews. Everything works great, and almost all the bad reviews are because people are unhappy that it is a paid product.
on 1658097543
Old version was better trash
on 1657937514
on 1656383058
I second the comment about not making the software free for everyone. Anki is a free, open-source project, and as one of the few high-quality open-source projects that exist in a sea of paid, proprietary software, it should stay that way
Comment from author
We will update our information to make it clear this addon is intended for only our users who also use Anki. It's not intended for only users of Anki.
on 1655844955
So stupid
on 1655210573
This seems to link to a paid service. I understand a programmers need to be credited for their work, but Anki is a large, open source and crowd source project. If this is a proprietary service, please either make your own flashcard SRS from scratch or release it on this free platform for free. If you want to get paid for your time you had better be paying everyone who has been part of Anki before you as well for their work. The online language learning community has been struggling for years to prove that you don't need to spend a bunch of money and pay people to give you resources and lessons, and that you can accomplish it by yourself with little or no cost. I see you are not trying to do that but instead create a for-profit business on an open source platform and I wish you luck on that endeavor.
Comment from author
"with little or no cost"
We believe this is exactly what we're delivering.

We will update our information to make it clear this addon is intended for only our users who also use Anki. It's not intended for only users of Anki.
on 1653287201
I don't mind paying for the add-on, but I think the team need to pay more attention to eliminate the bugs before spreading into other fancy features.
on 1652950909
I can't believe there's people crying and complaining because they are moving this into a paid service. WTF DID YOU EXPECT? you are all probably entitled millennials that don't understand the word effort and sacrifice. They have worked on these amazing tools for free for a long time and you expect them to keep working for free? You should quit learning whatever language you're trying to learn because you clearly don't understand the word effort and sacrifice, entitled kid. Go and find some other free tool and stop spreading your hate for no reason.

Great work developers , keep at it, the real audience that appreciate your work is the one you should target, I'm purchasing the lifetime version right now!
Comment from author
Thanks, don't worry, we're focused on adding value to our supporters first and foremost.
on 1652297282
Yeah, let's just make an awesome addon and tertiarize the most important aspect through a web extension which requires a subscription. Nice.
on 1652097136
DOES NOT contain the Migaku Dictionary addon. Migaku has decided to pull support for the dictionary addon so they can sell it to you via their browser extension. If you're coming from Migaku's old addons, you will be disappointed.
on 1650922042
Problems with Anki version 2.1.41 (312fa278).

Screenshot: https://jmp.sh/TWgaEdG

I installed the extension for Anki manually because I am unable to install by copying the code.

Problem solved. Thanks man.
Comment from author before post was edited
Hey there! This add-on is only compatible with Anki 2.1.49 and newer.

That's why you cannot install it from the code. Didn't realize Ankiweb doesn't show it in the description. Will update that.
on 1650883146
Seems still not compatible with 2.1.50.

Anki crashes every time I search a word using the add-on.
Comment from author before post was edited
Mind sharing what issues you have on 2.1.50? Right now we didn't get any bug reports specifically for 2.1.50 yet.

Please contact us on our Forums or the Discord server. Thank you!
on 1650301478
Great to have this functionality and still being able to install the newest Anki versions.
on 1647521874
Nice addon even if a bit of the functionality needs the browser extension to work
on 1645774528
Good add-on 🔥
on 1645298061
very good, I waited for years for this update.
on 1645289829
on 1645252455
Super helpful, easy to use! All-In-One!
on 1644907393
Fantastic addon, highly recommend!!
on 1644904749
Awesome - It's great to have all in one place.