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(Legacy) HoochieBaby: Queue Controller & Day-Lrn Q

0.02MB. Updated 2020-11-23.
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Development Cycle Development has been suspended. The changes planed for Anki may require drastic rewrites of ReMemorize and Hoochie addons. Until a better picture of the situation can be ascertained, no further updates will be made beyond 2.1.35 Tested upto 2.1.36beta3 About: This addon randomizes the day-learning queue for subdecks, and randomly draws from the other queue ensuring a random distribution of new, learn, and review cards. V1 & V2 compatible Day-learning queue is randomized, but intra day learning queue cannot be randomized as it is time sensitive. So don't be surprised if learning cards and day-learning cards don't show up in the sorting order you would expect. * Day-learning Cards: cards with a learning step of 1440 or greater, and includes cards that didn't make it to the day cutoff time. ** Intra day learning Cards: cards with a learning step of less than 1440, with other restrictions applied depending on your hour of study. Config: This addon must be enabled in preferences menu under the "Muffins" tab. License: This addon is a labor of love and licensed under the GPL. If you find it useful, consider paying something forward by supporting some charitable endeavors. Suggestions: https://iccf-holland.org/ https://www.vim.org/sponsor/index.php Derivative works or forks published with no added values should also include the above statement.


As add-ons are programs downloaded from the internet, they are potentially malicious. You should only download add-ons you trust.

Supported Anki versions:

To download this add-on, please copy and paste the following code into Anki 2.1:


If you were linked to this page from the internet, please open Anki on your computer, go to the Tools menu and then Add-ons>Browse & Install to paste in the code.

This add-on previously supported Anki 2.0. You can download the last version supporting 2.0 here. As Anki 2.0 has been discontinued, no support is available for this version.

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on 1611516234
It should be anki's default option!
on 1608243491
Works fine! Still dont know why the new scheduler does not include the HoochiePapa and Baby functions.
But I still dont get the difference between the dash and check option of HoochieBaby...

Update: Thank you for your nice answer!
My 2nd problem is that I dont understand how Anki (without the HoochieBaby) determines the order of learning cards.
While just trying to figure it out I noticed that similar “groups” of cards seem to get presented together again. My steps (in minutes) are 3 10 1440. And Anki jumps (the moment I have done all my new cards and revise cards) between the learning cards with the 10 min and the 1440 min interval, while keeping the above mentioned “groups” somehow together, so its on the one side not an order (by interval) on the other side its not randomized.
So my question is: Is HoochieBaby's Randomizing function still necessary? (dont get me wrong here, the mix between new - learning - revise function alone is worth the addon)
Comment from author
It's not included for good reasons. Randomizing new/lrn cards makes it harder to LEARN (Encode new information), but that also depends on the quality of your card and structure of your decks.

Dash just randomizes lrn cards. Study order depends on anki's review timer.
Check is for new-lrn-rev, you know, those blue-red-green numbers.
Study order: 1N,1L,2R - 2N,1L,1R - 1N,2L,3R etc...

re2Update1: So you want to talk to the organ grinder now... Ok, here goes.

The difference is pre- and post-randomization. Think of it as rolling a dice and recording the numbers. Every time you check the histories, the records are the same. Because it's already recorded, this becomes a fixed-point in time. The Hoochie addons modify it so that every time you check, the records changes. It randomizes the numbers in the histories at the time of review. This comes at the cost of high CPU and battery usage.

That being said, for HoochieBaby, I question whether the benefits are placebos. Most users would not notice the difference or benefit.
on 1606182403
Thank you for the update!!!
on 1606154842
I'm currently incrementally writing a 420 page novel on why the Hoochie series add-ons should be ported to Anki 2.1.35+. I do not support terrorism. I would be willing to become your minion. I will await future instructions.

(Plz port)

Huge thanks for updating this add-on to 2.1.35! You are too kind for this world, I would have probably kept trolling in your position, or added a cryptolocker :P What do I do with my incremental writing cards now?
Comment from author
This was the easiest of the 3 to fix and would not be included in Anki. What makes you think I'm not dangling a carrot here?.

I know dae's livelihood depends on this project, so using those tools for a joke would be unethical.
on 1606151159
Thank you very much for updating this.
on 1595252360
Add-on works very well I have never had any trouble with it and it is reasonably easy to use!
But a question, would it be possible to extend the time limit for intra day learning I.E. have it be at 2440 rather than 1440 or is this hard wired into Anki?
Will the add-on randomize over due learning steps that cross the day threshold? So I do a 2 hr step at 2:00pm and then tomorrow morning at 9:00am I start doing cards again, would this be randomized or not? essentially I am trying to randomize only my 3rd learning step which I have set to 3 days, other steps are 25, 1440 for reference. Thanks.
Comment from author
You care talking about fuzz. That is not related to this addon. This addon shuffles cards between different subdecks at the time of review and has nothing to do with the scheduling you are referring to.
on 1591960461
I have a question about this: "Day-learning Cards: cards with a learning step of 1440 or greater, and includes cards that didn't make it to the day cutoff time."

1) What does "cards that didn't make it to the day cutoff time" mean? Does it mean cards that are left over when you didn't go through your cards fast enough so some cards you would've seen today would instead be scheduled by Anki for the next day? (I don't know if that's what Anki actually does.)

2) What if I have cards currently waiting on a 360 step BUT I haven't returned to Anki for more than a day? Do those cards count as day-learning cards? (I have a 360 step because I want the option to do reviews later in the same day, although I usually do Anki only once a day.)
Comment from author
It is decided at the time of grading. So, for a cutoff time at 12AM and it is 11PM now, your learning step is 120mins or 2hrs, but there is only 1hr left before the cutoff. In this case, Anki will mark these as day-learning cards instead of intra-day learning cards. It is marked at the time of grading depending on how much time is left for today's study session.
on 1586795746
All hoochie add ons won't work with Anki 2.4
Comment from author
Development Cycle!!!!
on 1585913815
on 1585532329
on 1580934238
Is there anyway to put all learning cards first?
Comment from author
When turning on this addon, there are two extra options: disabled, dash, and check. The dash option was meant to work with an unfinished addon. But you can use this instead: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1807121582 The checked option will cause a conflict, so make sure to use the dash option.
on 1577639868
V2 Scheduler doesnt do jacksh*t for the day learning cards for me, this addon is the only thing working its awesome!
on 1571793476
Thank you
on 1564010892
Awesome! Very helpful
on 1554637203
More user control over the queue is amazing!
on 1553514597
the hoochie add-ons are my favorite add-ons.
on 1548538584
on 1545432766
Nice !!! Tanks