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FSI II Hungarian Basic Sentences (with audio)

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This is the follow up to the previous deck I uploaded "FSI Hungarian I Vocab & Basic Sentences (with audio)". There is no audio for the vocab in FSI Hungarian II, so I decided to make it available as a separate supplemental deck instead of mixing it in with this deck. As with the previous deck, the OCR messed up frequently resulting in many typos. I did my best to get rid of as many of them as possible, but it's likely a few remain as I am not fluent in Hungarian. On 4 sentences the PDF scan was completely illegible, so I had to guess the words based on the audio. I feel fairly confident I got them correct, but I've marked these 4 cards so you can re-do them if you feel I've made a mistake.

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Expression Csak állóhelyet kaptam és az egész meccset állva néztem végig.
Meaning There was only standing room left and I watched the game standing.
Tags Hungarian_FSI_II_2
Expression Veszélyes gyorsabban hajtani.
Meaning It's dangerous to drive any faster.
Tags Hungarian_FSI_II_2
Expression Az én pörköltem is elsőrangú.
Meaning My goulash is first class also.
Tags Hungarian_FSI_II_2

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Thank you very much. A great deck.
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