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Medical Mandarin Chinese - Defense Language Institute LSK

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About Defense Language Institute Medical LSKs: This is a deck based on one of the Defence Language Institute's Language Survival Kits, which are all in the public domain are available on their website. This kit in particular can be found here: https://famdliflc.lingnet.org/products/mandarin/cm_md_LSK/default.html There are links there to download related PDFs and audio files. I've included associated mp3s with all cards. This deck is one way, from English text to target language (the audio should play as the target language text appears.) This deck would be hard, but not impossible, to use without previous knowledge of the language. (One of the first things you learn to say is, "I don't actually speak 'target language.'" So... they give outlets for beginners, but it would be hard to wrote memorize all of the phrases without any grammatical background.) Think of this as interactive phrasebooks with a focus on medicine. The phrases are always taken from the perspective of the caregiver/practitioner and have a focus on getting yes-or-no answers. You even learn to tell a person to hold up numbers on their fingers or write them down, so you don't have to learn to understand those. (That said, there is a whole section on numbers near the end.) Please check it out and send any problems or suggestions to thepoorlearner 'at' gmail 'dot' com Also, if there is another language that you'd like to see, let me know. I have a fairly fast spreadsheet-based system set-up for making these. You can look up any language here: https://famdliflc.lingnet.org/productList.aspx?v=language

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Front DLI Medical Chinese 18_07 Cough.
Back Pinyin: késòu DLI Transliteration: kesou
Hanzi 咳嗽
Tags DLI Chinese Medical LSK 18 Exam Commands
Front DLI Medical Chinese 22_063 Congestion
Back Pinyin: chōngxuè DLI Transliteration: tsongShue
Hanzi 充血
Tags DLI Chinese Medical LSK 22 Pharmaceutical Issues Indication
Front DLI Medical Chinese 22_005 Take until finished.
Back Pinyin: chī wán zhèxiē yào DLI Transliteration: chiwan JeShie yao
Hanzi 吃完这些药
Tags DLI Chinese Medical LSK 22 Pharmaceutical Issues Warning Labels

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on 1618641696
Great course. clear audio from DLI
on 1602069212
on 1592850237
Good breadth of vocabulary. There are some errors and awkward phrasing (e.g. qing3ba instead of qing3 for please), but I'm not advanced enough to discern whether their suggested phrases are alternative phrasing or incorrect.
on 1582428127
Great useful sentences, human-recorded english-chinese audio. Recommend!
on 1560697568
Thank you
on 1521417600
Great pronunciation s , good vast array of material covered
on 1507852800
Insight to the comment before.

As a current student in the DLI Chinese course, I can tell you that while 3 years of college level Chinese may be good/high for those that don't attend the school, as soon as you arrive here, you realize how quickly your previous experience ceiling will be reached. The reason why it jumps so quick is because that is the nature of DLI. To give an example that you could relate to, we had to learn pinyin in about 2.5 days.
on 1460678400
Great for medical professionals

This has so many practical sentences that you might actually say to a patient. Customization is easy, but I found that the default setting worked best for me. I especially appreciated the audio playing fast, and then slow.

The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because it throws you head-first into the grammar deep end. I've taken 3 years of college-level Mandarin (albeit rusty) and I thought it was needlessly difficult at times. And it ramps up fast. I went from "what is your name" to "swallow while I gently place this tube down your nose" in a matter of days. And we learned things like diabetes before we learned the word for cough!