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Japanese Core 2000 Step 02 Listening Sentence Vocab + Images

21.71MB. 404 audio & 236 images. Updated 2015-12-02.
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This is the 2nd step of Japanese Core 2000 This deck is not mine and I do not take any credit for this in any shape or form. Because someone removed the deck I'm reuploading the one I have. Lower level

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Expression そこには私一人しかいなかった。
Meaning I was the only one there.一人 -- one, one person
Reading そこ に は わたし ひとり しか いなかった
iKnowID sentence:247699
iKnowType sentence
Expression 嫌い
Meaning dislike
Reading きらい
iKnowID item:247179
iKnowType item
Expression おなかが空きました。
Meaning I'm hungry.おなか -- stomach空く -- be empty
Reading おなか が すきました
iKnowID sentence:247453
iKnowType sentence

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on 1682599272
Friendly reminder:
Some of the pitch accents are wrong.
(by wrong I mean a little bit off. Wouldn't affect your learning too much. Still a very good deck.)
If you really like this deck search "Japanese Core 2000" they have the whole deck combined in one.
on 1682114457
Great deck, I did it in parallel to Genki I and together they can work magic.

#Caution - the next deck you want to do is #6 to #10, than #5, #4 and #3 should be the last one!

#1-2 - N5 level
#6-10 - N5/N4
#5 - N4
#4 - N4/N3
#3 - N3 - the hardest one!
on 1643478170
Me sirvio mucho
on 1638184683
A very helpful Japanese Deck - Thank you very much!
on 1634786345
on 1632237029
Great deck, I just want to reply to the person below that I did some qucik research and it seems like Kirei can be written both ways in kanji. I'm not an expert but it 'seems' you are incorrect about that.

Not sure about the oither cases you had because I can only judge this example.
on 1629212862
I just wanted to give a heads up to beginners: there are many, many mistakes in the "Japanese Core" decks. In my opinion they're only useful for intermediate learners who can recognize the amount of errors. For an example: The kanji for beautiful is 綺麗 and not 奇麗, but in reality it doesn't matter because the kanji is almost never used in Japan. I've had to edit over hundreds of cards in Step 01-02 so far because of errors. Be aware!
on 1623571509
God damn solid
on 1612714203
I love this deck. If you do it everyday, you will be finished in around 2-3 months. It teaches very basic words but for anyone who needs more, I would highly recommend the Core 2k/6k Deck.
on 1608130115
I really don't want to give this deck a thumbs down but i feel like it's the only way this issue can get some attention... Did anyone else get an impression that the cards are shuffled weirdly? Like, i am doing a review, 閉じる comes up, and the very next card is the sentence with 閉じる, and then shortly afterwards a listening card with the same word. I didn't have this problem with the previous step
Edit: whatever.
on 1605958622
did the Chinese Core program
now at Japanese Core 02
like this way of learning
tip-> do not remove the pictures and learn words first, suspend sentences
on 1601967811
very good
on 1600386061
on 1598289919
Pretty good, similar to step one on difficulty, maybe a little bit harder.
on 1596653881
on 1595572367
on 1585394480
Another great deck.
on 1584178596
Actually quite a good deck except that the images have very little relation to the words they are supposed to help you learn. Mostly just distracting pictures of pretty people.
on 1574586881
Well made cards
on 1568297037
Useful and practical words
on 1563123545
Solid tool (just like the first deck.)
on 1562798643
É bem organizado e de fácil compreensão
on 1558144973
on 1557154209
on 1556890651
Great works, thank you.
on 1547488702
on 1545773043
As with the other decks, the inclusion of kanji and kana is helpful. And you learn useful words.
on 1542106041
Great <3
on 1535545278
Very good. Like the first one!
Thank you very much for your work.
on 1534593054
I like it a lot!
on 1534079109
Very helpful!
on 1533353065
Love the sentences and audio, thank you for uploading!
on 1517356800
on 1516492800
Ratings drops from 90+ to 20+, to even lower in the following decks. Looks like no that many people keep learning. Typical happening.
on 1514505600
Really great
on 1507680000
on 1506729600
on 1506124800
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on 1492992000
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