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Japanese: Minna No Nihongo 1

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Includes all nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs (and adverbial expressions) and phrases given in Minna No Nihongo 1-1 and 1-2. (Only words explained in the Translation and Grammar books). Two types of cards: Recognition and Recall. In Recognition, you are given the word (with furigana) and you have to identify the meaning and other information. In Recall, you are given the meaning and you have to identify the word. There are several different card types. The common fields are Expression (either a phrase or a word), Reading (same as expression but with furigana), Meaning, Chapter Number and Comment. The comment usually contains information about similar words, homophones and/or alternate meaning(s). The additional fields include: IMPORTANT: How to use this deck You can study cards from a given lesson by using Custom Study with the tag 'chapterNM' where 'NM' is the lesson number. For example, words from lesson 15 are tagged as 'chapter15'. Nouns, verbs and adjectives also tagged, so you can study them separately using Custom Study as well. Some general remarks:
  1. You may need to install the Japanese Support plugin for things to work correctly.
  2. In the Adverb cards, the semantics of the fields are a bit different. In all other cases, the "Expression" field means the word/phrase in question but in case of Adverbs, this is replaced by the "Word" field and "Expression" refers to an example sentence or phrase, i.e., an expression utilising the adverb.
  3. Some cards also include references to words from lessons 25+.
If you find any errors or have any comments or suggestions for improvement, please send me an email at the following email address: hi[at]cutcul[dot]us. If you leave a comment here, it is unlikely that I will see it. Change Log: 2021 May 29 2021 Jan 4

Sample (from 790 notes)

Cards are customizable! When this deck is imported into the desktop program, cards will appear as the deck author has made them. If you'd like to customize what appears on the front and back of a card, you can do so by clicking the Edit button, and then clicking the Cards button.
Expression そうですね。
Reading そうですね。
Meaning I agree with you.
Chapter Number 13
Comment そうですね。= Well let me see. (pausing) (8)
Tags chapter13
Reading 箸[はし]
Meaning chopsticks
Chapter Number 7
Comment 橋[はし] = bridge (23)
Tags chapter7 noun
Expression 連れて 行きます
Reading 連[つ]れて 行[い]きます
Meaning take (someone)
Group I
Chapter Number 24
Antonym(s) 連[つ]れて 来[き]ます = bring (someone) (24)
Tags chapter24 verb

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Great job! It is really hard to make an Anki deck for a whole book. The most import feature of this deck is that it is tagged by noun, adjective, adverbs, verbs, etc. Just using the Anki search function, you can customized and create a deck to just learn adjectives, etc.
on 1637550201
Cards are not sorted sequentially from chapter 1 to late chapter. The tags are useless because you'll lose your progress anyway when creating custom deck and trying to add new chapters you've just learned.
on 1636860611
wonderful. but how could I adjust to learn voca from lesson 1 then 2 ,3,... instead of random
edit: omg, thanks for the person below that taught how to filter the cards. what a masterpiece for sure
on 1630678857
amazing work!
but, could be better if u line space the Antonyms & comments
nevertheless, its a great job man
on 1628838582
Merci pour votre travail
on 1611551081
very accurate reproduction of vocabulary! thank you
on 1568632380
Thank you very much. Been able to learn all words from 1st Minna thanks to you. Hope to see your cards on N4-N1
on 1565591830
on 1563220075
on 1561286764
Good work on the deck.

For those who cannot sort by chapter number... create a filtered deck according to your progress.
Be aware I may have renamed my deck so you might have to type something else into the search.
Tools-> Create Filtered Deck...
Search: "deck:Minna1" ("chapter number:1")
Search: "deck:Minna1" ("chapter number:1" or "chapter number:2" or "chapter number:3")

Basically the Search at the creation of filtered decks is the SAME Search function as in Browse. So I also advise you to test your output of your search term there first!!! and look at what it spits out. After you are satisfied with your search term just copy paste the search term from your Browse Decks to the search field of Create Filtered Deck.
(Quality of Life)
What you can also do after this to shorten the Search term is create a Filtered Deck of each chapter, go to Browse, select the filtered deck of this chapter (let's assume chapter 6), select all cards in this chapter, right click, Add Tag, type in "ch6" for example (whatever you do don't use spaces here), done. Now you can search for this chapter by typing into the search field
deck:Minna1 (tag:ch6)
deck:Minna1 (tag:ch1 or tag:ch2 or tag:ch3 or tag:ch4)
almost at the end of the book?
all chapters except the last 3:
deck:Minna1 -(tag:ch25 or tag:ch24 or tag:ch23)
on 1553719980
I have been trying to sort via chapter but just cannot seem to figure it out. It is very frustrating and makes this very well made deck almost useless :( Could someone please help me, I am using the Anki App for android.
on 1546416484
I downloaded this deck but I can't really use it, because I'm unable to sort it by chapters.
I read the previous comments or other posts about this issue on Reddit, some people explained how to sort this deck by chapters but whether it's in the app or on the website I can't find the "sort by field" option (not sure this is how it's called). From the phone app, all the options I have when I finally manage to find the different fields are: "clear", "clone from", "translation" and "pronunciation".
Maybe this possibility is not available anymore in 2018/19?
on 1537968265
good job!
on 1536148228
on 1508284800
on 1501977600
on 1500163200
on 1495152000
Very promosing but... no... no but! good deck :)

Very promising deck, very useful and I was about to write "but the thing is that you cannot sort it by chapter numbers".

Even after an hour searching for the solution, I couldn't get away from this deck like this and I found how to sort by chapter number!

If you want to use this deck as a companion while studying the book, I think this is mandatory.
Please be sure you have synchronised all your decks and maybe perform of check of the database.
Go to "Browse Decks"
- Select the deck "Japanese"
- Click the "Fields" button under the list of cards
- In the new window, select the field "Chapter Number"
- and tick "Sort by this field in the browser"

So now, I can sort by chapters and schedule according to the ones I already studied... Great!
on 1483660800
on 1477872000
Good Deck, however the phrase cards are terrible

Disclaimer: I'm still studying the MNN 1-1 portion of the deck as of this review, meaning I have not gotten to MNN 1-2 yet.

This deck makes you remember the meaning of the words, as well as making you remember the Japanese words given the meaning. It works well except for when the author wrote it such that some phrases have the same English meaning. For example, 行っていらっしゃい translates to so long, as well as 行って参ります, so when you see "So Long.", you will have to remember both at the same time to make sure you're correct, which can lead to some frustration.

Fortunately as far as the rest goes, I've encountered no problems whatsoever.
on 1475971200
How do I remove furigana?
on 1466035200
on 1457913600
Nicely structured

This deck fills a gaping hole in Minna no Nihongo flash card collections, and is structured very well. My only gripe is that I can't seem to review them by chapter number, but I assume that's because I don't know how to use Anki that well.

Cheers for the hard work, mate!
on 1431216000