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1000 German Words: starter vocab w/ examples & more

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A thoughtfully prepared deck of 1000 German words for beginners and intermediate learners. Features - Conditional formatting automatically color codes noun articles by gender to help with those tricky German nouns! (blue = masculine, pink = feminine, goldenrod = neuter, black = plural form only) Colors can be changed by editing the CSS of the "German Noun" note type. - Conjugations for all verbs included (3rd person present, preterite, and imperfect) - Possible to add 2 alternate sets of articles, plurals, and English translations for the same German word - Example sentences for all words pulled from Linguee, Reverso Context, and the Goethe Institut A1-B1 word list. - Example sentences for verbs and nouns use base form (or identical present-tense formal plural for verbs) to avoid ambiguity if you wish to make close deletions based on the examples. - Cards quizzing noun pluralization, verb conjugation, and preposition case - 4 note types (noun, verb, preposition, general) with consistent formatting and field order for easy importing - Spreadsheet available for easy reference and to help you extend the deck or build your own using the available note types https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1wHShysTNtzyenqjx1OMXvQtLhajInV1cCemzkuORh04/edit?usp=sharing Contents 499 Nouns 230 Verbs (including 100 most frequent) 212 Adjectives and Adverbs 32 Prepositions 30 Conjunctions 3 words appear as both conjunctions and prepositions, but I don't count them twice in the 1000-tally! Word Sources Words were pulled from various sources including the Goethe Institut A1-B2 word lists, Fluent Forever "625 Base Vocabulary" list, The German Professor's most-frequent 100 German Verbs list, from my germanophone boyfriend, and my brain to fill in words that I feel like I see a lot but which didn't show up on the reference lists. I'm continuing to work on this deck and am attempting to develop conditional formatting for irregular verb forms as well. Comments and questions appreciated! I am admittedly a novice when it comes to JavaScript, CSS, and all that, so I'm sure the cards could be improved.

Sample (from 1000 notes)

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german früher
part of speech 1 adv.
part of speech 2
english 1 earlier
english 2
example 1 Das herrliche Wetter verleitete mich dazu, früher zu gehen.
example 2
Tags 1000StarterWords adverb
german Priester
gender/plural 1 m
gender/plural 2
english 1 priest
english 2
plural 1 Priester
plural 2
example 1 Ein Priester wird bei der Hochzeit eine Messe zelebrieren.
example 2
Tags 1000StarterWords noun
german lächeln
present lächelt
preterite lächelte
imperfect hat gelächelt
english 1 to smile
english 2
example 1 Wir lächeln auf dem Foto.
example 2
Tags 1000StarterWords verb

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