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Introduction to Clinical Skills

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This deck uses the tag system explained here (http://byjenfinelli.com/?page_id=75). The coolest thing about this deck is the HEART SOUNDS section I made for the first block. For real, you can plug in your headphones, hear heart sounds, read the card to see where the stethoscope is placed to allow you to hear those sounds, and then flip the card to identify the murmur. THIS IS GOLDEN. To use that feature, use the tag "sound". The other useful part of this deck is the "development" tag. That pediatric development stuff is tricky, and comes up again and again, and it's hard to remember, so use this deck for that. This is also the deck where I put all my Psychiatry Flashcards from the last two or three blocks, under the tag "psychiatry." Most of Psych is conceptual for me, so to study it you really just need to read and understand the diseases, so I didn't make a lot of Psych flashcards. You may want to add to this section if you need to do more Psych memorization, and add more specific tags like "block1," or "anxiety-disorders", etc. As for the rest of this deck, it's all factoids we learned in class. Really to do well in ICP you need to memorize the skinny book they give you that has the checklists they'll use to evaluate you on your practical exams. Read the Bates, too (I didn't much, but wish I did) and you'll do well in this class. Practice a lot with your friends, and look up youtube videos on each clinical technique (like prostate exam, breathing exam, etc etc etc).

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Front MRI is more useful than CT scan for pt with delirioum except if pt has
Back acute hemorrhage or certain metals in their body
Tags block5 psychiatry
Front Too much caffeine intake chronically can cause...
Back anxiety, insomnia
Tags addiction block3 psychiatry
Front Mid-frequency murmur that starts mid-systole, in a brief pause after S1, with a split S2, intensity varies with cardiac output:
Back Mild aortic stenosis.
Tags heart

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I can clearly see you've put lots of effort into this! This is unfathomably helpful. Thanks so much!!
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Looks good
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